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SQF E8 Internal Audit

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Posted 28 November 2018 - 03:28 PM

Morning All,

                     I have read through the forums here (IFSQN) about SQF E8 internal auditing and everyone refers to the SQF website for the internal audit checklist. I have done that, there is different ones for different modules and so on. But what I am looking for is a checklist to check the SQF system, not to check EVERY thing as their checklist provides. I recently went through an SQF E8 and I have listed the minor. My question is, the checklist SQF provided its basically a full audit. I though it would be one thing from each fundamentals not a full audit. There would be no time for that or am I looking at this all wrong here.  I am just looking to satisfy the SQF gods but at the same time not killing myself doing it as at this moment I am still new here (QA Management) and a one man band... Guidance is needed... Thank you.


SIDE NOTE: I have enclosed a newly updated Audit schedule that I submitted for part of this minor CA. let me know if I'm heading in the right direction...


The internal audits were not conducted using the SQF checklist or similar tool.  There was a verification schedule and a pre-requisite program calendar but this schedule did not include several elements of the SQF code 8.0 - e.g. document control, specifications, contract services, food fraud, new products etc.


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Posted 28 November 2018 - 04:24 PM

Every single element in the program needs to be reviewed yearly. I know I know, but lots of things will require nothing more than your initials and the date.


So, PROGRAMS were there will have been no changes will just require a sign off for annual review

CCP/SOP/SSOP will actually require you to observe what's really being done against the written procedures


You are VERIFYing that the system is not only written to cover the code, but implemented properly as well.


Yes, it is a never ending cycle and it will feel like you're working on this all the time.................your new schedule looks good to me!  Break it into small chunks and it wont feel like such a monumental job

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