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Regulation of Health Claims on Food in Aust/NZ

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Posted 14 August 2015 - 05:47 PM

Regulation of Health Claims on Food in Australia and New Zealand 


Presented by:


Janine Curl, Food Labelling Regulatory Compliance Consultant, Food Labelling Matters


Do you export food to Australia or New Zealand? The new Australian and New Zealand standard for the sale of food with nutrition and health claims is enforceable from 18 January 2016. It is the first Standard of its kind in the world that permits the self substantiation of general level health claims used on a food label. This webinar will provide a summary of the food labelling requirements for nutrition claims, general level health claims, and high level health claims.


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>


​Upcoming Live Webinars >>


Unedited chat logs from today's webinar:


Mohamed Elsawy: Hi, all

Richmond Victor: Hello!

Amrika Bandoo: Hi

Ahmed Waqar: HI all

Richmond Victor: I'm excited!

Ina: Hi all

TAGZIRIA: Good afternoon all

Kimberly: Hi All. I am so looking forward to this webinar

Richmond Victor: It's evening here in Asia

Kimberly: I somehow cant get my certificates whenever i participate though

Richmond Victor: what's up!

Renata: Hello all

Kimberly: why is that ?

Tam: Hi

Yehia: Hi

Richmond Victor: where can we get the cert? :)

Ula: Gretings massive

Jonas: Hello!

Emeka: Hi, greetings from Nigeria

jane: hi all

Richmond Victor: webinar will start! :)

maria lynn yee francisco: i everyone maria lynn yee francisco here, philippines.

Ahmed Waqar: Hi, greetings from Pakistan

Richmond Victor: Hi Maria Lynn! From Phil here

maria lynn yee francisco: im having hard time to hear

Richmond Victor: put the volume on

Wayne: Welcome back

Jesus: hi all

maria lynn yee francisco: Theres no audio and video

Richmond Victor: Hello Janine

Tam: Hi, greetings from Vietnam. 9pm

Javier: Bon Jour!

Richmond Victor: Happy midnight Janine! Thank you

maria lynn yee francisco: hi sir

Mohamed Elsawy: Hi janine

Ronald Wiseman: Hello Simon and Janine .

YOUSSEF: H evrybody from Egypt

Richmond Victor: Try to use updated browser Maria Lynn

Ahmed Waqar: Presentation started??

Richmond Victor: yes Ahmed

Richmond Victor: lready started

Richmond Victor: *already

Richmond Victor: Hello Janine

Richmond Victor: It's evening here now at Asia

Kimberly: Whaa gwaaan? ( am from Jamaica

Ahmed Waqar: But it is showing that the presentation will start in 60 seconds

Oluyemi: Hello, from Lagos Nigeria

Richmond Victor: the presentation already started.

Emeka: Hi Oluyemi

Ahmed Waqar: No presentation & voice

Richmond Victor: Hello Kimberly

mokhtar: Hello everyone

Richmond Victor: Go for poll, pls answrr

Richmond Victor: it applies to me.

Wayne: Applies to me

Katja: appliies to me

Angong: Not applicable

Monica : Hi all from Montreal

Ahmed Waqar: No audio and video, Please suggest why audio and video is not connecting??

Richmond Victor: Yes!! it's important regarding the health issues around

Kimberly: Its does not apply to me yet. maybe

YOUSSEF: Ùيتعس٠Ùاث بخؤعس حمثشسث

Errol: for those having no audio / video try using chrome

Kimberly: No it doesnt

Simon Timperley  (to Errol): thanks

YOUSSEF: Adjust the focus please

Filiz: hi from Turkey,

mokhtar: hello from Algeria

Gayan: Is this regulation apply only to human food? Will it impact pet food too?

YOUSSEF: Again, would you can Adjust the focus please

Simon Timperley  (to YOUSSEF): it is your internet connection youssef

Javier: Youseff....again.... you have to adjust.  Go to settings.  The focus is fine.

Muhammad Zahir Ghori: Hello. This is M.Z. Ghori from Karachi - Pakistan

maria lynn yee francisco: my chat has been disabled, too bad.

maria lynn yee francisco: i cant view the chat

Simon Timperley  (to maria lynn yee francisco): we can see your chat

maria lynn yee francisco: thank you sir

mokhtar: I can t view chat

victor: hi

victor: congestion

Simon Timperley: can anybody view chat?

maria lynn yee francisco: yes sir

John: Yes

Ina: Yes I can view chat

Errol: yes

Elsa: Yes

Lilibeth: yes

mokhtar: yes I can view chat now

mokhtar: thanks

Simon Timperley: Good.  It must be users browser.  should be using chrome with a clean cache and no blocking or interfering programs running on computer.  Bear in mind.

Grace: yes

Esther: In general terms, could you make a comparative picture between the UE legislation and what we have just listened to and seen in this presentation? Are there significant differences, for instance, more restrictive requirements or just new claims are about to come out after January 2016 ?

Wiriya : Yes

Esther: As you said, most of the health claims are related to vit and minerals. I wonder if you can tell us or put forward something about stevia and aloe vera in reference to health claims?

Ina: I was planning to find and download the standard anyway

Wiriya : Yes

TAGZIRIA: so did I

Esther: Sorry, UE= European legislation

Mohamed Elsawy: what's the add value if applied on MDM?

Carlinda Roberts: Can I use internet information on things like nuts and making low cholesterol claims (NZ)

Carlinda Roberts: or do I have to have lab tests on the actual product

Aliyu: Simon,  I noticed that for the past ccouple of weeks the seminar kicks off 1 hour earlier  rather than 3.00pm +1 GMT. Why is this so

Mohamed Elsawy: mechanial deboned meat

Mohamed Elsawy: mechanial deboned meat

Mohamed Elsawy: ok thank

Torjo: No questions, it was very clear

Carlinda Roberts: yes but the claim in 1.2.7 schedule 4 has low chlesterol at less than 10 mg per 100g -

derrion: Thanks very informative

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Posted 14 August 2015 - 11:00 PM


Many thanks for the webinar! It was very useful thanks.


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Posted 15 August 2015 - 08:03 AM

Thanks for the info

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