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Safe Food vs. Healthy Food

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Posted 28 August 2015 - 07:30 PM

Safe Food vs. Healthy Food


Presented by:


Vladimir Surčinski, Project Manager, Quality Austria Center


Taking place:


Friday, September 04, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time).  This is a 10 a.m. Eastern Start.


This webinar will discuss how successful food producers of the future will need to provide both healthy and safe products. When we talk about food safety, we always speak about safe product that will not cause a bad reaction of the organism after its consumption. This further means that the product is safe, but does not necessarily mean that the product is a healthy. An increasing number of people realize the importance of healthy eating and turned to the same. This trend will not leave food producers, which in the future will have to provide, in addition to safe also a healthy products for the market. 


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>


​Upcoming Live Webinars >>



Unedited chat logs from the webinar:


 Gaganpreet: hi
 Lupita: hello from France!
 Mohit Gera: Hello
 Zoran: hello
 Liudmila: Hi everybody!
 Ana: Hello from Brazil!
 Mohit Gera: From Chicago, IL
 oluyemi Arosoye: Hello from Lagos
 Wayne: Wayne
 anna gnuechtel: Good morning from Texas
 alyssa: Good morning from sunny New Mexico
 David: good morning from YUL
 Fadzillah Haryati : hello Malaysia
 Basavaraj: Hello From India 
 Francisco Cardenas : Good day from mexico 
 omar: Hi from Morocco
 Aliyu: hello from Abuja Nigeria
 Brian: Good Morning from St. Louis, Missouri!
 Miroslav: Hi :)
 Raman: Hi, Raman from Toronto
 Firdaus : Good night from Malaysia
 Parmod Siwach: Hi Parmod Siwach from India
 Yehia: Hi everybody
 Constantine: Hi from Russia!
 Brian: Looking very forward to it next week!
 maria lynn yee francisco: hi everyone maria lynn yee francisco here, philippines.
 KRISHNAN R: Hi everyone. Good evening from Goa, India
 Haitham: Hi All
 Javier: Hello!  Bond here.... James Bond.
 Andrea Taiani: Hello
 Giovanni: Hello everyone. Good morning from Bogota, Colombia
 Jessica Butler: hello
 David Levy: Shalom everybody from Israel!
 Jessica Butler: good morning from raleigh, nc
 Azita: Hi everyone. have a good time.
 Simon Timperley: Please share to your linkedin, facebook, twitter and google+ colleagues: http://www.ifsqn.com...afety_live_2015
 Lupita: Hello joker Javier ;)
 Simon Timperley: I'm going to give Javier a spot on here one week.
 Milynda: hello everyone from jamaica
 Azita: sure Simon. Thanks 
 Luis Velásquez Casas: desde perú
 Aliyu: slide has become fuzzy. pls check
 Michelle : Hello every one. 
 Michelle : Yes slides are blurred 
 Fadzillah Haryati : slide not clear
 sumit: Hi Sumit Saxena from Saudi Arabia
 Simon Timperley: are slides blurred for all?  Clear for me.
 sumit: Didnt even start for me!
 Paulo: yes,
 Lupita: clear for me too
 Brenda Marshall: Clear for me
 Aliyu: from my side, all slides are blurred
 David: clear
 Jessica Butler: good morning
 David Levy: blured for me
 Francisco Cardenas : blurred
 anna gnuechtel: clear
 Azita: No it's fine for me.
 Simon Timperley: If clear for some and not for others then it is your connection
 Adelaide: can't see ant slide
 Ronald Wiseman: good morning everyone
 Simon Timperley: you could try youtube live stream.  type ifsqn youtube into google
 nicholous: Hi everyone Nicholous from Kingston, Jamaica
 Simon Timperley: Hello everyone "Happy Friday!"
 Brian: To you as well Simon!
 Azita: Happy Friday to you too. and Happy Holidays for American audience .
 Simon Timperley: what is this weekend holiday in America?
 KRISHNAN R: Thank you Mr. Simon. Wish you too a Haapy Friday and a Good Weekend
 Paulo: labor day weekend
 Simon Timperley: labor day and you do not work?
 Brenda Marshall: Now having Audio problems
 Herbert: Hello from Indianapolis
 Paulo: i do.. we woork 24/7. Produce company.
 Azita: labor day!
 Carlos: The problem I see that hamburgers could fall into the category of Healthy foods. Reason why I believe we should be talking about healthy nutritional habits instead of healthy food.
 Mohit Gera: hello Herbert i am springfield, IL
 Mohit Gera: where you work in indianapolis??
 pradeep: Hello everyone
 Mohit Gera: HERBERT
 Herbert: Hi Mohit, in between jobs right now
 omar: slide not readable
 Mohit Gera: ok
 Wilma: Is the webinar going to happen?
 Jessica Butler: no
 Mohamed Elsawy: hi all
 Jessica Butler: oops sorry thought i was answering poll
 Simon Timperley: wila hard refresh your browser, or clear your temp internet cache and restart webinar
 Simon Timperley: sorry wilma
 Simon Timperley: no worries jessica
 Constantine: McDonalds and healthy foods... science fiction
 Simon Timperley  (to Wilma): did it work wilma
 Raman: yes
 Raman: poll response tab not showing up
 Simon Timperley: poll is closed now raman
 Rashmi: I believe that any company before launcjing the food product should do the research on the effect of that product on the health and then only should release in the market. The parctice is not good , first to destroy the health of the consumers and then take actions to make the food safe. 
 Constantine: That may require lots of resources, Rashmi. Small and less developed businessess may not afford that way.
 Gaganpreet: yes
 Raman: OK Thanks Simon 
 Lupita: i think what drives the market is sales 
 Parmod Siwach: Do not you feel when all safe foods are healthy,demand for healthcare food is not a bsic requirement rather specific requirment
 KRISHNAN R: A sound knowledge of Food Science in case of a small business enterprise wud definitely help in giving health and safe food products to the consumers. 
 KRISHNAN R: I have seen some of the small business enterprise producing Yoghurts and curds without  proper knowledge of Food Microbiologyu- definitely not a good practice
 KRISHNAN R: Most of the multinationals spend definitely a lot of money to give safe and healthy food
 Parmod Siwach: Hi Mr. Krishnan, have we met. Did u attended any SP's program in Taiwan
 maria lynn yee francisco: wow, it was very educational 
 Constantine: Don't you think that avoiding artifical additives and preservatives will make the price of the product not competitive? Will consumers agree to pay for this product?
 KRISHNAN R: Hi Pramod. Sorry I did not attend . However, nice meeting u here!
 Ed: Healthy isn't that easy to define.  Is the Kit Kat bar shown unhealthy just because it has a high fat content?  Perhaps if the bar was all that was eaten,, but not necessarily as part of a whole diet.  Much of the movement is based on consumer perceptions and not science.  
 Lucy: Thank you Vladimir.  I was late in joining the webinar but I have gained a lot information that I can use in my consultancy business. 
 Aliyu: What is the role of governnments and FDAs in ensuring that all food producers MUSt produce healthier/healthy foods?
 Giovanni: Are people putting aside the consumption of animal protein, especially beef, by negative concepts related to health?
 alyssa: Regarding GMO foods, can you speak on the likelihood that manufactures will have to label products as GMO?  
 KRISHNAN R: Dont you thimk the Government should make a policy for a Safe  and Healthy food?
 Olamide: Hello everyone. Can't access the video..its buffering.. Olamide frm Nigeria
 Ed: Constantine asks a good question.  I'd expand by asking  where the science is that shows artificial flavors are less healthy than natural.  
 Constantine: Thanks Vladimir!
 Snezana: Thank you Vladimir!
 Jelena: Thank you, Vladimir!
 Jelena: I think  we got answers to all our questions :) 
 Ray: very informative and helpful.. THANK YOU!
 Brian: good job and great information
 christian: where can i download the ppt?
 Herbert: Thanks, Vladimir
 Aliyu: would you consider unhealthy but safe food as IN FACT unsafe consideing the health implication of consuming them?
 Jelena: I am thirsty now!!!
 anna gnuechtel: Danke schoen, Vladimir
 Dhiren: Hello everyone.
 KRISHNAN R: Thank you for a good seminar
 Firdaus : thank you Vladimir..great information..
 Liudmila: Thank  you so much for your presentation!!
 maria lynn yee francisco: thank you so much 
 Carlos: Thank You!!!
 David Levy: Thanks Vladimir & Simon
 Giovanni: Thanks Vladimir for the information. Good day.
 Steve: good talk, many thanks
 maria lynn yee francisco: To simon, thanks very much
 Aliyu: Thank you Simon and Vladimir
 Rashmi: Thanks Simon
 alyssa: Thank you.  Have a great weekend
 Rashmi: see you on 9th 
 Susana: Many Thanks!

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Posted 21 May 2019 - 06:24 AM

I prefer both. Healthy food is important and safe the food is also important. When we safe the food then we eat the healthy food.

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