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Mould Growth in a Chilled High Care Area

microbiology mould high care cleaning

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Posted 13 August 2020 - 09:38 AM

Hi all, 


There is a high care area which is chilled to 10C or below. There have been dots of mould forming on the walls and on some fixtures on the walls like sockets etc. I am concerned that this is an indication of a bigger problem. So far, we have cleaned the mould with our standard cleaning solution and were also advised to try using alcohol/hand sanitiser on the mould. We will monitor if the mould regrows post-cleaning. There is no way that we want to introduce new chemicals or bleach containing materials in the room so we must avoid that avenue. We only just had air quality tests done in this room and while the moulds were in spec, they were slightly higher than normal. We have recently experienced condensation in the room as, if you saw a previous post of mine, there is a vent blowing some warm air into the room from the outside (it's filtered) and currently it's hard to cool that air down given that it's Summertime here. We have carried out temperature data logger checks in different parts of the room and the temperature in most parts is 10C or under. Unfortunately, there is still a corner of the room that is warmer than 10C. Regardless, the mould is still growing anyway in the colder parts of the room, it seems to be widespread but high up on the walls/ceilings in particular. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has gone through this? I'm new to working with high-care and luckily haven't had to deal with this problem before. I would appreciate any guidance.




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Posted 13 August 2020 - 03:04 PM

I had a situation this past December where I began seeing mold growth on an area they hit (created a hole) and covered with a metal panel. This incident occurred before I came in to work for the company. When I began seeing minor mold growth in our blending room, I had them clean it then I monitored it. The mold grew back, I called a mold specialist and found that the wall was dry wall. The inside of dry wall, from the floor to 5 ft, was covered in mold. It did not matter how well we cleaned the surface the problem was inside the dry wall. 


I would suggest get that checked out by your maintenance department or a third party to ensure the problem is not behind the wall. 


Also ask what type of material the wall is made out of. I hope this helps.   

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