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Ideal Organizational Chart for a food manufacturing company?


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Posted 29 August 2018 - 06:43 PM

Hi everyone - I joined a few weeks ago and find this site immensely helpful.


I am wondering what the ideal organizational chart for a food manufacturing company would look like.  Specifically regarding quality.


What title should the person in charge of quality have?  Could they be QC Manager?  Can QA manager go under them?  There will be a lab, so I'm thinking the lab manager is also the QA Manager and the technicians are under this person.  But where does that leave QC?


Thanks in advance!




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Posted 29 August 2018 - 06:58 PM

Generally speaking, QC and QA are 1 team headed by the QC/A manager..............the only times i've seen a QC Manager is in an auto parts type setting....not food


Next is a haccp coordinator/SQFP or the like--but 1 person who is in charge of written program maintenance, implementation, review, document control etc


a quality control  coordinator would be responsible for product specs, alternate sourcing of ingredients to meet the spec, organoleptic inspections and finished good QUALITY


Then come the techs/ QA/QC techs who are primarily on the floor performing monitoring duties  and a lab tech, who's just really really good at analysis.


Alot of the quality end of things tends to fall on the production supervisor(s) and plant manager supported by the QA department


Quality will be responsible for 

product size/shape

packaging (right package/right product)

organoleptic inspections

some lab analysis (fat/protein etc.)


Everywhere i've been where there is a QA and a QC team turns into disaster with one pitted against the other for "who's more right"

Please stop referring to me as Sir/sirs

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Posted 30 August 2018 - 12:53 AM

I fully agree with Scampi here. Typically in food processing there is a QA Manager as the QC is the responsibility of the employees on the floor. Of course you could easily have a QC Tech.

Your position could be Quality Assurance Manager, Food Safety Manager, Quality and Food Safety Manager, Manager of Quality, Food Safety and Complace (Regulatory) and everything in between.

Just be sure the position reports to the proper position ( outside production). Usually a Plant Manager, GM or like position.

Best of Luck to you,

All the best, 


Ryan Heavner 


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Posted 07 September 2018 - 12:58 PM

We have a QA Manager that is responsible for all quality:  QC, shipping, receiving.. everything.  The QA manager has the final approval on all policy's and procedures, internal and external audits and supplier approvals.  


As the QC manager, I report directly to the QA Manager.  I am responsible for the QC team... analysis, environmental monitoring, etc. 


The Plant Manager is responsible for the Facilities team, Production team and HACCP Coordinator.    


Our QA Manager and Plant Manager both report to the Company President and work as a team to ensure Food Defense, Safety and Quality.


 Everyone - including line employees and technicians have the ability to stop a product release and put a product on HOLD for further review.


We work as a multidisciplinary team (including production techs and QC techs as well) to approve major HACCP, Food Defense, Food Safety and Quality Procedures and Risk Assessments.  Each person's unique specialties are included and welcomed by other teams.  For example:  HACCP Risk Assessments would not be done with out inclusion of the QC team, Environmental Monitoring Procedures are not created with out inclusion of the Production and Cleaning and Sanitation teams. 


ONLY QA or the Company President can approve a Standard Operating Procedures or release a product for distribution.


 This allows us the best use of our personal strengths and aids our weaknesses.  Our QA manager would not determine what company we would need to use to replace a chilller or cooler, only what the specifications for storage are and what validation data we must have to ensure they are met.  Our plant manager would not determine which Salmonella method we should use for our products or the methods of validation for them etc.


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Posted 07 September 2018 - 01:00 PM

WOW!!!!  Where do you work and do you have room for me?????


You are one lucky employee!

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