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Effective Complaint Management

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Posted 03 July 2015 - 06:55 PM

Effective Complaint Management

Presented by:

Tony Connor, Chief Technical Advisor, The IFSQN


Taking place:

Friday, July 10, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time).  This is a 10 a.m. Eastern Start.
In this webinar we will discuss why complaint management is important in achieving certification to a GFSI benchmarked scheme and how to manage and improve your complaint levels. Complaint levels are a key performance indicator and a reflection of the effectiveness of a food safety and quality management system. We will discuss how to capture, log, analyse your complaint data in order to identify areas for improvement as well as what you can do in your factory to reduce complaint levels. 



Unedited chat logs from today's webinar:


Rickey: Hello everybody

Shellie: good morning

YOUSSEF: Hellow Simon and all kind staff, YOussef

Wayne: Good morning

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: Good morning from Quebec, Canada

Jia Wei: Good morning everyone

Brian: Good morning From St. Louis

Chris: Good morning everybody, Chris from NY.

Sue: Good Morning, this is Sue, I'm in Idaho. Thanks for the opportunity!

andrea : Good morning from Liverpool, NY

Amrika Bandoo: good morning all

YOUSSEF: Hello everyone

ali murshed: ali murshed


Batten: Afternoon from South Africa

Carlos: Greetings from Portugal

david: good afternoon

duygu: Good afternoon everybody from Turkey

joe: hi all from sunny Kent

Pablo: Hello everybody from Asturias - Spain

Audrey: Good morning from Montreal, Canada

Racha: Good afternoon from Lebanon

David Levy: Shalom evrybody from Israel

Pablo: Hi, from Venezuela

Isabel: Hello from Portugal

maria lynn yee francisco: hi everyone, maria lynn  yee francisco here

Myrto: Hello from Montreal

Constantine: Hi from Russia

Luciana: Hi from Brazil

ray: Hi Mr. Simon.. It is good to see you again.. You still great

Annie: Good morning from Montreal!!

Sean: hello from yuba city, ca

Joe: Charlotte NC USA Checking In Good Morning

Muhammad Zahir Ghori: Hi. This is M.Z. GHori from Karachi, Pakistan.

bIANKA: Good morning from Vermont

Mario: Hi everyonethis is  Mario from Monterrey Mexico

Olga: Good aftrnoon from Latvia

tania: hi from Mexico

Keily: hello from Oregon

victor: hello, nice topic today

Vahini Manivannan: hi Vahini from the US

Amit Pandey : namaste from India

alyssa: Good morning from New Mexico

Fanuel    Muga: Good afternoon GMP Services Ltd Nairobi

Rashmi: hello Every one Rashmi from India

feyisara: hello, feyi from Nigeria checking in

IRENE: Hello from Greece!

ray: good day everyone..

Raymond Llanes Diaz: Good eve and good day from the Philippines

Phuc: Hello everyone

ankit: Hi from India

victor: hello everyone

Susil: Susil H All

Adebola: hello from Maryland, U.S.A

Andy: Are you guys able to view the webinar? We can't see anything!

Rashmi: Yes we are able to listen and see the presentation

Racha: yea, we can see the ppt

ion] ray: Should complaint be everybody's concern?.. In my company, they all throw complaint issues to the QC Dept..

Andy: Thanks. We must be having tech issues.

Uyen: Hi everyone from Vietnam

ankit: use google chrome, you can hear it clear and see

ion] greg: Does every customer complaint necessitate a corrective action?

Rashmi: Correct  Ray, its commom atttitude of the management

ali murshed: from UAE

Tabatha: Ray complaints should be everyone's concern. My company does an excellent job of sharing responsibilities for complaints and trends

joven: Hi from Indonesia!

LIZZIE: Hi everyone from Manhattan

Tara: Hi everyone! From Chicago, IL

Brian: Quality

Aliyu: hi, from Abuja Nigeria

Audrey: Quality

andrea : quality

Tara: Quality

Anthony: Quality

abel: Packaging faults

Cathrine Tavernier: Quality

Stacy: Packaging faults

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: Foreing matter

Anita: spoilage

Sean: packaging faults

alyssa: packaging, seals

duygu: quality

Sandy: Quality

Jill: Quality

ankit: Foreign matter in food

Heida : quality

Eva : Quality

Fanuel    Muga: sound clear but writtings are blurred,any corrective action for the anomally,Fanuel Muga  GMP SERVICES Ltd Nairobi,kenya

Tricia Bartlett: Quality

Denny: quality

Michelle Ledoux: packaging

Stephanie: quality

Kathy: Packaging faults

Judy Chong: spoilage

Nicole: packaging faults

Keong: Packaging

GAIL: packaging faults/spoilage

Myrto: quality-spoilage

Shellie: packaging faults

James: Foreign matter

Constantine: quality

Matt: spoilage

Mario: Foreingn matter

Misty: Foreign matter

Batten: foreign matter

Carlos: Quality

Aliyu: spected food poisoning, foreign matter and spoilage

Christine: spoilage

Bria: tamale manufacturer: foreign matter in food (corn shuck hairs)

Kate: Packaging Faults

Camille: Spoilage

Carlos: Packaging faults

VAHINI: packaging/ spoilage

Rashmi: foreign matter

catherine: quality

Amrika Bandoo: other - Im in the glass maufacturing industry - or major complaint is Breakage.

Chris: Foreign matter

ankit: Foreign body

LIZZIE: other

Chris: Quality

Bonnie Gerow: FO

Claudia : Quality

Kevin: Quality

Eva : Packaging also

Paul: Spoilage and quality

Bruce: Tastes wrong - quality

Jia Wei: Packaging


Phuc: Quality

Christine: Quality

Sue: quality

Rose Martin: allergens

Anthony: People like to complain about quality.

Raymond Llanes Diaz: Quality

Mark N: Sensory

Marianna: Packaging

Adelaide: foreign matter in food

maria lynn yee francisco: sir, whats is most frequent complaint encountered and how you dealt with it.

Pablo: quality


Yehia: Quality

Trevor: quality

Fanuel    Muga: Allergens not listed in ingredients

feyisara: misleading or imcomplete labeling

David Levy: Can not read the AFC forms

Anthony: Pot pipe in chips

Brian: blown bags on Swiss Cheese

Fanuel    Muga: werw metal detectors installed and calibrated,GMP  LABS NAIROBI KENYA

Tricia Bartlett: pebbles in the product

Bria: broken tooth, teeth

Sumeet: tooth fillings

Racha: glass in pizza

Bonnie Gerow: Examples are really difficult to read, are they provided elsewhere?

Denny: gloves in a can of mushrooms

abel: drugs in packaging

Misty: Christmas ornament found in product intact

ankit: black specs in powder

Cory: condom in box of pasta

alyssa: heart medication in product, same medication the caller takes

Joe: our coffee tastes like cat urine

Judy Chong: live frog

Rashmi: mouse in the product

andrea : that we mixed two different items that we produced 2 months apart from each other. Impossible

Mario: Quality

duygu: a bullet


Jill: not as many pepperonis as on the package picture

GAIL: the cat didnt like the product

Audrey: Chemical composition

Tara: Metal pole in pallet

debbie: Complaint about stale cookies purchased 2 days before the BBD and tasted a couple of days after the BBD.

Batten: 30 cm scoop in product

Mary: Fly in the olive bucket

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: Injection needle not belonging to our equipments

sheetalp: mouse in product

Staci Mocerino: That a sugar packet contained methamphetamine, not sugar.

Teresa: Taste wrong or bad

VAHINI: phy/chem- out of spec

Sue: dentures, a frog

Constantine: a bullet? are you serious?

LIZZIE: allergic reaction but we dont have any common  allergen in our product

Camille: mold in the product

ali murshed: presence of hair in the food

Ahmed: Ant in oil

Mark N: fermentation

Paul: the product  taste bitter

Tammy: animal feces.  Was acturaly foreighn dough!

Phuc: adverse effect

Carlos: colour complaints, the customer  was using an all different method and equipment.

Rashmi: color fade of the labels from red to off white

Fanuel    Muga: Iron fillings in the food

ali murshed: hair

Anthony: earworms in tamales

Pablo: Found Salmonella in Mazapán (Cake made exclusively with sugar ang almonds)

Olga: Foreign matter in product due to unsufficient visual control by operators

Anthony: earwig in tamales

duygu: unfortunately yes constantine, a food defense  matter actually

Chin: .spoilage

James: live ants packaed with buns

Aliyu: what is happenin? I dont have audio and the  picture freezes

Susil: cigarett but

maria lynn yee francisco: what are standards procedure a foodchain should provide to the customers encountered  a food w lid of a mayonnaise.

Trevor: "white bugs" ... and they happen to throw the container away with no information

Theophilus Fon : a gloves in canned peaches

david: lost the vidio

Lisa: plastic pail in tote

Eva : bugs in packaging

Anthony: FDA has rules on allowable insect matter though

Rashmi: is the webinar continuing

abel: unable to tell

James: unable to tell

Judy Chong: unable to tell

Bonnie Gerow: Unable to tell

Carlos: unable to tell

Susil: Unable to tell

David Levy: unable to tell - we miss the production/sell info

Daryl: unable to tell

Chin: Foreign matrrial

Gaganpreet: hi

greg: The severity of the compaint is much more important

waiman: The slides are blurred

ion] Mark N: where does the number million units come from?

Constantine: What do you mean 'where from'?

ray: "number of million units" came form production data..

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: @Mark N - number of unit comes from accounting telling you your production level

Mark N: but why is 1 million used. Is that a standard?

Filiz: Hello from Turkey

Lydia: bullet

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: probably not depends on your volume

Constantine: Yes, smth like that - it's easier to calculate when 1 million is used

Amrika Bandoo: no its not it is up to you the manufacture to determine that

Kelly Roach: Mark N - no, it isn't standard. Use what is useful for you. We use number of shipments.

Brenda: What is the actual webinar. Is it just us writing to each other?

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: smaller business might be using 100 000 units instead

ray: that is simply the number of complaints over the number of units produced.. million is just an example..

waiman: I can not seen any of the numbers on the slides

Brenda: Am I supposed to see a screen of information or is this just a chat?!!

Brian: there is a ppt Brenda

Judy Chong: no

Brian: You should see slides on the screen

Mark N: Thanks for clarification on that!

Daryl: < 10

Fanuel    Muga: No complaints is acceptable,GMP  SERVICES LABS NAIROBI KENYA

Paul: Brenda use chrome to open the presentation

Kelly: Depends on the culture as well.  Some countries just don't complain and others complaint about every little thing.

Geoffrey: No  complaints is acceptable

ray: True Kelly.. Here in Saudi, they complain almost anything..

Staci Mocerino: I'm so glad I don't deal with refrigeration. :)

Shellie: me, too, Staci

James: whats a black bag audit?

tania: what is black bag audit?

Simon Timperley: you will find out soon about blag bag audit

tania: ok

waiman: Simon, the slides are blurred - is it only me that has this problem?

Simon Timperley  (to tania): yes

Simon Timperley  (to waiman): yes

ray: its blurry here also

Geoffrey: Simon..can I have copies of the GMP audit templates

Fanuel    Muga: Good manufacturing practices is mandatory to lessen complaints

Anthony: I also think you should post the templates from this presentation... please

ray: looking forward to it Mr. Simon

Audrey: On the floor

Misty: Should be hung up not on floor

Sue: hang up tools

VAHINI: on the production floor

ankit: brush are rest on floor

Kelly: Improper storage. should be off the floor

Trevor: should be properly held, up off the floor, perferable on a bracket

Staci Mocerino: product bucket contacting floor

Tara: cleaning supplies should be off the floor

GAIL: brushes on the floor

Racha: not in the right place, should be hanged on wall

ankit: it should be hanging on wall

Kevin: should be hung not on the floor

Carlos: no floor contact

Shellie: booms need to be cleaned and hung up off the floor

maria lynn yee francisco: no proper container

Judy Chong: store off floor

Michelle Ledoux: need to be hung, get off floor

greg: Should be stored in a designated tool area

Joe: Ned to be hanging  Brushes on the floor

Afton: sitting on floor and not identified

Teresa: on off the floor

IRENE: cleaning equipment in the floor

Myrto: brooms on the floor next to food container

James: product on floor damage to wall

Rashmi: should not be on the floor

Ahmed: not control must kept in close cabient

Eva : Open bucket water - not hanging - brooms touching floor

LIZZIE: color coded for allergen and non allergen cleaning

Tricia Bartlett: No colour coding to identify product contact surface apllication vs. non-food grade

Olivier PERRIER-MAUREL: brush keep materials in them. Squeegee are probably best

Michelle Ledoux: bucket not labeled

waiman: Different brushes for different tasks?

Chris: not hung up off the floor

Constantine: green brooms with white bucket are too close

Sally Rachmatika: should off thr floor and hanging on wall

debbie: Cleaning tools stored on floor not hanging. Bucket on floor not on pallet or shelf, and white for food near cleaning tools. Should be a non-food bucket near cleaning tools..

Amrika Bandoo: cleaning tools are on the floor not in a designated labeled area

Daryl: brushes not hung, identified, hole in wall, pail not identifed

Fanuel    Muga: hygiene system failure

ray: cleaning tools not stored properly

Basavaraj: Cleaning tools placed on floor

Tricia Bartlett: Bristles source of forreign matter

tania: recipient is for food

maria lynn yee francisco: sir, may i ask a copy of the slides too. thanks

Chris: Food grade bucket sitting on the floor next to floor brushes. The brushes should be hung on the wall and the bucket should not be near the brushes or on the floor for that matter.

sheetalp: Supposed not to touch the floor, squeeze hang heads up Brush supposed to throun out

VAHINI: yes, the buckets are close to the cleaning container

Theophilus Fon : cleaning equipment on the floor.

Cathrine Tavernier: frayed brissels on the one broom

sheetalp: Forein material brush

alyssa: should be hung up, bucket on floor

Angong: should be stored in a separate storage area.d storage; should be

Susil: Kept on the floor

Christine: Are they all for floor?

ngozi: no complaint is allowed. there should be  checks within the factory notto allow non comforming product out for sale Ngozi

tania: brush is degraded

Phuc: The slides are not clear

paul: hi i'm Paul from Cameroon

Paul: Brooms and squeeges should be off the ground and in s sanitizing dispenser. Product container should not be on the floor

Amrika Bandoo: the broom bristles are severely worn

Brenda: testing in chrome

Jia Wei: Testing

Brenda: just seeing black screen

Simon Timperley: try hard refreshing your browser

ngozi: there should be a designadeted, marked places to keep cleaning matrials.

abel: not sure

Anthony: Thank you Tony!

Rashmi: Very Nice PPT

andrea : Thank you

Constantine: Thanks Tony!

James: Great information Tony Thanks

Helen: very interesting and informative

Geoffrey: Brilliant

ion] Carlos: Which stat tool can be used to identify significantly different results/complaint levels?

Geoffrey: Very nice

Chris: very good

james: Thanks!

ion] Kelly: The Black bag ?

greg: Thanks Tony & Simon

Kevin: Thank you

Amrika Bandoo: thanks

Jia Wei: Very nice ppt..thx!!

Constantine: Tell us about black bag audit?

Tricia Bartlett: Very thorough and immediately applicable points

Tricia Bartlett: Thank you

Amrika Bandoo: good webinar

Adebola: Thank you

ion] Tammy: What is a black bag audit?

ion] David Levy: So what is the black bag tool?

alyssa: Thank YOU Tony!  This was great!

Denny: JMP

Amrika Bandoo: what is the black bag audit

Rashmi: can we get the formats for the complaints management

Eva : Thank you for the presentation -- good information

IRENE: thank you!

ion] Shellie: What is a black bag audit?

ion] VAHINI: If a particular customer gets more damaged goods/product with respect to microbial/ mold , how should it be treated?

Rashmi: GMP audit Formats

alyssa: black bag audit?

Sue: this website can caluclate DPMOhttp://www.isixsigma...gma-calculator/

ion] Carlos: In markets where complaining is not a common practice, do you think companies should be more proactive and contact the consumer directly? Which methods could you recommend in these cases?

ion] james: What should be the timeline for between receiving and closing a complaint?

Helen: Thank you. Ton y.......

ion] Carlos: Auditing the product in the market?

ion] Bonnie Gerow: In the food industry, what is a common timeline for complaint resolution?

ngozi: consumer should be able to complain to the regulation

ion] Carlos: When a complaint can not be fully explained i.e. no reason is found in the producer' side and it requires a visit to the client where you find the problem is on their side, how do you consider such a complaint: a no-complaint?

David Levy: Thanks Tony and Simon

ion] Paul: How would you deal with consumers complaining just to get a rebate or free products ?

David Levy: Carlos, Iwould consuder it as unjustify complain

ion] Tricia Bartlett: Is it practical to seek to apply corrective action to individual low risk complaints as opposed to trends.

Kelly: We also categorize complaints as factory related or  not factory controlled.

ray: is an initial; investigation necessary to determine if the complaint is authentic?

Carlos: @David and as such, statistically irrelevant, of course.

Carlos: Thank you.

Basavaraj: How do we prevents complaints converting in to regulatory action

Tricia Bartlett: Exactly Simon

paul: a cap in a beer bottle

ion] Myrto: How should we manage complaints related to the taste of the product? like personal choice: product too sweet, too much calories?

maria lynn yee francisco: sir isnt it food safety is also equivalent to quality?

David Levy: Carlos, you should take it as an opprtunity to improve communication with your customer and benefit more trust from his side

ion] ray: Is an initial investigation necessary to determine if the complaint is authentic?

Susil: Thank you for the presentation & Q&A

Carlos: @Davy Levy, specially if you manage to teach them how to correctly analyse / measure the disputed parameter / value :-)

waiman: Thanks for today's talk

Myrto: Thanks

Shellie: thank you - very informative.  Have a great day

maria lynn yee francisco: thanks a lot simon

Constantine: ))))

Basavaraj: Sure there are no complaints - it is excellent

tania: thanks both

Carlos: Thx!

Mark N: here here!

sheetalp: Thanks

Chris: thank you .this was my first time very goog

joe vella: very informative. Thanks

Pablo: Very interesting, thank you very much

Paul: Thank you Tony

Rashmi: Thanks Both

Basavaraj: Thanks

maria lynn yee francisco: thank you for a very informative presentation tony

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Posted 17 July 2015 - 05:34 AM

Glad to the presentation went down well. I'm open to suggestions on what topic members would like my next webinar to cover.


Kind regards,




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Posted 18 July 2015 - 07:00 PM

I may be biased, but it was very good and I enjoyed hosting it with you.  :smile:


Very practical and just what the members love!




Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 180 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos

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