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Purchasing – An Integral Part of an Organization’s Processes

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Posted 28 August 2015 - 06:56 PM

Purchasing – An Integral Part of an Organization’s Processes 


Presented by:


Elizabeth Strydom, Management Consultant, Snap Tactix Consulting (Pvt) Ltd


Taking place:


Friday, August 28, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time).  This is a 10 a.m. Eastern Start.


In this webinar we will learn how ‘mutually beneficial supplier relationships’ can be fostered to assure food safety. Most organizations need to purchase materials for the smooth functioning of their processes. One of the principles of quality management is ‘mutually beneficial supplier relationships’. This means that the purchaser and the supplier should have a relationship whereby value is created for both parties. To ensure value on his side, the purchaser has to ensure that he has suitable methods for selecting suppliers, monitoring their performance, ensuring purchasing information to the supplier is adequate, and verifying that supplied materials meet requirements. Having the wrong supplier will most likely result in problems for the purchaser in satisfying his customer’s needs.


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>


Upcoming Live Webinars >>



Unedited chat log from today's webinar.


 oluyemi Arosoye: Hello, Oluyemi from Lagos
 Emmanuel: Hello, Emmanuel from Ghana
 Jodi: Jodi Wright
 Azita: Hi everybody. Have a great time!
 Ashley: Hello Ashley from Pennsylvania
 joe: Hi all
 Lupita: Hello from France!
 Christine: Christine: Hi everybody
 Michele: Happy Friday from Wausau, Wisconsin
 Ron : Morning from Kitchener Ontario Canada 
 David Levy: Shalom everybody from Israel
 Ray: Hi Mr. Simon.. Glad to see you again.. always looking great and is consistently a great presenter/host 
 Gaganpreet: hi
 Erin: Hello from Illinois, USA!
 Marta: Hello from Netherlands
 Javier: Hi Marta
 Samira Kazemi: Hello From Montreal Canada
 christi: TGIF from Minnesota
 Brandy: Corn...from Iowa haha
 Emmanuel: Christi......
 Javier: Hi Brandy...where in Iowa?
 Paulo: Good morning from New Bedford, Ma
 Mümin: hi 
 Pablo: Hello from spain
 Mümin: Hello from Turkey
 Marikit: Mabuhay everyone. - From Philippines
 gary: Hello from hot Riverside, California
 daniele: Is webinar presentation on?
 Aliyu: Hello from AbNigeria
 Emmanuel: when is the presentation starting?
 Aliyu: Hello from Abuja Nigeia. Delighted to join
 Hollyl: TGIF from Old Chatham, NY USA... www.blacksheepcheese.com
 Aliyu: the audio is going on and off. Any idea on how to resolve this?
 steve: audio is dropping in and out
 Simon Timperley: sorry guys it is the presenters connection. try to follow the slides and fill in the blanks.
 Cheryl Hargett: audio dropping out off and on
 sasha: am I the only one getting a interrupted feed?
 Javier: I filled in the blanks and she cussed!
 Emmanuel: i have no acess to the slides
 maria lynn yee francisco: hi everyone frustrating took so long to see everyone, maria lynn yee francisco here.  philippines
 Dawn: why would purchasing call the user if the goods are not OK?  Shouldn't something else happen?  It's not really a loop there
 Bria B: Sasha & Cheryl I am having problems too. I might go over to youtube and watch the stream instead....
 maria lynn yee francisco: its on and off
 Kim: Hi from Ottawa, Canada
 Simon Timperley: It will be no be no better on youtube.  Please bear with it, it's the way it will be until the end i expect
 Marikit: The slides are blurred as well.
 yasser: Hi, form Saudi Arabia.
 GPK: The slides are very blurry.
 Olamide: The usual bottlenecks in supplier's delivery of conforming materials is the usual adulteration of such products and the connivance by management representative
 Kim: .
 Dawn: how do you check the color smell etc.without opening the bags?  The carrier isn't going to let you do that...
 Paulo: oh,nm
 David Levy: Presentation stopped - No slides nor audio
 Eva : To Dawn - your supplier usually gives you five days to identify any inconsistencies  with the order.  Check with supplier as to how long you have to report any damages that cannot be seen at the time of receipt.
 Samira Kazemi: lost both audio and video
 David Levy: Samira, try to reconnect
 nrh: Samira, I have a button at the bottom to reconnect. try it
 Lupita: -what to do when there is just one supplier for s specific material?
 Samira Kazemi: Thanks David. Im back.
 Lupita: What to do when there is just one supplier for s specific material?
 Adelaide: I can see the video 
 Javier: I demand a re-vote.
 Bria B: My organization doesnt have a standard it is performing against....we do not have a supplier evaluation process at our facility.
 Bria B: Don't know that many companies would have a supplier evaluation process if the standards didn't require it.
 Kirsten: What do you recommend when a customer is supplying a raw material, but the raw material does not respond to  supplier evaluation process request?
 Arturo: If you have one supplier: You put an easy pass for the evaluation so they are allways OK
 Gaganpreet: yes
 Grace: yes
 ritesh: hi
 Aliyu: would you suggest that managers in charge of food safety and quality should of necessity vet and approve purchasing transactions before orders are raised?
 Edwarda: just lost audio and video
 ritesh: Good Evening,
 David Levy: Edwarda, try to reconnect
 Edwarda: Tried already... no success
 Maxine: video failed
 Mohamed Elsawy: thanks alot, presentation was helpful 
 Paulo: My first webinar. Very informative.
 Maxine: Has the session ended
 maria lynn yee francisco: thank you simon, also Elizabeth, i hope i can get the copy of the topic.
 Ashley: thank you very helpful 
 Gaganpreet: no certificate displaying
 Azita: Simon, can you upload a clear version of audio as well as slides for us?
 Javier: I like this silent movie!
 Ray: Thanks Mr. Simon... you are always great at your craft Man
 Gaganpreet: certifcate when downloading its last weeks 
 Kim: Than k you very imformative :)
 Paulo: our company has about 60 suppliers
 Gaganpreet: not displaying this weeks webinar
 David Levy: Thanks!!
 Arturo: Thanks
 enrique r: I am getting the cert for last week's webinar
Simon: Sorry the certificate is last week's I will email it to you all.  Murphys Law!



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