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7 Best Practices to Improve Food Safety Culture

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Posted 30 May 2015 - 10:27 AM

7 Best Practices to Improve Food Safety Culture

Presented by:
Brita Ball, PhD, Principal Consultant, Advancing Food Safety Culture 


Taking place:

Friday, May 29, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM GMT).  This is a 10 a.m. EDT Start.
Food safety culture is being called an emerging risk in the food industry. Progress in the food safety arena has traditionally been led by research in the natural sciences – a comfortable field for most food safety and quality assurance professionals – but a food safety culture doesn’t grow in a lab. What is a culture of food safety? What influences it? How can it be measured? What are the challenges and implications related to it? This presentation will provide insight into the science of organizational culture and introduce best practices that could make a positive difference to a food safety culture. 



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    IFSQN...it's My Life

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  • 12,668 posts
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  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 30 May 2015 - 10:34 AM

Below is the unedited chat logs from the live webinar.


Sergio: Good Morning from Sao Paulo

Sue: Good morning from Wisconsin.

Janice Mabey: hello

Amrika Bandoo: hello

Reda: Hello

magdi: hello

Brian: Good Morning from St. Louis, MO

Pablo: hello

Jose Aurelio: no from mi side,

JeffC: hello

David: good morning from Montreal

Vasudha: Hello, Vasudha From India

Shalonda: Good morning from Tennessee

Shingai: hello from Zimbabwe

Alison: Good afternoon from Espagne

amber: hello

Simon Timperley: 2 minutes folks

magdi: magdi from sudan

Greg: Good morning from lovely Atchison, Kansas

Alaa: Hello from Egypt

Ramiro: Good  morning from Texas

Brian: Thanks Simon

Deepak: Hi Deepak Mathur from Delhi

Cheryl: Good morning from California

Frank Sedzielarz: Good morning from Minnesota

Jessica: hi from Pennsylvania

Christa Douglass: Good Morning from Washington State

Wendy Hirst: Hello everyone!

Mariana: Hi from Mexico City!

Tatyana: Tatyana. Hello from Belarus!

Ara: Greetings from Texas

Nisar: Hello evryone

Judith: Good afternoon

Ana Cardoso: Hello from Porto, Portugal

Garyfallia: Good afternoon from the Netherlands

Mopelola Sodipo: good day

Rehman Rasheed: Hello everyone

Oluwafemi: Greetings from Johannesburg

Alaa: Hi Magdi from sudan, Y need your Email, I am Alaa from Egypt

Arlen: Good Morning from Pennsylvania

Joshua Smith: Good Morining From Dallas, Texas

Nisar: Hi I am Nisar from Mumbai, India

Sharyn: hello from Toronto

Mopelola Sodipo: good afternoon from Nigeria

magdi: nice

Scott : Good morning from Oregon

Matt: Hello from St Louis, MO

Brian: Hi Matt. St. Louis here as well

Nasr: good Morning from West Bank

Sandy: Hi there from South Africa

julio: Has the webinar started yet?

merry chastine: hi

Michelle: Good Morning from Minneapolis MN USA

Yemi: Hello all

sherrell: Hello everyone

Christa Douglass: not yet

Brian: No Julio

ion] Noel: Hello there

Jimena: Hi, Jimena from Uruguay!

Jamie Andreychuk: Bonjour from Quebec, Canada!

ِAlia: HI from Sudan

davide crepaldi: Hi Davide from Italy

Greg: Alia - whats the weather like in Sudan?

ADELE: Good afternoon from Pretoria - South Africa

Javier: Bonjour from the Gaza strip.

magdi: ok alaa

Margaret: Greetings from Northern California

Christa Douglass: Margret where in northern ca?

Lupita: hello from France!

Javier: Hola Lupita!

Rehman Rasheed: Hello from Bahrain

Henta: Hi from Durban, South Africa

Lupita: Hola Javier

simao: Hi from Portugal

flemming: Good afternoon

ِAlia: Gerg, we are  freezing here, very cold :D

Beatriz: Hi everyone from Cordoba, Argentina

flemming: fro Debmark

Peter: Minnesota, USA

flemming: from Denmark

Dr. Mert : hi everybody from Turkey

Ian : Hi from St. Lucia.

magdi: any problem in webinar ?

ana maria burducea: Hello from Québec City, Canada

Lewis: Helllo from Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Ovidiu: Hello from Vancouver, Canada

ِAlia: The previous chat box design was easier!

ifigeneia: hello,from Greece

magdi: i take it >

Dr. Mert : there is a freezing problem i

Christalynn: Hello from Toledo, Ohio U.S.A.

Robert: hmm. My browser (ie) doesnt support this

MUHAMMAD Raza Ullah: ok waiting

Cheryl: I am using Chrome and it works, can you switch

Mara Carvalheira: Hello from Portugal

Noel: Hi Simon when is the presentation starting

Loda: Hi. How do I improve the resolution of the presentation. It looks blurry. Audio is okay though.

Peter: restarted and all is good

Jurgita: hello from Lithuania

Ronald Wiseman: hello everyone

Javier: Ecoli happens.

Ronald Wiseman: Love the new look of the webinar

Lupita: yes Javier, E coli happens, but this cal lead to the closing down of a plant!

Judy: Jurgita, what company do you work for?

Lupita: can lead...

robert klaiss: Hello from Kuwait

Olga: Hello from Latvia

María Linares: The slides are blurry, someone knows how to fix it?

Akinola: Hi  guysm from saudi arabia

Javier: Ecoli happens is a play on words.

Barbara Serra: Is the webinar very delay yet?

Lupita: just got it...

Cristina: 3

Caity: hello from Pennsylvania USA

Javier: :)

Paul: Good morning from Lincoln, Nebraska

Jurgita: Judy, I'm working for a social institution "Rimavicius", I consult and help catering companies to prepare documents and to plan manufacturing facilities according to the European and national legislation. Also I make inner HACCP audits

julio: What happened?

María Linares: the slides are blurry, how can I fix it?

Alison: I,have lost the webinar

julio: is the webinar on?

Ramiro: unable to connect... i can't see anything

ِAlia: Yes it is on

Alaa: are you started?

Javier: Webinar is running.  Refresh or Reboot.

julio: Ok, I thought it was my computer

Barbara Serra: Is there any problem? Can anyone from the organization give some feedback?

Christalynn: Not haveing any issues with the webinar here.

Ramiro: i restarted twice already but still unable to see it

Joshua Smith: having trouble here too.

Alison: I went out and came back in ok

Judy: Jurgita,  I was just curiuos as I am Lithuanian myself :)

Barbara Serra: I also have refresh it and nothing is hapenning

Brian: Barbara, try refreshing, I had to and am good now.

Robert: I switched to Chrome - works better

Alaa: Also I have trouble

Javier: Check your initial link.

Jurgita: What a surprise !

Peter: try to reload from initial link

Alison: Can you repeat the 7 please

Ara: Is not working for us

Cristina: 5

flemming: anoher scale is needed

Alison: I cant read the slides

Liz: It's the wrong scale

Janice Mabey: our scale goes from -3 to +3

Margaret: Can't see the results.

Marzena: You messed up with numbers

Christa Douglass: thats not what the poll said on my side, ot was -1-+3

Jimena: hi, the poll goes from -3 to +3

r] Simon Timperley: watch on youtube if struggling

Jessica: ack!  Two audio streams at once

Cheryl: scale only goes from and to 3

Peter: cannot see the poll results

Paul: -3 to +3

Mariana: 5

Nisar: wrong scale

Cory: Its a 7 point scale, -3 to 3 doesn't matter

flemming: we need scale 1-6

ana maria burducea: 6

Nasr: this what I did before

Margaret: Poll was did not match the slide poll

JeffC: 6

Ovidiu: wrong scale

Paul: Your right Cory

Cheryl: Interesting my presentation had been fine since the beginning but now my slides are blurry

Margaret: IMO Engagement needs to move up on the 7 point scale. to #2 after leadership.

Loda: Thanks Simon for the YouTube link. I can clearly see the slides now.

ion] Christa Douglass: we are going to get a copy of this presentation right?

Peta-Gaye Clarke: ye i'll need a copy, the slides are being changed too quickly

Paul: Should get a copy of presentation next week.

ana maria burducea: Thanks Paul

magdi: alaa every thing ok ?

ِAlia: Magdy, Sudan??

Alaa: now ok

ion] Gayan: Can you share source or link to diagnostic tool please?

magdi: yes ..sudan alia

Christalynn: Please share soures for diognostic tools please!

ِAlia: Great, me too..where do you work?

Margaret: Source of the assessment please?

ion] Shingai: Which are the existing FSC diagnostic tools

ion] Cory: Are you doing correlation relationships or ANOVA?

Elena: Could you share the links to the tools to assess the food safety culture of a company??

magdi: vet.

Shalonda: My presentation is stuck on the Engagement slide and I don't have any sound. Anyone else having this problem?

ion] Dipendra: Food Safety culture is a general practice or is also an another certification?

Suzie: stuck on engagement

Shalonda: Thanks Suzie! Glad to know it's not just me!

Cory: General practice needed to facilitate certifications that require high involvment in Food Safety (SQF, BRC et al.)

Javier: Mine is not stuck.  Maybe refresh?

Alaa: Hi Alia I am Alaa from Egypt

Shalonda: ok. I'll try that Javier.

Jose Aurelio: no problems from my side, presentation is running well

ana maria burducea: Hi Dipendra, we are certified FSSC 22 000.

ion] ِAlia: Is there any structured program to build a food safety culture in the workplace

Shalonda: I refreshed and it's back going. Thanks Javier and all who responded.

ِAlia: Salam Alaa

Dipendra: Thanks ana maria burducea

Javier: You're welcome Shalonda.  You're back in the game!

ion] Christalynn: Can we get a copy of your previous webinar you did?

ana maria burducea: You're welcome Dipendra,

Alaa: Alia, What is your work?

ِAlia: Veterinarian.

Suzie: Mine is still stuck on the engagement slide.  Signing off!

Javier: Bye Suzie.

Jimena: Suzie, try to sign up again afterwards

Loda: Check this YouTube link Suzie

Suzie: Thank you, it worked

Wendy Hirst: Management commitment

Javier: Hi Suzie!

Christa Douglass: Suize I accidentally paused mine... di you try and click on the slide?

ion] Shingai: could you please provide the food safety climate tool that you developed/published in 2010

Cory: We offer all employes a free hour lunch based on KPI for our food safety each quarter

Lewis: The $$ my employer has invested

Kirsten: Supervisors welcome training to support their employees

Arlen: When managment does the right thing, even though it may cost$$$

Carmen Ciocan: timely communication

Jeff Stanley: Food Safety Awareness

Peta-Gaye Clarke: ongoing GMP training

Shalonda: Continous Improvement and strong Senior management support

Elena: Everyone knows why they are doing the things

Liz: People in production bring up concerns instead of just ignoring or not talking about it.

Greg: Financial commitment associated with outside contractor used for sanitation

Loda: training

Bria: Willingness to change, although change is slow to happen in the facility

Christa Douglass: On going talk about food safety and trainings

Carmen Ciocan: trainings

Janice Mabey: employee engagement

Reda: leadership

Shawn: Support via resources and positive reinforcement.

Judith: A'do one thing today to improve food safety' campaign

Carol Andrade: Hiring a food safety manager at the executive level of the organisation

Michelle: Weekly Food Safety Meeting with entire staff. Senior Management reviews the plan continously and makes adjsutments.

Peta-Gaye Clarke: Food Safety Newsletter

Barbara: Staff comunnicating issues to managers that need to be correct

Peta-Gaye Clarke: GMP reminders

Peter: All workers wear hair nets in food process development center

Javier: No one gets fired.

Lewis: Continuous F.S. Training/ M.D. Team

GAIL: the why behind everything is very important

ِAlia: send urs Alaa

Marzena: Buy our product in the store and discuss with employees during the training what is wrong with it

Pablo: Education,GMP Inspection and leadership

Ian : There is an ongoing food safety training program

Jose Aurelio: GMP and quality commitment, training and comunication

David: training

Lewis: Orientation requirs F.S. Training

ana maria burducea: management comitment,GMP training, $$$$ invested for food safety

Shingai: investment in food safety related issues

Christalynn: Pets-Gaye Clarke do you create the newsletter based on your facility? Or use a source to help comiple your newsletter?

Akinola: incentive for indentified problems

Peta-Gaye Clarke: both

Cristina: as new company, we were able to design our HACCP, implemented it, monitor and evaluate. right now verification is on-going. HACCP Team not only includes the managerial and supervisory level, we included as well the operators. Conduct trainings to all workers/employees that includes the factory worke

Christalynn: Can you share some of the sources you use?

Paul: Food safety training in all departments regardless of involvement in SQF cert

Peta-Gaye Clarke: The sources depend on the topics that are focused on for that newsletter

Peta-Gaye Clarke: we do monthly newsletters

Christalynn: I am always trying to find a good site to use for different food safety toppics but i have trouble finding things.

Christalynn: That is a great idea, thats why i was curious where you get some of your information.

Christa Douglass: I agree with you Christalynn, It is hard to find good examples and sources sometimes

Christalynn: Glad i am not the only one Christa!

Reda: Create a FSC group

Peter: Formalize FS Plan Here

Arlen: Look at tools for measuring and evaluating food safety culture.

Logeswaran: Going to deliver the similar training to my team

Janice Mabey: post more communications to the employees, add more employees from production to the food safety team

Shawn: Revise employee training, post company core values for employees, have an additional HACCP meeting

Jimena: Show the answers to the previous question to the high directors

Jeff Stanley: Bring up FSC at the next food safety team meeting

Barbara: Improve communication between all members of staff (managers & operatives)

Akinola: I would need to emperical measure my organisation's FSC

debbie: Present a summary of this webinar to the management team so that we can all be on the same page in regards to all that was discussed.

Lewis: Apply some of these principles to training

Christalynn: Share what i have learned through this webinar to my FS team!

Shalonda: Continue to stress the importance of food safety in meetings

Mariana: share this info with my FS team

Cory: Increase engagment in training. Current system is just a time to cram info and meet regulations. Would perfer to get better employee ownership of all aspects of food safety

Bria: Be more intentional with the development of a positive culture of Food Safety at my growing facility. Starting with senior management

Nancy: Implementing a "positive

Tatyana: Read the ISO 9001 once again.

Jimena: try to organize a food safety comitee

Luciana: Work better the communication to engage the employees

Brian: Share with FS team

Christa Douglass: Improve communication with all my clients to express the importance to FSC.

Alaa: Alia, are you show my email?

Mara Carvalheira: reinforce all personnel training and awareness

Jose Aurelio: reinforce quality and food safety culture

Christa Douglass: Makle sure all of my clients are in support of a FSC

Kirsten: All employee meeting coming up -- Will use my time to talk food safety initiatives - for example - what's going on with training and the HACCP team

Oluwafemi: We'll try more to imbibe the FSC and continuously implement this.

Michelle: Share this webinar with my team - they need the reinforemcemt that they are doing the right things.

David: standardizes procedures and commitement to the procedures thru monitoring and feedback

Deepak: Training is key for change of mindset

Peta-Gaye Clarke: Thats so true

Peta-Gaye Clarke: the food safety police bit

Kirsten: Love the idea of a newslette!

Pablo: try to convince our CEO abaut implement the staff FSC between all workers

magdi: well correct the begining steps

Peta-Gaye Clarke: ye its a good idea and you can have different persons from your food safety team to contribute to writing different articles for the newsletters

debbie: We do almost weekly training as we are a small team in process of great change. Conitnue the training momentum and share results with management more.

ion] Gayan: Can you arrange a seperate webinar on measuring food safety cultre using those statistical modelling techniques in future please?

Greg: Simon, Brita - excellent presentation. I will be reviewing this later in the afternoon. Thank you very much.

Brian: Getting the team on board is not a problem, getting our president to understanding it is.

ion] Gayan: Could you share the last slide of the presentation with contact information?

Peta-Gaye Clarke: Will we have access to this presentation after today?

ion] Christa Douglass: As a consultant, I can preach FSC till I am blue in the face. How do I express to my clients that it is truely important to have a FSC and protect our consumer?

ion] magdi: we can use the advertise in f.s. culture ?

ekwueme: i will try to register my ISO 22000 Certificate with internationally recognized training body.

ana maria burducea: Hi ekwueme, we are using AIB international

Peter: Thank you Brita!  And Simon - great job as usual.

Christa Douglass: Thank your Britta and Simon! This has been a big help!!!!!!

Judith: Thanks very informative

Kirsten: good presentationi - inspiring!

Cory: Thanks, good material and delivery

Barbara: Well done ... so much I still have to do :)

Pablo: Thank you Brita! And Simon - great job as usual

Mara Carvalheira: thanks for this presentation

debbie: Thank you. Very interesting content.

Ana Cardoso: Thanks, great presentation

Jose Aurelio: Thank you again

Mariana: Thank you very much! Thanks for giving us tools to make FSC something better in our wokplaces!

Akinola: Thank you Brita excellent

Brian: Thank you Simon and Brita. Good information

Christalynn: Thanks! Great presentation! Would love to have another webinar on FSC!

Shingai: thank you that was excellent

Javier: Go get a glass of wine now!

Jose Aurelio: Someone from Mexico?

Mariana: Me! I'm from Mexico

Jose Aurelio: Good, can you give me your email?

ana maria burducea: thank you very interesting topics look forward for next week have nice week-end everyone

Lewis: Simon its got last weeks Cert on the download

Jose Aurelio: maybe we can share information

Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 180 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos


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Posted 04 June 2015 - 08:42 PM

Dipendra asked: Is Food Safety Culture a general practice or an another certification? Having a strong food safety culture as a general practice could support your business in maintaining food safety standard or certification; it is not another certification by itself.  


Alia asked: Is there any structured program to build a food safety culture in the workplace: I am developing something. I'm not aware of any that are publicly available.


Several people asked for the tool(s) to measure food safety culture: Please email me brita[at]fsculture.com to discuss what  is available and how the different tools might fit your needs.The publicly available tools won't work in all situations. This is a new area of research and more tools may become available.


Gayan asked: Can you arrange a separate webinar on measuring food safety culture using those statistical modelling techniques in future please? Any statistical analysis you would do will depend on the purpose of the study, the type of data you collect, and other factors. Developing and validating an appropriate tool needs to happen first. Food safety culture in a new field, so tools are still being developed and tested.            


Cory asked: Are you doing correlation relationships or ANOVA? For the model shown in the webinar, I used structural equation modelling which requires that you specify a model before you start (a priori) and then analyze the data to see how it fits the model. SEM is roughly a form of factor analysis and a form of multi-level regression; it is a confirmatory technique so requires an a priori model. Covariance and correlation matrices gave the relationships between the variables. 


Christa asked: How do I express to my clients that it is truly important to have a FSC and protect our consumer?  Remember that every food company has a food safety culture. The way you would approach senior management about the value of improving the food safety culture will depend on management's perspective and approach to business. An approach that works for one may not work for another. Return on investment, brand protection, and financial risk management are some angles you could consider. 




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