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CCPs vs oPRPs

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Posted 13 November 2015 - 05:00 PM

CCPs vs oPRPs: a Pragmatic Approach to Choosing and Classifying Food Safety Control Measures

Taking place:

Friday, 20 November 2015 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time
This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start

David Rosenblatt, Director of Training and Veterinary Consultant, Sher Consulting and Training 
Webinar Overview:

In 2005 the ISO 22000 standard for food safety management systems introduced the novel concept of “Operational Pre-requisite Programs”. According to the standard, the oPRPs are to join the CCPs (Critical Control Points) in creating the backbone of the system. Since then, the use of this crucial food safety tool and its differentiation from the traditional CCP has caused much confusion and controversy. In this Webinar we will refer to real case studies and offer a very pragmatic and easy to understand methodology for identifying and classifying critical control measures throughout the food chain.


Presentation Slides >>


Webinar Recording >>

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    IFSQN...it's My Life

  • IFSQN Admin
  • 12,849 posts
  • 1365 thanks

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 20 November 2015 - 06:27 PM

We had a few audio problems today, but we got through. :smile:


Unedited chat logs below.


 Edsangela: Hi. this is Edsangela, Im cape verdean living in us

Afton: Good morning from Maine everyone! Happy Friday! :)

Hafez : Hi everybody

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Laurie: Good (icy) morning from Lynden, Washington

ramesh: Hi! everybody, ramesh sthapit from Kathmandu,Nepal

Aliyu: Good afternoon everyone from Abuja , Nigeria

Evangelos: hi from Corfu

val: Happy Friday all!

Nicole: there nis an ecxhoe

Lupita: Hello from France!

takis: hello everybody

OLUBUNMI: hello, David from Nigeria

Arquelio Ramirez: Good Morning!!!

Steve: Good Morning from Connecticut

Laura: good morning from Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Roberto: Hello Everyone!!

Nicole: Good morning from NY

VINOTH: hi everyone

Kirsten: These FSF webinars are such a great resource - Thank you Simon and IFSQN!

Nikolaos Solomakos: hello everybody

Alina : Hello everybody

mohamed: Hi

Nicole: There is a bad echo

KRISHNAN: hi everyone. good evening from Krishnan, Goa, India

Glenn babin: Good morning from Waterloo Ontario

Carlos: Greetings form Portugal

takis: Good afternoon from Athens, Greece.

Edwarda M.: Hello from Poland!

mohamed: Mohamed from SAUDI ARABIA

Roselynn: Greetings from Toronto

Theophilus Fon : Good morning from saint Laurent, Quebec

Adebola: Hello from Maryland, USA

Kimberly : good morning from Montego Bay Jamaica

maria lynn yee francisco: hi everyone, maria lynn yee francisco here, philippines

DRAMANE: hello  everybody

Vânia: Hello from Portugal!

Nikolaos Solomakos: Good evening from Greece!

Cecile: Hello all and good afternoon from London, UK

Pontus: Hello from Sweden

Ilana: Hello Everyone, From South Africa

Jacobo: Hi from Spain!

Kimberly : good morning from jamaica

senthil: hello

Kulsum Begum: Hello,Kulsum is here

joana: good afternoon from Portugal

Fiona Grainger: Fiona here. Hello

Barrie: Hi from Cornwall, UK!

Cecile: Hello from Portugal!

OLUBUNMI: I can hear you

andrew: the sound from David is very quiet, but is fine from Simon

Nicole: Does anyone else hear an echo

Alina : hello from Russia

Steve: Can't hear David

Teresa: Helo from Oporto

Carlos: Sound from David was low

silvia : Silvia from ARGENTINA

waiman: David's sound is quite faint

Barrie: David's sound not good.

Emmanuel: Emmanuel from Birmingham...Hellooooooooooo

Helene: Helene and Marcela from NY USA

Arquelio Ramirez: Volume needs needs go up a little a bit.

Christi: Hello from Cold but Sunny Minnesota

Alyssa: Hello everyone from New Mexico,  U.S.A.

irene: hello from cyprus

Laura: can't hear him at all

andrew: we can't hear david

Sripriya Agaram: Greetings to all from Portland, OR

Lupita: the volume is too low

Reuben: CAnnot hear David

Afton: He is very quiet...I think his microphone is still on....

Serkan: Hello from Turkey

Cecile: David sound is quite low

Noa: can't hear david!!

Kirsten: can't hear!!!


andrew: please turn david up

Cecile: Can+t hear David at all!!!

Helene: volume is too low now

Edsangela: cant hear david

Carrie: Can't hear David at all!!

susan: Can't hear him here either...  And HI from the US!

Nicole: I can hear fine now

waiman: Can not hear David very well

Louise: How do I log on

Ian John: Hi  everyone, Ian John, from St. Lucia

joana: can't hear David

Evangelos: voice volume too low

Jacobo: He sounds so far!

Atil: I can not hear anything

ramesh: it is not coming!

Serkan: yes, pease increase th volume

Teresa: The sound seems very far

Rebecca: hey...can't hear!!!

Mark: Difficult to hear David. I could hear Simon clearly.

irene: cannot hear well

Milynda: yes it does sound far

Charles: turn up the sound on your computers

silvia : no good at volume

Alina : Can not hear

Cecile: please increase the volume

flemming: Hello from Flemming, Denmark can hear

maria lynn yee francisco: es, too low sound

Aliyu: presenter voice very loww

HOW: hello from Singapore. Cant hear at all

eltegane: greeting to all from sudan

Alina : Can not hear

Ingo: Hello from Germany

Emmanuel: sound too low

Tana: I cannot hear and my sound it turned up ALL the way!

Arquelio Ramirez: voice very low

Carrie: To all of you who say to turn up computer volume - I'm sure we all have and still cannot hear him very well.

flemming: cant hear you David

takis: david voice very low

silvia : yes too low

Carrie: Could hear Simon just fine - David is very difficult to hear

Jean: No sound at all now

David Levy: Shalom Every Body from ISRAEL!

Bill: I see no video.

OLUBUNMI: shalom David Levy

flemming: Simon fine voice, David no

Nikolaos Solomakos: very low sound volume!

Cynthia Joseph: David's voice is really faint.

Milynda: good morning Milynda from Kingston jamaica

joe: sound not very good -  very faint

Rose Martin: Hello from Canada

Louise: no video

Rupali: Hello everybody from India

stelios: i cannot hear anything!

Alyssa: Bill, I too have no video.  I keep tyring to refresh. 

lahcen: hi from canada

flemming: I cant hear David

Marissa: Good Morning from Vancouver Canada

miguel: try reconnect

Simon Timperley: Can anyone hear, I hear just fine

Jenna: Hi, is there supposed to be a video or is mine not working? I have refreshed twice so just not sure if it's supposed to be on the front screen?

Batten: Hello from Cape Town

andrew: no - it is very very quiet

Laetitia: I hear fine too

Evan: Very faint. Even with volume all the way up.

Jacobo: I hear so low

OLUBUNMI: I can Simon Timp

Julia: Hello from Pittsburgh, PA.  I can see and hear just fine on my end.

silvia : no slides voice too too low

waiman: David sound is very faint

Ganesh: hi

jerry: Hi from California!

Cecile: only with the sound on full

Adebola: I am still on title page  with very low volume. Thanks

Mary: lost sound completely

Nikolaos Solomakos: i reconnected, still too faint

Edsangela: its just me or the volume is very low?

maria lynn yee francisco: i cant hear, sorry

Kirsten: I turned up my sound but am afraid that when Simon comes on to talk about a poll it's going to blow the earphones clear out of my ears!

Ganesh: hi

Aliyu: no, v

Bria B: the volume is really low

Pavan: Hello Good Evening

sumeet: low volume and ppt not moving

joana: volume is very low

Aliyu: audio very loww

Ganesh: ganesh Sharma from India

miguel: sound is fine ( but stuck on slide 1)

chen: hello from China

Kimberly : yes sound is low

Nicole: i can hear good

Nikolaos Solomakos: sorry, can't keep up this way!

Cindy: Yes.  Sound too low

VINOTH: now okay

Milynda: much better

Reuben: Quiet through computer.  However, with earbuds, it's better...

silvia : Simon your voice very good

Jessica Butler: good morning everyone

Hafez : i can hear you perfectly

OLUBUNMI: SOund is quite LOw but its serene enough to hear

Atil: even I can not see any slides

maria lynn yee francisco: reconnecting only david can be heard


andrew: no change

silvia : recconete did not funtion

Nicole: I have been able to hear

Kulsum Begum: I can also hear perfectly

Ajay Shakya: I can hear

Cecile: I could here Simon just fine but had to put my computer sound to max to hear David about OK.so when David talk it is very very load

irene: no change

Cindy: A little better

Roberto: Sound good! both

Atil: I see only CCPs vs oPRPs

Rose Martin: cannot hear

joe: unfortuntely not

waiman: Still low

Edsangela: no its still pretty low

Martin: thats better

flemming: still dont hear you David

Roderick: I can hear you

Noa: עדיין חלש..

maria lynn yee francisco: i mean simon only

Hafez : yes i can hear you perfectly

Kimberly : the audio still low from david

Frank Sedzielarz: Better, but not loud

miguel: sound is fine

Ian John: David's volume is very low

Laura: simon is EXTREMELY loud when our volume is cranked, and then david is very quiet

Steve: it's low but if you crank up your sound its fine...just be careful when Simon starts speaking again...lol

Arquelio Ramirez: a little better mic needs to be closed

Alina : no change

OLUBUNMI: I Can hear you both clearly

Barrie: I can hear, but it is not as clear as Simon.

carol: good sound

Ganesh: sound is good now

Amy: I have no problem hearing him

Dhiren: Hello, Dhiren from Toronto.

Carol Andrade: still low

Anibal Grasso: Hello from Uruguay!!

Edwarda M.: a bit better

miguel: ok slide show working

Aliyu: simon, your voice is quite high enough

silvia : similar still not good

irene: a but worse actually...

helen: barely hear from David, but Simon sound is good.

Pavan: Pavan from India

Paulo: Good morning from New Bedford, Massachussetts

Kimberly : hearing simon loud and clearly, but david is audio is very low

Teresa: Simon I can ear you very well, but the David?s sound doesn't

Laura: lost david's sound completely

Steve: Crank your volume and Simon has to whisper

silvia : slides starts working but voice remian bad

Jacobo: Still the same but thanks Simon

HOW: No . Still too low

Rose Martin: lost sound

Nicole: Good

Dan: better

Laura: i lost audio all together

andrew: no - it's not better

Serkan: not good, still too low

silvia : no better sorry

Eva: yes better

congthe: sorry,  i cant hear

Cecile: still not better for me. must have soiund on max

Pavan: I am not able to hear

helen: no, it is not better, it still very low

Brighette: I can hear you well

OLUBUNMI: its clear David

Laura: reconnected - fixed the lost audio.


Christi: I can hear with evrything turned up to the max and then Simon is really, really load...lol

flemming: cant hear you David

susan: put on head phones & now I can hear

Christi: loud...

Alyssa: Yippee, I finally got the video and what a slide to come up on.  :)

andrew: reconnected & still no good

HOW: no. still too low. can't hear well

irene: much better


Simon Timperley: better with headphones or ear buds

Serkan: reconnection didn't solve the problem

maria lynn yee francisco: sound didnt improve

Ada: hi

Ada: thanks for this webinar!

andrew: no good on volume, I'm off.

Nathan: it helps a little, if you click on the youtube icon and watch it live in youtube.  then turn the volume all the way up there as well...

Jacobo: yes, better with headphones!

congthe: the signal is weak

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: hello

Simon Timperley: Headphones are best!!!

Jacobo: sure!

Rose Martin: thx with headphones can hear

Carlos Alvarez: loud and clear here...

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: Can't hear

Simon Timperley: Is everybody happy now?

Steve: < ---Happy

Awotayo Oyeyemi Jeremiah: Hi everyone just joined due to work

Evan: Happy, Happy, Happy

Adebola: volume very low still

Luciana: ;)

Laetitia: ;)

waiman: Yes with headphone I can hear clearly!!!

helen: :)

joe: better thanks

Nicole: B

HOW: with headphone. Yes, can hear perfectly

Eva: but more the prerequisites

Reuben: B

Anita Rigdon: Yes

Bill: B

Jaime: B

Cindy: yes

Christi: But I don't think it would have with out the prereqs

silvia : Simon your voice great; it is a pitty with David voice

Ajit: B

Milynda: Simon,\ you sound alright but David is still low

senthil: yes


Emiliya: B

jerry: I'm good.  ear buds help

Edsangela: yes

Nicole: The PPR support HACCP

Amy: yes

Laurie: The only thing I am getting is the poll and everyone's comments.

Kimberly: Kimberly from Arlington, TX can hear you okay. I just have my volume way up.

Cynthia Joseph: B

Paulo: Sid Wainer, the company i work for was the first HACCP certifided Produce company. We take HACCP very seriously.

silvia : no voice

Eva: something it is going wrong with ethe voice

Maria : B

Tiffany: can't hear David

Kimberly: Yes, I think HACCP has helped to create a safer food chain because it serves as an baseline for what should be in place.

Eva: pump up the volume please

Nicole: He isn't tlking right now he is polling

congthe: sorry,  i cant hear anything

silvia : it is a pitty is a good presentation with voice problem

silvia : he is very clear


Bria B: is he speaking through headphones maybe that is why we cant hear. Can he use his computer microphone

Eva: can't hear

Simon Timperley: HE IS bRIA

silvia : i am using headphones but not better

Emelie: Yes

Anita Rigdon: At the bottom of the screen there is a tab that you can reconnect.

Fatima El-Sayed: Yes

Nicole: There is no sound

Bria B: Capital letter usually refer to someone yelling Simon....All im saying is I could hear now I cant, something changed

Angel: Simon, Maybe you should lower your sound because I can hear David fine but when you talk its estra loud. (Volume all the way up)

Reuben: Good here

Laura: agreed angel

Simon Timperley: I'm typing in capitals so that my message stands out above all others, I'm not yelling honest. :-)

Reuben: Sound was better when simon muted.

Tricia Bartlett: Yes Simon. Lower your microphone please.

Nicole: All Im getting now is the poll.  This is the first problem Ive had with sound

Nigel Graham: Ive also lost sound

Carlos: yes

Laurie: I have never had a problem with sound or picture before either

Lisa: no sound - still of Poll slide

Awotayo Oyeyemi: hello

Awotayo Oyeyemi: i cant get any thing here

Filippo: Hello from Italy.

Nicole: Simon are we still on the poll page with no sound?

Alyssa: Listeria seems to be a more common issue than I remember in the past.

OLUBUNMI: Hello SIMON. Can we have the video after this life WEbinar?

miguel: we are on page with incidents

OLUBUNMI: THanks Simon. its quite serene to hear betternow

nourreddine: good voice

silvia : he is a good and clear presenter but not voice

silvia : i did it already

Awotayo Oyeyemi: Hello everyone, just being able to sign in.

Nicole: in NY still on poll slide no sound

Awotayo Oyeyemi: jerry

daniele: Simon, there is no difference in sound when you mute yourself.

Liz: sound better

Sydney: THe volume is quite low... really struggling to hear

Simon Timperley: This software has no logic!  If you are stuck please log out and back in again.

Tracey: Sound perfect in Canada  now!

Barak Obama: Stupid software.

Larbi: What CMs should be controlled for fresh fish reception: theCCP is  histamine content <  30 ppm

silvia : sorry not better

Nicole: That was my fault I paused the scxreen when I clicked on a poll answer, very sorry

silvia : i am thinking to live

silvia : sorry

Simon Timperley: No worries Silvia

silvia : the subject is important because the >ISO 22000 is not clear enough to

silvia : have a look we need this pressentation to clirig


AJOMIWE IMELDA NNEKA: Just able to login,due to bad network.

silvia : Bye bye for me

VINOTH: Apart from any temperature fluctations what are all the CCPs can be stated in any food restaurants?

AJOMIWE IMELDA NNEKA: Can't hear anything

Jaime: David's headset is not stereo so that's why the sound is low

Barak Obama: Don'y go Sylvia!

Nicole: My quality is good

silvia : no for me

ray: bad signal here also

Laura: How is there a diference between a PRP and an oPRP.

silvia : still low

Cecile: Can the ISO 22000 oPRP be defined as a CP in IFS Fod??

Helene: oprp has to be in operatio

Helene: operation

Helene: prp is just prerequisite program

Réda: What clearly differentiate CCP s and dPRP

Tricia Bartlett: Laura the differnece is that your hazard analysis shows that that particular PRP is essential at controlling a specif hazard

AJOMIWE IMELDA NNEKA: Am not getting anything since I can't hear.

Tricia Bartlett: PRP's are general but the oPRP is specifica to a particular hazard

Noa: PRP's are defined by ISO 22002-1

Laura: Tricia - so you are sayign the difference is the risk factor assocaited with a PRP makes it an oPRP? The examples he provided cover off the majority of the PRP's. 

Tricia Bartlett: Yes Noa

HOW: Checking of Raw Materials (Frozen & Chilled) upon receipt ,does it consider as a CCP or OPRP?

AJOMIWE IMELDA NNEKA: I hope we are going to get a replay of this webinar as usual, Simon.

Alina : points of control in PRP - OPRP

miguel: A CCP should be able to monitor "everything" eg at receipt you

Pamela: @ HOW: i would say: OPRP

Tope: I believe oprp is iso 22000 and prep is haccp

Simon Timperley: Of course video and slide in 24 hours

miguel: dwould have to monitor 100% of your material

OLUBUNMI: I think it can ensure traceability

AJOMIWE IMELDA NNEKA: I trust you ,because am leaving since I can't hear nor see.

silvia : still not clear with headphones

OLUBUNMI: Yea you just mentioned that

silvia : sorry i am liv

silvia : sorry i am living

Paulo: i wish my company had these pest sensors at my job. Pretty cool!

Tom: We have detailed decision trees for identifying which process steps are in fact “critical control pointsâ€.Can you suggest any comparable decision trees for identifying old PRPs from the universe of PRPs?

Michael: First time I have seen such pest control mechanism. Rather impressive

Lupita: Can oPRPs be considered the "preventive controls" derived form the FSMA in the US?

Alina :  laboratory control swabs ( samples) from the hands, contact surfaces - oPRP?

Noa: sound like since fiction//

Noa: Alina - yes

Ratna: why OPRP is the CCP of GMP? we determine magnet in our production line as OPRP, but it's not part of GMP

Tricia Bartlett: Great question Tom

nourreddine: thank you

HOW: Does Environment monitoring consider as OPRP?

Roberto: YEAH! OK!

OLUBUNMI: HI SIMON can we have this video watched later. this is necessary due to the breaking audio

Pamela: I love this emonitoring systems but in France if we implement it we will have serious issues with  Unions. it is pretty good and it may reduce significantly food poisonning issues.

Nicole: Handwashing is an issue

Ayman: Nice topic ! but can not hear anything!

HOW: Can ingredients be identified as CCP?

miguel: ony ifyou check 100% of ingerdients

Paulo: There is a hand washing system that if you start washing your hands and you try to do it quickly. It will sound an alarm.

Amy: Can the link for the video be made available to people on the call.  That would be helpful

Manveen Soomal: If the PRP is label application on finished product,how can this be monitored?

Alyssa: good evidence, If in complaince,  if you have to defend in court

Philip: Is the assumption that real time / more monitoring (e.g. video monitoring) leads to more effective controls for OPRPs?

miguel: the main thing (not EASY) is to make people understand WHY they have ot wash hands, or you can fight that topic for hte next 100 years

James: I can't really hear

OLUBUNMI: Thanks SIMON the video is clearer

Paulo: i use ATP every day.

Pamela: @ miguel: fully ok with you

ramesh: it is not coming through!

Cecile: @Miguel I agree with you

miguel: we are shifting focus for 2016 traning program to really try to make people understand

Steve: I've used Hygiena ATP testers for years. Love them sor sanitation validation

mohamed: I accept Mr. Silvia comments

miguel: was also suggested by a very good FSSC auditor we just had

Philip: Can you suggest some affordable tools / techniques that an SME can use? Hard to imagine an SME in Uganda affording themonitoring tools suggested for OPRP monitoring.

ula: Audio is poor can't hear anything

Carol Andrade: how do you determine an OPRP

Ganesh: Metal detector is oPRP or CCP?

Alyssa: Miguel, we just got the H ATP system. Great customer service in getting us started. Easy to use.

Cecile: @Carol Andrade have a look at the ISO 22000 decision tree

Kirsten: This is very helpful as we look to convert our HACCP plan to HARPC

Pamela: @ carol: by your decision tree

Ganesh: Mostly Metal detector is considered as CCP but I am not convienced?

Steve: metal detection is definitely a CCP

Sydney: If i put a sieve on a mixing line, does that become an oPRP

Carlos: metal detector is CCP and magnet is ORP

nourreddine: thank you

Cecile: @philip, if you cannot afford technicological oPRP monitoring I think than then you will need to have a thoughter supervision

nourreddine: good prestentation

Arquelio Ramirez: Oprp similar to Preventive Controls(FSMA)?

Carlos: Heard once that the difference between CCP's and oPRP's is that oPRP's do not have critical limits. What is your opinion?

Ganesh: how can possible to monitor metal detector which is a requirement in CCP

miguel: @ Alyssa - HATP is the name of the company?

Philip: Thanks Cecile.

Roderick: oPRP's vs FSMA Preventive Control?

Alyssa: no Hygienia, like you have.  :)

Ganesh: also critical limit cannot be defined for metal detector

Tricia Bartlett: volume

Kirsten: Also best explanation I've heard of OPRP -- now the challenge is to figure out best and most practical way to validate, verify and monitor!

Alina : oPRPs have a crirical limits in low usually

HOW: Is  Blastfreezing in frozen yeast-proofed dough(Savory fillings) considered as CCP?

Aura: What is the difference between preventive controls (FSMA) and oPRPs?

Tricia Bartlett: Perfect Kirsten!

Steve: Critical limits for Metal Detection can be measured by perameters set in detection. ie 2.5 mm...so on

miguel: @alyssa - OK. we do have 3M - works good but is not as versatile as Hygien

Julia: sounds like the best way to determine your oPRPs (the CCPs of GMPs) would best be determined through zoning program.

Yoga: is there a critical limit for oPRP or another control limit?

KRISHNAN: E monitoring concept from Dr. David is good - would go a long way to improve the PRP implementation.

Nicole: he is breaking up on my end too

Arquelio Ramirez: OPRP similar toPreventive Controls(FSMA)?

miguel: critical limit for metal detection should only be that the MD works. set your operational targets as 2.0, 2.5 etc

Noa: oPRP don't have citical limits

Christi: Any Risk Assement examples you can share?

Mary Ann: Are there any legal impllications to monitoring people with video in the work place?

Liz: is this also going to be enforced with BRC accreditation's?

Eva: Can you consider the process organization an OPRP in small medium company?

Ganesh: Steve that is perfectly fine and we normally check it before starting of production but what is severity or can say critical limit.

mohamed: already i am using Luminometer to identify the allergens

Julia: sounds like the best way to determine your oPRPs (the CCPs of GMPs) would best be determined through zoning program.

Steve: Guidlines are anything over 7mm is critical per FDA guidlines

Cecile: @liz, can you mark you question as a question as I was to ask the same

Ganesh: Miguel meaning below 2.0 metal doesnt make any hazzard?

Dora: Examples of validation of CM in oPRP?

Noa: David, what is the critical limit for metal detector?

Liz: is this also going to be enforced with BRC accreditation's?

Kulsum Begum: What is the standard method to identify CCP

Helene: In the orchard (apples) does haccp apply? And are there CCPs

miguel: @ganesg / steve  what I mean is set your critical limit as being "functional metal detector" . then you describe your operational target as teh size you want (eg <  7mm)

Cecile: @ liz thank you

Steve: My metal detectors are set for 2mm anytime we change products or shift change or break

OLUBUNMI: E-monitoring, Pest sensors innstallation: how much does it impact on production cost if it must be implemented in a medium sized food plant

Kirsten: Genesh - it's about "controlling to an acceptable level" - Small fragments are undesirable but unlikely to pose a significant health risk AND  not reasonable for reliable detection

Ganesh: we use 1, 1.2 and 1,5

Alina :  We have warehousing and storage PRP (ISO 22002) , and the point of control environment, becouse it is important, it is oPRP

Sydney: Still confusing me with the oPRP and CCP

miguel: that way you can use different sizes as needed i case your detector has a  temporary problem and you need to use a larger piece ( < 7mm of course)

Ganesh: We also consider metal detector as CCP but I didnt get answer why we cannot consider it as OPRP?

miguel: concept: if your MDetector functions and rejects properly, then you have assured the ccp. you utilize a target test piee, anything less that (eg) 7mm to ensure that is the case.  we have this semantic. then we use the very smallets target we can

Cecile: @Ganesh as far as I have understood it, an oPRP doesn't have critical limits such as a CCP

KRISHNAN: I feel that Identification of PRP, OPRP and CCP is a lot easier for a Food Technologist if a proper and thorough Process Flow chart is made

Cecile: ok this is confusing me then

miguel: can be OPRP as long as you can prove it b history, or type of operational sensitivity ewtc

Jaime: it can be an OPRP or a CCP depends on what is the last line of defense

miguel: flowchart and DECISION TREE is super useful

Steve: Depends on your hazard analysis of the step. The severity

Alina : the standard ISO 2200  is no question of the monitoring on-line, oPRP...

Emmanuel: are there any other measures for controlling or monitoring hand washing and sanitising apart from the RFID and video monitoring. Any cheaper montioring or more socialble control

KRISHNAN: Very simple definition of CCP - a process step beyond this , there is no step to stop or control Hazard entry

IRENE: this question about metal detector as  ccp or oprp, could you please send us the reply because couldn't hear the answer

HOW: I still a bit confused. Can ingredient be a CCP?

Maxine : Hi David i am understanding that an OPRP Iis a PRP THAT IS CRITICAL

Jessica Butler: great lecture

Tricia Bartlett: In TS 22002/1 there are set list of PRP's however is it not possible for additional PRP's to be selected by the organization? For example Chemical Control?

Ganesh: @Krishnan, this is definition of CCP but in actual situations this definination doesnt work

Aliyu: if an oprp can have a CL, should it nit be upgraded to a ccp?

Noa: @Tricia - yes, you can difine more PRP's

Md. Nahid Hossain: hi

Kirsten: Yes much better!

Lisa: Yes

helen: yes

carol: yes

Andrew Capps: yes

Julia: yes

MikeZ: yes

Brian: yes

susan: Understand. Great webinar!

Kevin: Yes

Barrie: Yes thanks!

Martin: yes helped me a lot

joe: yes

Aura: yes

Paul: Yes

Noa: yes!!!

Anita Rigdon: Yes

Pontus: Yea

Mike: yes

Cecile: yes

val: YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan: Understood. Very great webinar.

Paulo: yes

Liz: yes

Christina Terrell: yes

Eva: yes sure

Vânia: yes

Yoga: yes

Michael: yes

Cecile: yes

Belinda: yes

Kimberly: YES!

Anna LaFountain: yes

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miguel: sur e - a little better

jerry: yes

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Sydney: yes

takis: yes

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Steve: yes

GAIL: yes

Irene: yes

waiman: Yes !!!!

Sripriya Agaram: YES


Dora: yes

Philip: Thanks  Dr. Rosenblatt. Good Presentation. YES.

Charles : Yes

Fiona: YES

Maxine : YES!!

Frank Sedzielarz: Yes

Claudio: Yes, Understood!

Herbert: yes

Edsangela: i did much better

Thies: How do CCPs and oPRP fit into new FSMA

Dhiren: Yes

Aliyu: yes more under standing

Christi: Yes

jim: yes

Tom: Very good and relevant!

Carlos Alvarez: Y

Kimberly: Excellent Presentation!

nourreddine: thanks david

Fiona Grainger: Yes

val: This was a great presentation!!

Minttu: yes

irene: helpful seminar. thanks.

Jeff: yes

David Levy: Thanks Simon and Davd for the great presentation!

Aura: Thank you very much for this outstanding presentation

Larbi: thanks


coleen marcia henry: yes

Sripriya Agaram: YES!

HOW: good presentation. Tks.

Pamela: thanks David! Perfect presentation!

Belinda: can we get a copy of the webinar?

Edwarda M.: Thank you very much! Yes! Thanks David and Simon!

helen: thanks

Shauna: Yes

Aliyu: thank you simon and david

Nicole: Thank you

Dan: Thank you!

joe: and you thanks

Cecile: thanks

Arquelio Ramirez: yes better sound next time

Carlos: Thanks!

Steve: thank you

Alina : thanks a lot

Ganesh: As far as ingredients, it depends on its use whether it is used in dry mixing or wet mixing. If ingredients are used in drymixing definately ingredients should be CCP if you are not confident on supplier

Yoga: Thanks very much

mohamed: thanks a lot

Mike: thank you!

Roberto: Thanks!!!

Pontus: Thanks, can we have the powerpoint?

Maria Galeas: Thank you!

Dora: Tanks a lot

Noa: Tnx, shabat shalom!

Ehab Nassar: Yes

jerry: thanks!\

VINOTH: thank you sir

Roderick: A little bit more understanding

Belinda: Thank you very much

Hafyenanye : Yes

Ganesh: thanks a lot..

ramesh: good presentation!

Patrick: Thanks!

Ehab Nassar: Yes

Lovemore Nkhata: thanks. it was great

Luz: An excellent webinar, thank you very much for sharing.

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 06:49 AM

1) Ingredients should not be considered as a CCP since specification of the ingredients are included in a purchase requirement and hazards are taken care of by the supplier/manufacturer. Is this true?

2) If the supplier is not able to provide COA or evidence , does that mean this ingredient is a CCP eg. Aflatoxin in nuts or flour etc where toxins cannot be eliminated from the process that follows.

3) Is it true that OPRP has no control limits while CCP has control limits? Any examples to quote?

4) Storage temperature(Chilled/Frozen) is considered as an OPRP?



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Posted 24 November 2015 - 07:00 AM


1) Ingredients should not be considered as a CCP since specification of the ingredients are included in a purchase requirement and hazards are taken care of by the supplier/manufacturer. Is this true?

If using iso22002-1 for prerequisites, this includes ingredients from memory. So YES.

2) If the supplier is not able to provide COA or evidence , does that mean this ingredient is a CCP eg. Aflatoxin in nuts or flour etc where toxins cannot be eliminated from the process that follows.

See No.1 so NO (the supplier would probably not be initially approved)

3) Is it true that OPRP has no control limits while CCP has control limits? Any examples to quote?

The standard mentions critical limits. No comments from memory regarding control limits. so NO.

4) Storage temperature(Chilled/Frozen) is considered as an OPRP?

Depends on the risk assessment/ccp-oprp classification methodology.



Hi howkimkee,


I assumed you refer to either iso22000 or fssc22000.

Please see my opinions above.

Kind Regards,



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