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Food Packaging and GFSI Standards

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Posted 20 September 2015 - 03:03 PM

Food Packaging and GFSI Standards - Requirements for Compliance


Presented by:

Karen Leacock-Bingham, B.Sc., Senior Project Manager, Consulting and Technical Services, NSF International


Taking place:


Friday, September 25, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time).  This is a 10 a.m. Eastern Start.


Food and beverage industry is requiring more and more food and beverage packaging manufacturers to be certified to a GFSI standard. Where some packaging manufacturers struggle to understand the need to be certified to a GFSI standard, especially if they already undergo third party audits on a regular basis, others are overwhelmed by the various GFSI standards out there and the requirements under each of these standards. This webinar will decode the various GFSI standards for food and beverage packaging manufacturers and help in decision making and certification attainment process for business success.


Webinar Recording >>


Webinar Slides >>


Unedited Chat logs from the webinar, unfortunately I crashed out half way through, so we lost a lot of the chat log. :-(


Christine: Hi every body

Brian: Good morning everyone

Khoun Lovan: Hi All

Ankit: Hi

Marina: Hi

Rick: Hello everybody

Alec: Hello

Natalie: Hello All

Evan: Zubair you won't see anything on an SGS computer - you're better off waiting for the information to be distributed after the webinar.

Dhiren: If one want to change the certification body, but not the certification scheme (standard) will it be an issue with the standard body. Will it affect facility chance to get recertified?

Evan: Thanks Ted - interesting

Evan: Dhiren it should not be an issue if you change CB - but you will have to change at least 3 months before your next audit is due.

zubair: Evan, plz share me helping material of today discussion with my email ID. zubair.hafeez@ymail.com

Thomas Dunn: Do standard requirements for “Facility Conditions†and “Employee Hygiene†apply to all packaging material manufacturing facilities regardless of findings of the HACCP plan?

Natalie: Any folding carton/box maker certified to BRC out there?


Gaganpreet: hi

Dhiren: If one want to change the certification body but not the certification standard will it be an issue with the standard body. In other other changing the certification body will affect facility chance to get recertified.

Evan: Zubair you should get it direct from Simon Timperley

zubair: Thanks Evan

Bria B: My company is seeking BRC certification against Issue 7 but I think its important for us although small to have a better understanding of Packaging Standards so that we can do the right thing and insure we minimize exposure and risk

Thomas Dunn: Will US FDA accept audits by accredited certification bodies to benchmark standards as satisfying FSMA packaging supplier-management requirements for food processors?

Bria B: Question from Thomas Dunn: Will US FDA accept audits by accredited certification bodies to benchmark standards as satisfying FSMA packaging supplier-management requirements for food processors?

steve: The FSSC Standard has an additional category in HACCP of oPRP’s. Can you speak to the added value for packaging manufacturers?

Monica: is there any information (as food fraud) to know about problems related to food packaging?

Ankit: What frequency of audit do you recommend for a primary packaging supplier?

Hamid: From Riyadh SAUDI Arabia

Cody D: Are there any government issued incentives for becoming certified for additional standards?

Evan: Ankit frequency will be determined by your performance

Ankit: thanks Evan. where can i get checklist for supplier audit ?

Evan: Each GFSI Standard determines audit frequency based on audit result

Scott: SQF offers the standard and audit templates for free at their WEB page

rfr429: what non conformance(s)  are encountered by food safety auditors in the packaging industru

Evan: Ankit Self Assessment checklists are avilable from the standard owners - BRC, FSSC and I guess PACsecure (I hadn't heard of this one before)

Ankit: Awesome,, thanks Evan!

Dhiren: In North America what percentage of packaging manufacturers have 3rd part certification? Could you please provide some insight on this. In my opinion the number is low.

Brenda Cremer: FSSC's OPrps are preventative controls for hazards & the FSMA requires HARPC which is similar to HACCP however it includes the PC with a couple additional criteria of radiology and EMA for compliance

Evan: Traceability is a focus of Food Safety Audits and packaging manufacturers are notoriously poor at traceability

AWOTAYO OYEYEMI JEREMIAH: can i get a functional brochure on food packaging online

mel: We are certified to BRC IOP

Natalie: Mel, what do you make?

Quincy: I see mention of BRC, SQF, FSSC22000 etc as standards but what about AIB

Monica: is there any information of data base related to packaging fraud ?

Jeremy: Great presentation

mel: AIB is not GFSI

Thies: AIB is not GFSI

Dhiren: Thank you so much.

Bria B: Thanks Karen GREAT presentation!!

Petra: Thank you very much

FOCK CHEONG: aib is a thing of the past

steve: thnaks Brenda

Herbert: Thanks Karen and Simon

Rocio Nunez: thank you!

MikeZ: Thanks!

Marikit: Thank you Simon. :)

Natalie: Thanks!

Monica: it was great

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