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Integrating Management Systems Food Safety, Quality and Sustainability

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Posted 19 October 2015 - 07:33 PM

Integrating Management Systems Food Safety, Quality and Sustainability


Taking place:


Friday, 23 October 2015 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time

This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start



Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez, PhD, LSSBB, PAg, CFS, CSP


Webinar Overview:


The implementation and maintenance of management systems requires an investment in capacitating personnel, establishing documentation systems and data gathering efforts that can consume some of the resources of a business and make it less attractive to implement or maintain. But the capacity built around establishing a food safety management system can be further utilized to implement other types of management systems and this can help a business to reframe its image in the marketplace. The objective of this webinar is to review some of the ideas about how resources can be utilized more efficiently when systems are integrated. 


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>

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    IFSQN...it's My Life

  • IFSQN Admin
  • 12,849 posts
  • 1365 thanks

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 23 October 2015 - 06:29 PM

Unedited chat logs from today's webinar:


lahcen: hello, lahcen from montreal, canada

Vladimir: hello, Vladimir from Serbia

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: hello

Edsangela: hi. edsangela from USA

pamela: Hello Pamela from France :-)

Laura: Hello from Winnipeg, Canada

maria lynn yee francisco: hi everyone, hi simon, maria lynn yee francisco, philippines.

Michelle: Good Morning from Minnesota USA

Sue Howlett: Hello from Reading

Adebola: Hello from Maryland, USA

Vivianne: Hi, from Holland :)

Dan: Hello from Lancaster, Pa, USA

Helen: Hello from Trinidad in the Caribbean

Brandy: I've had trouble in the past with these presentations.  Could someone please let me know when it starts?  Thanks

Martina: Hello from Hulha Negra, Brazil

alyssa: good morning from sunny New Mexico

Adam: Hello all

ramesh: hello everybody, Kathmandu, nepal!

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: hello all

Doreen:  Hi from Doreen in Sunderland


Sue: it has started

Brandy: Darn it.  Thank you Sue

mercedes: Hello from Valencia, Spain

Dhiren: Hello, Dhiren from Toronto.

ana maria: hello everybody, Ana from Quebec city, canada

Marikit: Hello everyone. Mabuhay. from Philippines. :)

Jerry: Hello from Independence KY. USA

Luis Velásquez Casas: buenos dias desde perú

Kirsteen: Good Afternoon from a windy Glasgow

Ronnie: Hi im Ronnie from phillipines

Evangelos: Hello from Vangelis in Athens Greece

maria lynn yee francisco: hi ronnie.

Declan : Declan Ireland

Señor Jalapeño: Hi everyone!  Good day Simon!

Ninfa Buckner: Hi everybody! Ninfa from Chicago IL

Ula: There is no audio, unable to reconnect - Ula

Señor Jalapeño: Alyssa.... what city in NM?

Edy S Koto: hai i am edy s koto from Indonesia

Paulo: Good morning New Bedford, Massachussetts. USA!

Teresa: Helo to all, from Porto Portugal Teresa

Mahmoud Diab: Hello everybody from Egypt

David Levy: SHalom Everybody from ISRAEL!

Vânia: Hi! from Portugal

Ronnie: Are you from PH Maria Lynn?

YOUSSEF: Hi Simon and Oscar

Aliyu: hi everyone from Abuja, Nigeria

Christopher: No video and no sound

Cecile: Hi everyone from London UK

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi

maria lynn yee francisco: yes sir


Gaganpreet: hi

Helen: no video or sound either

Señor Jalapeño: Alyssa?

Malika BoudjEBLA: hi from Malika Trans Herb, from MOntreal

Jeremy: Hi Everyone

Hamid Malik Alamin: No video no sound

Yehia: Hi everybody

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi

Ronnie: Our product is crab meat. Whats yours?

Adam: Frozen Bread Dough here

Vladimir: Horse meat for other meat industries :)

Laura: Ice Cream

Herbert: Hello from Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Edsangela: food safety and food quality

alyssa: salsa and spices

Jerry: Fresh Produce Distribution here

Mohamed Haja Ziyaudeen S: Food safety and QMS

Señor Jalapeño: Hi Alyssa.... what company?

maria lynn yee francisco: where if i may ask?

VICTOR: i work in a cocoa processing factory

alyssa: copperleaf kitchen, and you?

Antonino: Good afternoon everybody

Antonino: ham and gammon processing plant in London

Hamid Malik Alamin: OK

Ronnie: Bacolod City

Hamid Malik Alamin: OK

Theophilus Fon : Not seeing the slide

Pauline : Hello from France

Señor Jalapeño: CopperLeaf.... that's in ABG right?

Señor Jalapeño: Excuse me Alyssa... ABQ.

Vladimir: Go Fraaance :)

Raman: Hii Raman from Toronto

Elvina A.Rahayu: Hi  Vina From Indonesia

maria lynn yee francisco: oh really, dn man

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi

Milynda: Good morning from Jamaica

Narongchai: Hi from Thailand

Kirsten: good morning -- the info on the presentation is very small and blurry

Mohamed Haja Ziyaudeen S: Mohamed Haja from RIYADH

Joe: i cannot see any of the presentation

Basem: me too

Joe: its very blurry

Antonino: any slide ??

Ana: Good morning- The presentation is not legible

Joe: :/

Adam: Very hard to read text

Aliyu: yes. Simon, can the presenter zoom in a little bit?

Manahil: Hi

Malika BoudjEBLA: Simon, can you ask him to go forward with the other slides?

Tricia Bartlett: Sorry. I apparently muted the chat

Tricia Bartlett: Audio has returned

Simon Timperley: No it canot you can get the slides later.  The point is making the point in one standard e.g. sustainability and food safety although they seem seperate they are very much linked.

Geoffrey: Are we supposed to see the slides?

Joel: Hi simon. Will you provide us copy of that presentation?

Joe: yes he will

Simon Timperley: please read the messfae at the top

Simon Timperley: message

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hii from Saudi Arabia

Ronnie Florentino: hello..

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi

Faisal Babu : Go old evening all..... this is Faisal  from Duw

Amgad: Hello from United Arab Emirates

Faisal Babu : Good evening  all..... This is Faisal Babu from Dubai

Kirsteen: None!

Kirsteen: I'm a quality officer

Herbert: Food Safety-Quality Manager

Adam: SQF Practitioner here

Gordon Campbell: Hi from Livingston

VICTOR: am quality/food safety officer

Carlos: All Companies have a MS, some poor, some informal, some are incipient but they all have...even when they do not know :)

Luis Velásquez Casas: D

Juan: Goof morning from México, I'm quality advisor

Martina: no video, no audio, what happened

mohamedmabrouk: hi

Faisal Babu : Do any body have ptoblem  trading slides. It is not clear for me

mohamedmabrouk:  mohamed

Tricia Bartlett: What is the signifiance of the items highlighted in blue? Are they supposed to represent the integrated items?

Marissa Carlos: Good Morning! from Vancouver, Canada

Silvana: Hi from Brazil

Faisal Babu : Slides are not readable

Matt: I work for a juice manufacturing company (making concentrates) and would like to implement an environmental program. I only have budget/time for one certification. In your opinion(s) what would be a better option ISO 50,001 or ISO 14,000

Edy S Koto: more clear now..tks...edy indonesia

Adam: AH, wonderful

Ovidiu: d

pamela: To Matt: I advise you ISO 14000

Gaganpreet: I need help on internal audit checklist for a SQF certification requirement

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: i cant still see o

Simon Timperley: Ask on the forum Gaganpreet, this is not the correct place

Aliyu: @Matt, go with EMS, ISO 14001.

Gaganpreet: Ok

Sanjay Sharma : Hi sanjay from India

Simon Timperley: I've never heard of ISO50001, ISO 14001 is the globally recognized environmental management system standard

Doreen: No sound

mohamedmabrouk: what ican do to study food safety  master in german ? to increase my capabilities what is the best university in german  for that

David: sorry,Iam joining late.

Norman Tarbell: ISO 5001 is the Energy Management standard

Simon Timperley: Thanks norman.  And energy management is one aspect of an EMS

Tricia Bartlett: Hi Matt. If your organization has significant energy costs and would benefit great from reducing them then 50001 is the way to go. If however your environmental issues include resource conservation such as water use,, wast and waste water reduction then 14001 is the best bet.

Simon Timperley: mohamed, please ask on the forum. your question is not realted to this topic.

lahcen: mohamed mabrouk, you can study in belgium, i prepared my master in total quality management ( 2 years, part time) university of Mons, Faculté polytechnique de Mons, it is a good programme that helped me here in canada

Adam: Wonderful slide, thank you

Simon Timperley: Thanks Tricia

Tricia Bartlett: 50001 can be viewed as a subset of environmental which focues on energy of all forms

Luis Velásquez Casas: HOLA

Simon Timperley: HOLA Luis!

Tricia Bartlett: Glad to help Simon. Our organization has been certified to 22K, 9K, 14K and 18k for the last 6 years.

Matt: Thank you for your inputs. Well we use huge amounts of natural gas and water so its tough choice.

Simon Timperley: I hope in a nice and neat integrated system Tricia.

Aliyu: @Tricia are they integrated?

Sanjay Sharma : Any provision for allergen controls

Tricia Bartlett: Yes we certified to all 4 at the same time.

ramesh: Blurred slides, focus missing!

Adam: Sanjay, we use inhouse allergen swab kits from 3M to validate our sanitation procedures

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: ok

Tricia Bartlett: Technically speaking FSSC 22K cannot be "integrated" with the others but the other three are fully integrated.

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: am not enjoying this o

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: i cant see any slid o

Lucy: what about allergens in HACCP classification

VICTOR: Tracia can you please give me your email or link me on esselcudjoe@gmail.com for your assistance

Simon Timperley  (to Tricia Bartlett): Tricia do not feel obligated to help or share your email address

Sanjay Sharma : Can you provide us these slides

Adam: Simon, will these be available for later viewing? There are some URLs that I missed that I would like to investigate later.

Simon Timperley: Adam look to the top of the chat

pamela: @ Lucy: you can put allergens as Chemicals risks category or you can create a special category "allergens"

Tricia Bartlett: My connection seems to be bad. as the audio is lost again the the slide seems in limbo.

Adam: My apologies.

Simon Timperley: anyone with slide or audio problem must be your connection

Hope: All slides have been blurred and no sound.

Lucy: @pamela not all allergens are of chemical nature

Tricia Bartlett: Should I disconnect and try to reconnect Simon?

Simon Timperley: you can try Tricia

Señor Jalapeño: Hi Simon!

Simon Timperley: Hi Señor

Mohamed Haja Ziyaudeen S: very good class, really i gained.

YOUSSEF: To Pamela Allergens were added as hidden hazard in addition to Phsical, Chemical and microbiological hazards

pamela: @ Lucy: yes it is true but I mean in term of categories: when I was in Food industries, I pass certifications and both choices are correct: allergens in Chemical risks (you have to prove and to give some details) or an allergens risk category

pamela: @Youssef: agree with you

Silvana: Hi ,This slide is clear for me!

Adebisi: Send this videos after d progra ASAP because i could not get much now

Simon Timperley: Only if you say please Adebisi

Milynda: hello Milynda from Jamaica

Lucy: @ pamela are you aware allegen

Adebisi: Please Mr.simon

Simon Timperley: ok Adebisi :-)

Maria: No

Adam: Thank you Simon

farah: can we have the video_

Simon Timperley: can anybody see the green message at the top?

Kirsteen: no simon

Maria: I will be very grateful if you put the presentation in the web to download it. I see the slides very blrred!!!

Michelle: No green message

pamela: @ Simon: No

Cecile: no green message

Declan : no

Aliyu: no Simon, can't see anything?


Joyce: no

David Levy: No green message

Roselynn : No

Marikit: No

Dan: No

Doreen: No Green message visible

Simon Timperley: No wonder everyone keeps asking.

Eileen: no


Señor Jalapeño: No jalapeño green seen at the top.

Declan : can you send video - ...only joking

ebenezer: No

Simon Timperley: There is a messgae (for me) that says slides and video distributed after the webinar

Maria: Thank you Simon1

YOUSSEF: @pamela if you need more informations send me your email

maria lynn yee francisco: slides are too small

pamela: @ Youssef: thanks ;-)

Cecile: @ Simon: Hello, It seems that this presentation will last more than 1 hour,  will there still be Q&A? If yes will they be in the video as I will not be able to stay for much longer. Thank you

Gordon Campbell: no

Simon Timperley: yes Q and A will be in the video

Cecile: Thank you

farah: 2,

Hamid Malik Alamin: Thank you

Ovidiu: don't see any pool

Señor Jalapeño: I'm sleepy...

Simon Timperley: Have a handful of Jalapenos Senor

Aliyu: thank you Simon and the presenter and all attendees please

alyssa: S. Jalapeno, what city do you reside?

Malika BoudjEBLA: thank you everyone

farah: can we have the video after program please??

Kirsteen: Thank you Oscar

Señor Jalapeño: Aylssa.... in Las Cruces

Tosin: can't connect

Lucy: @pamela, I am aware that allergens have been added as an indipendent classification in ISO 22000, this is why I was asking what about Allergens?

farah: can we have the video after program please??

Señor Jalapeño: Good presentation Oscar!

David Levy: Thanks Simon and Oscar!

Adebisi: Thnks for this important topic

Edsangela: Im sorry but I got the slides, but it was pretty difficult to understand what he was saying.

Aliyu:  thank you Oscar and simon

Gaganpreet: nice presentation sir

maria lynn yee francisco: thanks simon

Eva : Thank you for addressing this topic

farah: thank you simon and oscar

pamela: thanks Simon and Oscar

YOUSSEF: Thanks a lot Simon and Oscar

Gordon Campbell: Thanks a lot

maria lynn yee francisco: tank you oscar

Jeremy: excellent material. Very relevant for today's operations

Herbert: Thanks Simon,  Oscar

Laila: Thanks a lot

Doreen: Thanks Simon and Oscar

Paulo: Thanks Simon and guest speaker

ebenezer: Thanks Oscar, Simon

Kirsteen: another good 1 Simon thanks

Amgad: Thanks a lot Simon and Oscar

Tricia Bartlett: Hi Simon - many courses that proport to be Integrated on the standards don't realyy deliver it effectively.

Jerry: Thanks everyone, got to go do an internal audit now.

Marikit: I learned a lot today. Thanks Oscar and Simon.

Silvana: Thanks a lot! Oscar a great vision about integrated management systems!

Tricia Bartlett: Essentially the industry should begin to teach these concepts from the Lead auditor courses.

David: thank you Simon and Oscar.

VICTOR: thanks oscar n simon

Paulo: Good day all. To My Portuguese people in here. Benfica will be victorious at the end of 90 minutes.No NAME BOYS#1 Till next time, 

ramesh: deep audit would be preferable in terms of food safety?

Geoffrey: what is a sustainability standard?

David Levy: As per my personal experience and previous presentation, I recommend you all to participate in next webinar by Dr. David Rosenblatt!

Aliyu: Is Governance, Risk Management and Compliance the same as Integarted MS?

Lucy: Is there an integrated standard for Food safety, quality and sustainability

Aura: Thank you very much for this presentation :)

Silvana: Can you list to us the sustainability standars available?

Jmes: what is under the blanket?

Mohamed Haja Ziyaudeen S: Thanks a lot

Emiliya: Thank you  for good presentation Emilia

Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 180 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos

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