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Letter of Guarantee - Distributor as Generic Brand

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Posted 09 September 2015 - 04:05 PM



I audited our letters of guarantee, making sure we have them from the manufacturers as well as distributors when applicable, and our buyer has reached out to suppliers for whom we were missing info. 


Now, we have one supplier (who is a distributor of many different products from many different manufacturers) pushing back on us for the LOG claiming that they will only supply their own LOG for a few particular items because they are packaged as the supplier/distributor's own brand. I hold fast that we still need the LOG from the manufacturer because the supplier/distributor, even if sending the product as their own brand, is still NOT the manufacturer.


Additionally, we are comparing to our COAs and this supplier/distributor is sending some COAs on letterhead as their own generic brand but other COAs for their generic branded products come from the actual manufacturer.


What has been your experience and what do you guys suggest? Should we push back to the supplier/distributor and state that because they are not the manufacturer, we MUST have the LOG from the manufacturer? And should we also question why the COAs are all over the place, too?


Am I (as usual it seems!) expecting too much and/or being too strict/stringent?


Many thanks in advance!



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Posted 09 September 2015 - 06:32 PM

Much like you i pushed back to the supplier and told him without a LOG from the actual manufacturer, I would no longer utilize them for that product. Just the threat of it worked. I was prepared to follow through and not use him anymore. I had already found a new source. As for the COA, i would certainly question why they are so all over the place. I would expect a COA from the company that packaged the product in whatever form it arrives to you in. They were the last ones to touch the raw product. How can you make a COA for product you don't see or test?


"Am I (as usual it seems!) expecting too much and/or being too strict/stringent?"  NOT AT ALL! Keep up the good fight my friend!


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