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6 quality dimensions

Posted by AS NUR, 03 December 2010 · 16,827 views

six quality dimensions are used for the evaluation of quality concepts in order to quantify quality performance are :

1. Product quality
2. Availability
3. Cost
4. Fexibility
5. Reliability
6. Service

point 1 - 3 related to the quality of the product and 4-6 related to the quality of oragnisation.

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1. Product Quality :

Product quality concern the physical products attributes (taste, Aroma, Color , texture, Shelf Life, etc). it is the difference between the expeted product quality according to the product specifications and the realised product quality.

2. Availability

Availability is the presence of the right quantity of products in the right time. So availability concern to how can we fulfill the costumer demand in the right quantity, quality and time.

3. Cost

The costs incurred during the primary process including purchase, production and sales. The objective of this dimension is how can we produce the Product in efficient matter, so we can reach best profit with low production cost.

Hello AS NUR, I'ts great to see you have started a blog. Can you tell me the source for the 6 quality dimensions.

HI simon..

thanks for your support.. i ll try to use a blog to share my little knowledge.. and for 6 dimension, my refernece is book " Measuring of food Quality management"...



This is insightful.




sorry for my late response.. but thank any way for your comment.

Here the continous 4 -6 :

4. Flexibility

it is the ability of an organiztion to respond the new situation. Flexibility including of products flexibility, process felxibility and infrastructure flexibility.

5. Reliability

it is the ability of an organization to fullfill its commitments

6. Service

The degree of service which are provided to customers besides the delivery of the ordered product.
Apr 10 2013 09:58 AM
Performance evaluations are always beneficial for the organizations, it facilitate to improve performance and also increase quality of work.

yes agree with you... performance evaluation also give us the picture of past and present situation and make us to focus on the quality improvement for the future

The article is interesting to me. It is very new and useful.The article is interesting to me. It is very new and useful.





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