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Hygiene In Verpakkingen voor Voedingsmiddelen – Verhoog De Standard

This fantastically illustrated booklet (supplied on DVD-ROM) conveys the essentials of Hygiene In Verpakkingen voor Voedingsmiddelen in a light hearted and effective style. The popular booklets are suitable as a handout for new employees and can also be used as a handy refresher for existing employees.

DVD-ROM Contents:

12 page, full colour booklet. Supplied on DVD-ROM as a high resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file - enables multi copy printing.

- Waarom is hygiene zo belangrijk?
- Vreemde delen
- Chemicaliën
- Bacteriën
- Persoonlijke hygiëne
- Schoonmaken
- Zoek de hygiënerisico’s
- Snell hygiene quiz

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