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Distance allowed to place containers in the wall

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Posted 12 April 2024 - 05:01 PM

Good morning everyone..

Anyone can help me if exist ,, any CFR or SQF Requirement about the distance allowed for containers , boxes, racks near of the wall... I see some posts , they said 18" .. i juts want to confirm is a requirement or just  like a standard between the food industry..




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Posted 12 April 2024 - 05:28 PM

SQF doesn't have a set requirement of the exact distance between a wall and a pallet.  18" is a general guide and I've always had the standard in internal audits to be that a line of sight needs to be visible behind all pallets and the wall.  This is for pest management and also helps out the PCO as I've also had traps skipped because there wasn't sufficient room to get behind the pallets for inspection.  AIB consolidated standards does prescribe the exact distance from the wall and between traps so you could use this a reference if you want to pay for it.  



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Posted 12 April 2024 - 09:09 PM

18" is what everyone states, though it's not expressly described in SQF code.  They also state you "must" paint it white, which I've never seen written anywhere.  The claim for the white is so auditors can look all the way down a wall and note whether there are dark rodent droppings or accumulated dirt.


SQF code makes numerous references to being able to get behind racking and stored material to clean, hence why we have to leave space.  You don't have to be 18" specifically, but it needs to be sufficient room for a person to move down the space to clean or access pest traps placed there.  Had a chubby auditor once who felt 18" wasn't sufficient because he couldn't fit down the space to go look at a trap, he told us it was going to be a finding.  We argued with him about it, and when I (who am also heavy set but less so than he) showed I could easily maneuver down the space to bring him the trap to inspect, he dropped the matter.


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Posted 13 April 2024 - 02:50 AM



Itis a good idea to look into your country's health regulations, there will be a list of PRP's.


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