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Metal detection training

traininghaccp innovative ideas metal detection ccp

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Posted 01 August 2017 - 08:02 PM

Hi there,


My first post here and I am hoping for some helpful comments! 


One of my objectives for this year is to reduce the number of metal detection observations. An observation is noted whenever an operator in production forgets or misses an entry related to metal detection on our work orders. Unfortunately there is a HUGE human factor involved hence proper training is the ideal way to tackle this problem. Re-working our method to document this CCP is not the easiest option but is also available.


I've already looked at some solutions involving continuous training (e.g. posting examples of properly completed work orders, providing cue cards with list of entry items to verify) but this had little effect.


One side I haven't looked at is the idea of rewarding.


Can anyone give any tips on how you would tackle this problem?





Gerard H.

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 08:15 AM

Dear Mr. Fahadazam,


Herewith some tips which can hopefully help you to improve your metal detection training and the performance of the control.


Considering that it is a CCP in your company:

  • You will normally have a work instruction which describes the CCP and how it is controlled.
  • It will make part of the CCP training, which is carried out on a regular basis. If there are mistakes, its frequency is increased.
  • Training: One-to-one training of each operator who is involved in the CCP Metal detection. Location: on the line of the operator. He or she will explain and show you how he controls the CCP. You ask questions to check whether the instruction has been understood.
  • The team leaders of the operators are also trained on the CCP (in the same way as described above, thus: on the line and explaining and showing).
  • The training is signed of by each employee.
  • Points for improvement of the system, which are raised by the operators shall be taken seriously and be followed up by the Food safety team.
  • Training form is signed off by the trained people and by the trainer. This document goes in the personal files at the Human Resources department and the operator receives a certificate for the CCP training.

By doing so, you emphasize the importance of the CCP and you formalize the right performance of a work instruction. You also harmonize the way people work.


Hopefully there are some useful tips in the above. I wish you good luck with the reduction of the metal detection observations.


Kind regards,


Gerard Heerkens


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    United States

Posted 03 August 2021 - 09:17 PM

I'm a bit of a "meanie" but I find production responds well to punishment. In our facility, failure to perform or document a timely CCP check results in rework, back to the last good check. Your production for the day tanks and your boss wants to know why. 

The operator who made the error is responsible for fixing it. They catch on quickly. It doesn't happen 2x.

Also, I like to use what I call "the highlighter of shame." If one of the QC techs fails to complete a form properly, including failing to initial, writing over a typo, lack of corrective action for out of spec results, will be highlighted and left in an open area of the lab for you to correct and return to me by the end of your next shift. Highly effective at removing repeat errors. 

Like I said, I'm mean.

The other side of the coin is that I'm proactive in finding ways to make the processes easier and their paperwork clearer and I spend most of my time interacting directly with the operators and helping them. Wherever possible, I like to make the easy way the correct way. Few people work harder to make mistakes.  


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Posted 03 August 2021 - 11:54 PM

4-year old thread.

Thanks anyway.

Maybe "questionably aggressive" rather than mean.

It is possible IMO that the OP had a systemic error in his system.

Kind Regards,



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