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Allergen Management, Supporting Your Business

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Posted 08 June 2015 - 07:23 PM

Allergen Management, Supporting Your Business

Presented by:

Ruth Bell, Senior Consultant, AF Associates


Taking place:

Friday, June 12, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM GMT).  This is a 10 a.m. EDT Start.
This webinar will discuss how effective risk assessment can prevent unintentional addition of allergenic material to non-allergen containing product. Effective allergen management involves identifying the potential for unintentional addition of allergenic material to non-allergen containing product and through risk assessment, determining the levels of control necessary to ensure product contamination does not occur. New detection methods and levels are becoming available for the identification of allergens, which can be used to confirm product does not contain unintentionally added allergens. 

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    IFSQN...it's My Life

  • IFSQN Admin
  • 12,668 posts
  • 1343 thanks

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 13 June 2015 - 06:07 PM

Unedited chat logs from the webinar:


Cecile Godinho: Hello

Ada: hi

Audrey: Good morning

Zoran: Hello

riccardo: hi all

Isabel: hghjg

Bilal: hello

Joy: Hi everyone

Debbie: Hello

Seth: Good morning!  Coffee's hot!

Mariana: Hello!

Tony: hello

Tina: Hey everyone

Brian: Ha, good morning Seth, yes it is!

Jeremy: Morning, evening or afternoon!

Farhang Mohajer Tabrizi: Hi every body ...

Carlos: greetings from Portugal

Peta-Gaye Clarke: Goodmorning all

Marlon: greetings from North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Noemi: Hello

Raman: Hello everybody

Ruth: Hi everyone

Brian: Top of the morning team & happy food safety Friday

Abraham: hello

Staci: Ha. I'm making my root cause analysis procedure right now.

KRISHNAN: hi everyone.

Michele: Happy Friday!  :)

Stephanie: Good morning from Tennssee!

Unai Baigorri Ibarrola: good afternoon

Luis: Hello from Puebla, Mexico

Bill Rasmussen: Hi all.

Jose Aurelio: Good morning from Mexico

Andres: Hi from Nuremberg :D

Michelle: happy independence day to all filipinos

YOUSSEF: Good mornining from Youssef Egypt

Ada: lovely Manchester!! lucky you!

Manav: Hi All

Irina Lyalina: Hi from Ukraine!

Scott Wright: Scott Wright Canada

David Levy: Shalom everybody from Israel

Marja: There is a lot of echo

Ina: Hello from Sydney (midnight here :)

Adriana: Hello from Brazil!

Javier: Where's my crossaint?

Uyen: Hello from Vietnam

Lewis: Hello from New Bedford, Massachusetts USA

KRISHNAN: the presentation is not clear - is it with my comp or with everyone?

shirin hadavandkhani: me too

Loda: hi everyone! :)

Dhirendra: Hello everyone. Dhiren from Toronto.

Tony: Same for me, blurred, even with my glasses

Marja: I can't understand anything of it. This is useless for me. Please fix that echo!!!

Zoran: I dont see enything

Lisen: no sound

Javier: Looks and sounds well on my end.

YOUSSEF: The slide need adjust the contrast

Isabel: Hi everyone

Luis: Yes, it looks blurry

Tony: Sound is fine and clear

Grace: Helo Grace from Nigeria, the presentation is not clear

Daniele Lessard: No picture no sound. It stataes 'Starting in 60 secs'


Farhang Mohajer Tabrizi: for me is too: "No picture no sound. It states 'Starting in 60 secs'"

KRISHNAN: good afternoon Speaker

Andres: If problem viewing webinar watch on YouTube: 

Javier: Could you repeat that again Andres?

YOUSSEF: Good Afternoon From Youssef

shirin hadavandkhani: unfortunately I don't have picture and sound

Zoran: No picture, no sound, dark

Manav: hi

Simon Timperley  (to Andres): thanks andres

Jesus: hi

Ndome Epamba Clovis: Greetings from Ndome Epamba Clovis

David Sherring: hello everybody...


JeffC: hello

shirin hadavandkhani: :(

Zoran: I dont have you tube in the office.

David: hi from mario and david

Yanuar Hendarto: i am yanuar from SGS Indonesia

Staci: all of the Big 8, except peanuts

Eva: Celery

Seth: We are US company, and we handle the 8 major you listed.

Kirsten: milk, soy

Stephanie: soy (lecithin)

Petra: dairy powder

Kirsten: soy lecithin

Wayne: EU 14

Michele: None, currently

jodi: milk and soy

Zoran: Please, send presentation.

Ildefonso Grados Rodríguez: fresh cellery

Erin: ALL

Audrey: Sulfites, Soy

David Levy: none

Anaelle: soy, milk

Matthew: Wheat

Tina: all

Tony: Nuts

Alan: milk, mustard

Ahleigha: wheat, milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts

Unai Baigorri Ibarrola: egg, cereal containing gluten, milk, soya, celery, mustard and sulphites

Peta-Gaye Clarke: whey powder, soy lecithin

KRISHNAN: cashewnuts

Petra: wheat

Debbie: Dairy, Eggs, Tree Nuts

Lewis: Fish, wheat, milk, eggs, crustaceans, peanuts, tree nuts

Laura: wheat, soy, milk and mustard

Jesus: no one

Ramila : Dairy, peanut and soy

GAIL: gluten, lactose, sulphites

marisa: Nuts

Andrew: gluten, soya, nuts, milk

Michelle: tree nuts

shirin hadavandkhani: we don't have you tube in our country

Seth: mainly soy, peanut, milk, tree nuts and fish

Joy: None actually

Bill Rasmussen: eggs, fish, soy, coconut, wheat, fish, milk

Brian: only what emplyees bring for lunch

riccardo: tree nuts, milk, egg, glutten, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphites, soya,

David: milk, wheat, fish, crustacea, soy, nuts, tree nuts, eggs

mike: nuts, gluten, soy milk, celery, mustard, sesame

Steve: sulphites

Nives Borrelli: milk soy mustard wheat barley celerysulfites

CAROLINE: soy, milk, egg

KRISHNAN: please adjust slide clarity - it is blurred?

Erik: EU14 - minus peanut

Marlon: fish

Dhirendra: Peanuts, Nut, Sulphites, Wheat, Milk, egg, Soy

YOUSSEF: Milk products, egg, nut and crustacian

Theophilus Fon : Nuts, peanuts, gluten, sesame, milk, sulphite, soy

Marlon: fish skipjack and yellowfin

Francis : gluten, egg , milk , mustard , nuts. sulphur dioxide

Irina Lyalina: nuts, milk, egg

Anna: Gluten, soy, dairy, egg, tree nuts, sesame seeds

Staci: Really, any protein can be an allergen.

Grace: the slide blurred

ion] Janneth: In the UK is it necessary to label fish as allergen in fish products as a can of tuna

Abraham: milk

ion] Gobinda: As per EC 1169 for a for a frozen fillet made with 'tuna' fish, is it accepted if label only adress word 'tuna' and not word FISH

Uyen: The presentation is not clear, please help!

Ramila : Coconut and hazelnut

Javier: Shirin.... where do you live?

shirin hadavandkhani: Iran

Cecile Godinho: Looks and sounds well on my end too

Carlos: Glutamate, naturally occurring in tomato

Greg: Hello from San Francisco Bay Area

Lisen: no sound and no page

Audrey: Just since Monday we've had at least 3 recalls in Canada!!  I'd say most of our recall alerts in Canada are due to allergens (mainly undeclared)

Loda: shellfish

Debbie: Hi from Buffalo, NY

Gobinda: do we need to write word FISH on label for Frozen 'tuna' in EU market

ANA MARIA: hello from Quebec city, canada

Lisen: Web was jammed badly.

Yehia: Hi everybody

Suzie: howdy from Texas

Javier: Suzie..... How ya'll doin'?

shirin hadavandkhani: I was interested about this webinar but unfortunately I miss it

Michele: I'm sorry, but I'd expect more about the actual management of allergens rather than all the background information, given that the name of this webinar is "Allergen Management, Supporting Your Business."  Of course, this being a free webinar, I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

Kirsten: Me too Michelle

Simon Timperley: 1/2 way through michele...hold on.

Dhirendra: Perfect sound and slide visibility at my end.

Javier: Maybe allergen management is coming up? :)

ion] Gobinda: do we need to write word FISH on label for frozen 'tuna' for EU market OR if word 'tuna' available on label is accepted

Tony: It was said if an incident was food poisoning then all people would be ill rather than some people. Unless it is gross contamination in  general I think some people get ill such as vulnerable groups, others are resistant and cope much better.

Yehia: The focus needs to adjust


Ron : Laura, I've found that ATP verification after cleaning coupled with trained technicians that test those places that are readily cleaned is the best way when you cant dedicate lines for specific allergens

marisa: focus bad

KRISHNAN: sorry,small fonts in the slides are totally blurred

Suzie: i never leave home without my epipen!

YOUSSEF: Adjust the contrast please

Javier: Bread good.  Fire bad.

Marija: I  can't see small fonts... nothing

ion] Laura alvarez: What best practices can be shared for cleaning equipment in facilities where there are several alleregns?

ion] Kirsten: Any suggestions for dealing with ingredients that come in with a "made on shared equipment" or "may contain" allergen warning?

Jose Aurelio: Laura alvarez, you need to validate your cleaning process, a good idea is to test with an allergen kit in the equipment surfaces

ion] Laura alvarez: In case of restaurants where several allergens are being handled, until what point we can minimize a cross contaminations? Would it make more sense to have a clear segregation fior big allergens and handle allergen free meals in specific areas? Shall be specified in the allergen risk assessment?

Theresa: Kirsten - always ask for their allergen control/management procedure and their validations..

Jose Aurelio: yes, you can use a color code for diferent knives or tables, separate the storage of allergens and preparete in diferent area the allergen free meals

Tracie barracks-white: No

Marlon: NPD?

Staci: new product development

Ana : NPD=new product development she said

enrique r: milk, tree nuts, peanuts,wheat, egg, soy and shellfish

Andrew: Jose / Laura - how many allergen free preparation areas do you have then ? 10 ? 20 ? It is just as bad to contaminate a milk-free meal with milk from a gluten-free meal.

Ron : Laura in the case of restaurants if you have that ability it would help. I think the goal is to minimize risk and employee training with management oversight and awareness is the best you can do. The rest would fall on the consumer

ion] Sandy: What do you use for verification of cleaning and how do you validate this?

Javier: I think I'm allergic to marriage?

Andrew: There are test kits for many allergens that you can use to verify cleaning

Cory: Sandy: allergen elisa kits (lateral flow)

Ron : Sandy - Hygiena has great test kits

Ron : We use Hygiena for Allergens and Preop Verification

Staci: Sandy, I use Romer allergen test kits. I test the equipment immediately after an allergen run to get a positive test. Run sanitation. Swab again for a negative. Do this three separate times for validation, annually. Per allergen. Then you verify by testing product, or performing swabs after runs

ion] Kirsten: It seems like any type of test kit (swab-type) is going to be random - and over a large piece of equipment (with many components), is this really valid/adequate?

Adriana: Neogen has tests for specific allergens for food and environment

Laura alvarez: Thanks Jose,

ion] shirin hadavandkhani: test kids are expensive for using in a manufacture?

Staci: Kirsten, multiple sets of data points is the key here.

Ron : Kirsten I would recommend having your employees take swabs in inconspicuous places that aren't readily cleaned then you would be sure to get the most out of the money spent

Jose Aurelio: Sandy, Neogen has several kit test

Tony: You can also test the first product through the equipment after changeover

Scott Wright: Any further info on allergen detection methods (for validations) ?

Ron : Shirin - Hygiena ATP Handheld monitors are around $1000 + cost of swabs. In contrast to the cost of a recall it is worth it in my opinion

Jesus: Shirin - 2 or 3 USD per test

Andrew: ELISA / PCR good for validation, test kits for verification

Jose Aurelio: Tony, agree and do not release until you have results

Theresa: Send swabs to an accredited lab for testing is also good for validaiton

shirin hadavandkhani: jesus Thank you

ion] Suzie: in the absence of a test kit, will an efficacy report from the chemical manufacturer serve as proof that the the chemical we are using has been proven effective on the particular allergen or pathogen we are cleaning?

ion] Peta-Gaye Clarke: would the rapid test work on all allergens?

Cecile Godinho: do an allergen risk assessment

Debbie: BioTrax is a good lab to use.  biotrax.net

Nicole: Our current allergen management program is on par with the details outlined in this webinar

Staci: No, Suzie. You have to validate that YOUR cleaning procedures are effective.

David: do we get a copy of comments as well?

Ron : Look at process modifications, industry best practices, senior management training, employee training

Luis: Thank you!

Eva: Planning a full risk assessment. Thanks so much for your help!

Brian: Thank you Ruth

Michele: thank you for this presentation

Kirsten: Thanks to the group for your responses to my questions!

Tony: Thanks great presentation

Ana : very good summary - thank you

ion] Cecile Godinho: Any suggestions on good rapid swab tests??

Jesus: thanks everyone

BENEDITO: great presemtation

Debbie: Neogen kits

ANA MARIA: thank you for the presentation

ion] David Levy: What allergen risk are known as resulting out of the packaging materils?

Ron : I agree there are so many coming across in the US each day

ion] Luis: If a company wants to avoid all these controls, labelling will be enough?

Theophilus Fon : Thanks Michele good presentation

Suzie: thank you.  we are a frozen storage warehouse with very little  risk.

Jose Aurelio: Cecile, I have good experience testing soya and milk with Neogen

Staci: Cecile, Romer Labs produces test kits that can be used for equip swabs, CIP water, and product. Neogen test kits are not made for product testing.

Cecile Godinho: Thanks Staci!

ion] Luis: BRC requests to check if food grade lubricants are allergen free. Which allegerns?

Grace: How  do i effectively risk asses ingredients under  new product  development with undeclared label

Kirsten: probably customer complaint, Simon

mara: Thank for this imformation

Theresa: Luis - no you must prove due diligence to avoid cross contaminaiton

alyssa: or they might receive a customer complaint

Theophilus Fon : We use 3M clean trace surface protein (allergen) for verification. This has been validated

Staci: We've been helping with questions, Simon! :)

marva hewitt: i have found this webinar of vast importance, a lot of information and a great refresher.

Theophilus Fon : Are all food allergen protein in nature?

Staci: Yes, Theophilus.

ion] Shawn: There have been several recalls for peanuts in cumin. General consensus is that this was economically motivated adulteration. How can you guard against this? Peanut is not something typically associated with cumin as much as Salmonella, etc.

Luis: Thank you Theresa! A customer told me they plan to include traces of allergens and label them in their products to avoid so much controls...

Korakot: Thank you for today

Laura: what are your comments on dry allergen cleaning? Can it be 100% effective?

ion] Seth: There are so many countries with different allergen declaration requirements.  We' don't export much now, so our labels don't declare any allergens besides the US 8.  Is there anything you can do after a product has been labeled if you want to export to a country with different requirements?

Staci: Laura, yes it can. There are quats that are dry cleaning powders that are effective.

Cecile Godinho: Laura what do you mean by"dry allergen cleaning"?

Andrew: Seth - add an oversticker with the new info

Theresa: Seth - you can possibly print a label to cover your existing label.

Jose Aurelio: Laura, it can be effective but it depends of the design and size

Marta V: Hi all, Setg

Dhirendra: Do one need to declare on the label if gluten-free product is made in a plant and production line which in not dedicate for gluten-free?

Marta V: Seth with the new BRC Issue 7 you´d have to declare the 14 allergens for EU labeling

Staci: Not as long as your sanitation is validated and verified, Dhirendra

Marta V: so I suppose you´d have to create new labels to export your products according to that standard

Joy: Is there critical limits in allergens if there is a test?

ion] Jose Aurelio: Co you have experience with allergen environmental testing?

ion] Luis: Are there reliable and confident threshold levels for allergens?

Staci: Depends on the allergen. For gluten, regulation requires < 20ppm

Suzie: implement allergen testing to validate the effectiveness of our cleaning process

Staci: Romer test kits can test down to < 5ppm

smita: There is stds for gluten free < 20 ppm. Is there limits for other allergens, like soy, wheat etc l?

Tony: Luis, thresholds vary with ethnic origin

Laura: @staci arent quats used as sanitizers, i.e reduce micro?

Kirsten: Dhirendra -- In US, gluten level has to be below 20ppm to be labeled as gluten-free.  So if the cross contact is minimal, it may quality

Ron : Luis I agree with Staci for sulfites its 10ppm

Andrew: you can get packaging issues due to poor segregation when the printer splits composite sheets before they send them  to you - this can be missed on high speed packing lines

Staci: Yes, but the cleaning process (IE: scrubbing, washing) physically removes the allergens

Luis: Thank you Tony, there are already some studies. But more research is needed...

Laura: @cecile dry cleaning would be conducted in the absence of water.

Luis: Thank you Ron and Staci!!!

Cecile Godinho: thanks Laura - using what types of detergents?

Luis: Thank you Ruth!!!

smita: Does Wheatgrass come under wheat allergen?

Luis: Allergen Bureau has some studies!

ion] Dhirendra: Do one need to declare on the label if gluten-free product is made in a plant and production line which in not dedicate for gluten-free?

Peta-Gaye Clarke: Thanks for this

Myrto: Thanks

Marta V: tks

Cecile Godinho: Thanks Ruth!

David Levy: Thanks Ruth and Simon!!

Peta-Gaye Clarke: very good presentation

Audrey: Thanks!

Theophilus Fon : Thanks Ruth good job

marva hewitt:  yes well done have totally enjoyed this.

Carlos: Thank You all for the very informative webinar

smita: Thanks Ruth and Simon

Yehia: thanks

Luis: Very good Ruth! Thank you Simon!

Laura: @cecile there would be no detergents. just completely dry cleaning saying using compressed air and dry wiping down equipment.. i'm just wondering if its effective

Ina: Thank you both

jodi: thanks

CAROLINE: thanks

Dhirendra: Thanks

marva hewitt: does she have any reference for the allergen levels please

David Sherring: thank you for an interesting webinar

marisa: thanks

maureen: @lLaura - I am wondering about dry cleaning as well

Grace: Thanks

Jose Aurelio: Thank you


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Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 180 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos

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