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Product Composition


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Posted 02 December 2017 - 02:49 PM

I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right category.  I am trying to figure product compositions as I am new to them since our QC Manager left without teaching me and it is now my job to complete them.


We produce relish and brined vegetables and I can't figure out how to figure the vinegar for product compositions. We ferment our vegetables in tanks and some have a natural acid in them.  Do I have to account for the acid in the product or only the vinegar that is added after fermentation?  I'm sure this is confusing because it is to me.  If I have a recipe and we add 18 pounds of vinegar to a product that has a gross weight of 1800# am I correct that the percent composition would be 1% vinegar in the total product.  The product has a natural acid of 0.9 % acid.  And we are putting a 0.5 % acetic acid on it.  Would I figure the vinegar percent on how much we add to the product or the percent acetic acid that is in the product after the brine is added?


I am starting with a pickle that tests .9% acid.  We need a final acid of 0.7%.  In 90 gallons of brine we are putting 2 gallons of vinegar in to get a final acetic acid percent of 0.7% So would my product compostiton be the amount of vinegar we are adding to the pickles or the amount in the total product?


Hoping someone can help me understand this.


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Posted 11 December 2017 - 06:24 PM

Hi jpotrz,


Hopefully I won't lead you wrong but here is my take on your query (if you have not answered it yet):


Your vinegar percent is the % of actual vinegar in the product when compared to the total weight of all the ingredients. So I would say yes, the % Vinegar (the actual ingredient) is 1% of your product.


Your acidity is determined from testing and can be different from the % vinegar if your product has other ingredients that can make it acidic also. Vinegar contributes to % acidity but if there are ingredients that are also acidic e.g ascorbic acid to prevent browning/oxidation, then these ingredients will also affect your acidity value.


Hope I helped.

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