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TACCP Principles in Managing Food Safety

Live Webinar

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Posted 25 September 2015 - 07:34 PM

TACCP Principles in Managing Food Safety


Presented by:


Ruth Bell, Senior Consultant, AF Associates


Taking place:


Friday, October 02, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time).  This is a 10 a.m. Eastern Start.


In this webinar we will learn about the Threat Analysis and Critical Control Point (TACCP) system. Threat Analysis and Critical Control Point (TACCP) is a management system closely aligned to HACCP to simultaneously manage both unintentional (HACCP) and intentional contamination and economically motivated adulteration (TACCP). Successful TACCP implementation involves thinking like a potential attacker and examines vulnerability, likelihood, opportunities and an appreciation that intentional contamination requires human intervention. TACCP is about managing people as HACCP is about managing food safety hazards in the food chain. 


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>

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    IFSQN...it's My Life

  • IFSQN Admin
  • 12,504 posts
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  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 02 October 2015 - 05:30 PM

Unedited chat logs from today's webinar.


Simon Timperley: Welcome Everybody!

Brian: Good Morning from St. Louis

Goldi Chauhan: Hello everybody... Greetings from Abu Dhabi UAE

Janice Mabey: hi- from Wheatley

Shona: Good afternoon from Ireland

Quincy: good morning from toronto

laa-peng: Good Morning from New Zealand

Gauri: hello from dubai

Paula  : Hi from Spain

Allan Stirling: Morning from Toronto

TMcMullin: Good evening  - just turning midnight   - from Trish (Australia)

Norman Tarbell: Good morning all

Batten: Hello from Cape Town

Athanasios: Hello from Greece

Elaine: Good afternoon from England

pruthwiraj: hi ge...

Geraldine: Good Afternoon.

Kirsteen Kyle: Good Afternoon from Glasgow

Evangelos: Hello from Greece

Ajay Shakya: Good Afternoon from UK

Tadeo: Hi every one

Ahmed: hi how are you all

Timmy: Good evening from the Philippines

Vivianne: Hi from The Netherlands

Rosemarie Kwan: good evening from the Philippines!

Janice Mabey: wheatley (Canada(

Suju Mahendrappa: Good morning from New Brunswick, Canada

faraz: hello from pakistan

stephanie massenzio: Hi from New Jersey!!

umesh: good evening from bangalore, india

sandeep: Hello everyone

Carlos: Hi from Portugal

YASEMİN ÖZCAN: Good afternoon from turkey

Jamie: Good morning from Chattanooga TN

Yuvraj: Good afternoon from Nigeria

igor: good aftrenoon

Jerry: good Morning from Independence, Kentucky USA

Ashley: Good Afternoon from Nottingham, UK

Annie: Good morning from Montreal!

Francine: Hi from Ireland

ANA MARIA ISABEL: Hello frm the Philippines

Michelle: Good Morning from Minnesota USA

Mira: Hi from Serbia :-)

Sue Howlett: Hello from Reading!

Sara: good morning from Kansas!!

Cherie: Good Morning from Canada

igor: Hi from Prague

Brenda: Good Morning from California

Tadeo: Greetings from south sudan

Laura: Good morning from Winnipeg, Canada

Raquel Vaz: Good Afternoon. Raquel from UK

Kevin: Good moring from Los Angeles

Anal Dave: Good Morning from Canada

Jordan: Hello from Kentucky in USA

vicenta perez: Hi from Spain

Constantine: Hi from Russia

Habib: Hello! From Algeria!

Laurie: Good morning from Lynden, Washington

tarek.el-ashry@dsm.com: Good morning from New Jersey, USA

Herbert: Good morning from Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Jannet Murray: Good morning from Jamaica

Daniel: Good morning from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Wiriya: Hello, From Thailand

kashan: good afternoon

Garrett: Good day from Minnesota USA

liz o leary: Good Afternoon

faraz: hello Faraz from Karachi,Pakistan

Anjala: Hello from Toronto.

Wendy Hirst: Good morning from Lancaster, PA  USA

daniela anelli: good day from italy

Adeniyi: Afternoon from London

Kimberly : Good morning from Montreal

Vern: hi everyone

Juan: Hi, good morning from México

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi From Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Dena: Hello from British Columbia Canada

carlitopas@yahoo.com: Hi I'm Lito from Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

Frank : Good morning f

Mohamed: Good evening from Egypt

Kim: Good Morning from Ottawa, Canada

Leonard: Good morning from Toronto, Canada.

Frank : rom Fridley, Minnesota

karen etter: Good morning!

Marikit: Mabuhay everyone. :) -from Philippines

maria lynn yee francisco: hi everyone maria lynn yee francisco. philippines

cristina grigore: Hello from Calgary Alberta

Partha S Tripathy: Hi Partha, from Lagos, Good day every one

Evan: 0003 Saturday morning in Eastern Australia - good morning!

Michelle: Hello from Gloriously sunny Somerset UK

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi from Riyadh Saudi arabia

Rashmi: Hi Goodmorning all. Rashmi from USA

carlitopas@yahoo.com: Good evening to all!

Flora: good morning from California

Ray: HI Mr. Simon.. Nice to see you again


Isabel: Hello, from Portugal

Tabatha: Good Morning from Maryland

Sagar: Sagi from india

gary: Morning everybody from Missouri USA

carlitopas@yahoo.com: May I ask why this webinar is free?

ines: HI everyone! Greetings fromPorugal

João: Greetings from Portugal

Fjkstrbf: I had a rough night.... morning... from Hsgtdfl..

Ahmed: hi

Sagar: Sagi from india

waqas: i m from pakistan

Charles: Charles South Africa

Trust: Hello from Zambia, Africa

Simon Timperley: The Food Safety Fridays webinar is free.  Good yes.

Celso Castellano P.: Hi, everyone. I have problem connecting. No audio as well. :(

umesh: no audio,pl.

Ray: @carlitopas@yahoo.com : the webinar is free because of sposnors like Mettler Toledo and other companies..

carlitopas@yahoo.com: Thank you so much

Kimberly : no audio or video - just the chat

Fjkstrbf: Fire... bad.  Webinar.... good.

Ahmed: hello trust hi again can you send u conact

faraz: no audio or video

Charles: Trust, its Charles from South Africa  I would like us to network in Southern Africa. my email is charles.katsande@foodbevconsult.com

Simon Timperley  (to Fjkstrbf): Javier?

Tadeo: No audio

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hello from Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Fjkstrbf: Sorry Kimberly.... you can just Chat if you like.

Aliyu: Good day everyone, from  Abuja, Nigeria

Vinit Kumar: same with me no audio no video

Christi: Good Morning from Minnesota

Diana Negrete: hello from mexico!

Garrett: BRC V7


karen etter: Requirement of SQF and FSMA

Garrett: & FSMA

Fjkstrbf: Simon?

Gaganpreet: hi

SANDEEP ARORA: hi to all from india

Lola: Hello, I can't watch anything

derek: BRC

Kimberly : no I want to see the video and I have reconnected several times and all I get is the chat....where is the seminar pls.

Francine: BRC V7

Diana Negrete: wuu

Gauri: requirement of std

Sherrie: To improve my Food Defense Plan

Kevin: Business peace of mind

Christi: All of the above and peace of mind

Batten: Got your email charles...will hook up after this

Vivianne: BRC V7

Allan Stirling: due diligence

Tom: BRC

Anal Dave: BRC Issue 7

Janice Mabey: BRC, FSMA

Laura: BRC issue 7

Vânia: BRC issue 7

Michelle: BRC V7

Shona: Im trying to be proactive..

Isabel: IFS

rainbow: BRC v7

Bonnie White: FISMA /BRC

Quincy: not needed, just for common knowledge

Mohamed: conforming with the Global Standard for Food Safety Iss 7

Mark: Peace of mind for business, to reduce the GAP of vulnerabilities and food safety. Awareness of these issues came about through GFSI reviews through FSSC 22000-Q GAP analysis

Atil: BRC V.7, IFS V.6

Lucy:  a customer requirement

ANA MARIA ISABEL: need to learn about TACCP as part of a food safety team in our region

Ashley: BRC

Tabatha: BRC

TMcMullin: BRCv7

Batten: BRC

Brenda: Peace of mind

Marikit: Customer requirement

Jerry: We want to do TACCP for protection of customers

Bria B: Other, lack of experience/knowledge of senior management making it more likely to have attack

Tabatha: fsma

Daniel: knowledge

Kirsteen Kyle: Trying to find out as much info on this subject before presenting to upper management

Vinit Kumar: Pls connect nothing z showing

Fjkstrbf: I like the T instead of the H.

Esperanza: sTANDARD


carlitopas@yahoo.com: Food Quality Assurance, Certification and Customer satisfaction

Esperanza: brc ISSUE 7

Liz: Is it a requirement for SQF?

faraz: Pls connect nothing z showing

Ahmed: it requirment of BRc IFS Iso 22000 standard but actual the standard is the requieremnts of the customer

Esperanza: BRC issue 7

stephanie massenzio: Will TACCP be a standard for SQF Level 2?

Raquel Vaz: I lost the sound when Simon started talking

Sandra Ball: Already have Food Defense Program in place.   Looking for integration of food fraud -- BRC ver y7

Peter: brc 7  1.1.3 review of food defence

Vern: visual is quite blur

Norman Tarbell: What was VACCP?

Sagar: Is this useful for student

Simon Timperley: VACCP - Vulnerability. Fraud like horse meat scandal


Vern: very blurry

SANDEEP ARORA: picture is not clear

Simon Timperley: It is totally clear for me.

Athanasios: picture is blur

karen etter: sound and visual is great

Tadeo: No audio nor video

Vern: can't read the words

Juan: Don´t audio

faraz: No audio nor video

Fjkstrbf: I put on my glasses and now the image isn't blurry.

ANA MARIA ISABEL: still very blurry Simon

Simon Timperley: If you have bad audio or video it is your own connection

Sagar: Mr . simon is this usfull for students .... To getting job in industry

Isabel: for me is perfect, video and audio

Vern: audio is perfect, just video is blurry

Narongchai: Presentation is clear, no problem.

Tracie barracks-white: Is TACCP required for FSSC 22000?

Simon Timperley: Of course Sagar as part of your knowledge.

Fjkstrbf: I took my sound off mute and now I have audio.

maribel: Nice evening from the philippines

Simon Timperley: If TACCP is not currently in a GFSI standard it will be.

TMcMullin: poor focus on powerpoint  unreadable.  Also audio has an echo loop so all words spoken are repeated 2 - 3 times.

Narongchai: TACCP is only method on how do the risk analysis, not required by standards

waqas: no sound no video

carlitopas@yahoo.com: Like me here. No sound no video anymore

Fjkstrbf: When will TACCP be a GFSI standard?

Simon Timperley: for those with bad sound or video 1. try to refresh your browser or 2. watch on youtube

Juan: don't video

Janice Mabey: no issue here, audio and video is fine

Kimberly : This must be live streaming video - our company does not allow this unfortunately

Simon Timperley: It is Kimberly.  Wait for the recording.

Charles : Just found out that the new window 10 microsoft edge  is preventing the  video coming thru. Use a different URL like Google works fine! 

Adebisi: goodvideo and audio here

Simon Timperley: Thanks for solving one cause Charles,

Michelle: I'm using Internet Explorer and have no problem with video or sound


SANDEEP ARORA: now its much clear

Kirsten: Google chrome is always trouble-free for me

Simon Timperley: what did you do sandeep?

Simon Timperley: CHROME is best if you can.


maribel: Nice video and audio here

Aaron: Good video here

Ray: This is more like part of Food Defense

Brian: .

Vinit Kumar: No audio & no video here

Diana Negrete: This Video you can see the video on you tube

Baskaran: Video quality very poor. Letter almost faded or blurred


Simon Timperley: Yes Diana, but you cannot chat and do polls etc. And if you do not register then no certificate.

victor: hi

Ray: If TACCP will be implemented, does it mean that the Food Defense PRP will be obsolete?

victor: what are examples of threat attributes

Vinit Kumar: pls send us link

Mohamed: The flow diagram for TACCP includes the whole food chain relevant to the company business

Ahmed: process flow diagram is the flow diagram which included all production process, waste, input to the the process

Celso Castellano P.: Atil - A process flow diagram is a schematic/ step by step illustration showing all the steps that a material undergo in the manufacturing operation. Yes, similar to the one you have in your HACCP plan.

victor: is the flow diagram same as HACCP flow diagram

Juan: is thera another link? I can't see and listen anything

Brian: Premises without a doubt

Marikit: Product


Ahmed: pro

victor: organisation

Vinit Kumar: Product

Ashley: FOOD PACKAGING MANUFACTURE- product specification

Larbi: bulk products are more vulnerable: water, oil, sauces tansks

Narongchai: Flow Diagram may be used for analysis from insider/outsider attackers.

Ajay Shakya: Product


Eleni: product

Adebisi: organisation

Celso Castellano P.: You are welcome, Atil - from a Filipino colleague.

Ahmed: Yasemin could i have u contact

Hamid Malik Alamin: Hi-  it is clear for me

Mark: I came in late.  Will TACCP be required for a food packaging manufacturing company (with direct food contact) that is SQF Level 2 Certified?

Christi: Celso, Our HACCP covers water, boiler flows, chemical, but it does not include outside or electrical inputs, I think Victor might have meant some of these items...?

Tayo: product

Narongchai: Mark, I think the TACCP is one of type of analysis, not specific required for SQF

Mark: Thank you.

Simon Timperley: A requirement for assessing threats and putting in place adequate controls will come for all businesses in food chain including packaging.

Celso Castellano P.: Christi - If Victor refers to all other process operations, then those other inputs can be included. However, if we only refer to Food Safety process flow diagram, then it limited to that area of operations.

Celso Castellano P.: I think, Threat Analysis should be part of the whole Food Defense plan in a food supply chain.

Christi: Celso, Thank you, that's what I was wondering and I agree.

Mark: Okay.  Thank you Simon.  I will confirm with our 3rd Party Auditor. We have an Audit in 3 weeks.

Nneka: hello everyone

Kirsten: Do we have a sense of how common intentional contamination events are?

Ahmed: Celso yes it is a must important part of food defiance

Narongchai: BRC launched the Guideline for Vulnerability Assessment applied to only for inpusts (raw materials, ingredients, packaging. Not fo the process.

Janice Mabey: we need vulnerability assessment for BRC - we will start with raw materials

Atil: YES

karen etter: done both

Atil: BOTH

tarek.el-ashry@dsm.com: Both

Brian: Both

Amy: We have done one for both

Francine: both


Christi: Both

Rosemarie Kwan: yes

Mark: Both

Janice Mabey: we will do TACCP later once we have all the BRC stuff done

Vanda: both

Anal Dave: completed the vulnerability assessment as part of BRC v7 and would like to conduct TACCP risk assessment, next

Tayo: yes on both but raw materials importantly

waqas: both

Mümin: both

Baskaran: Any live example of Malicious attack incident

Rashmi: hello -  Could you pls share with us the excel format for defining Threats and of Risk Assesment ?

Ashley: yes - as an implementation to the current HACCP system

waqas: salmonella typhe in salad

Hamid Malik Alamin: great

Brian: Good information, thank you Ruth

Mark: Very nice presentation! 

Daniel: Thanks

Baskaran: False allegation  can be considered as malicious attack

Mümin: thanks a lot Ruth

YASEMİN ÖZCAN: thaks a lot

Theophilus Fon : Thanks Ruth

Tayo: Thanks Ruth

Aaron: Thanks Ruth

Grace Akinyemi: Thanks Ruth, Nice presentation

Kevin: Thank you Ruth

Aliyu: good information and an eye opener

Raquel Vaz: Thanks Ruth

Gauri: who can audit taccp

Diana Negrete: Tks

karen etter: Thank you. Nice presentation

Mohamed: Thanks Ruth

umesh: thanks, Ruth

Christi: Thank you Ruth, Very informational!

Lyudmila Burtovaya: Thanks Ruth!!!!

Tayo: This has really been an eye opener

Aliyu: thanks Ruth and Simon

Constantine: Thank you Ruth!

Ashley: Thank you Dr Bell. That was all very helpfull

Cindy: Great presentation!  Thank you.

Vivianne: Thanks Ruth, It was very clear and informational

Sandra: Good presentation, Thank you.

Rosemarie Kwan: thanks, Ruth!


Michelle: Thank you very much a very educational presentation, it has helped a lot to clear a few areas for me

Nneka: in my region we have only done HACCP.This is going to be  a step further in ACCP

Kirsteen Kyle: beneficial presentation, glad I registered, will the slides be shared with us? 

martha  villavicencio: Do  you think that  will be a hugh importance in the future of the  Audit certifications ?

Ajay Shakya: thank you

Kirsteen Kyle: thanks Ruth

Mira: than you.

victor: thanks

Juan: thanks

Mohamed: is there any intention to start issuing a TACCP compliance certificates?

Quincy: Thank you Ruth & Simon, has been very helpful as usual

Vanessa: Thank you for some good information which has been helpful.

Tabatha: Would a VA and Food Defense plan combined meet TACCP principles?

Rosemarie Kwan: thanks, Simon! till next webinar...

waqas: thank u

Paula  : Thanks you very much

Ashley: Should TACCP be used independently or as another consideration within HACCP?

Herbert: Thanks  Ruth, Simon very good informational

Aura: Thank you very much for your great presentation

Ahmed: is there any intention to start issuing a TACCP compliance certificates?

Baskaran: False allegation need to be considered while conducting TACCP ?

pruthwiraj: Thank you Ruth & Simon, presentation has been very helpful

Tayo: would one need to be certified like in HACCP?

Tadeo: Thanks Ruth and Simon

Gauri: who will audit taccp?

Mark: Thank you Ruth and Simon from Ohio.

Janice Mabey: thanks!

Raquel Vaz: Does the Team need to have a TACCP course?

Rashmi: hello - Could you pls share with us the excel format for defining Threats and of Risk Assesment ?

Nicole Berzins: thank you for the clrification on which tools we cna use.. great  webinar

Gauri: who can audit taccp

Nneka: Is TACCP going to be added to ISO 22000?

Partha: Thanks Ruth  and Simon  for the great presentation and coordination

Larbi: thank you for sharing

Ray: THANK YOU!.. Gracias!.. Maraming Salamat..

Theophilus Fon : I thinnk TACCP is a systematic approach of putting in place a food defence program.

Tayo: And will the organisation be checked and certified seasonally?

Tracie barracks-white: Will any tool be acceptable for FSSC 22000 certification

Narongchai: Yes, Theophius Fon

Ahmed: thanks very much Ruth

Aliyu: both

Jyh-Pyng: Thnaks Ruth and Simon from Buffalo, New York

ashlam: HI

Maria Krajniak: Thank you for the presentation. It was very helpful. Maria & Kalpana

lahcen: hi every body is there any one who has the slides of this presentation

Rashmi: Thanks Ruth and Simon, It was realyy a great knowledge sharing for food Industries.

Raquel Vaz: I have some slides

Christi: For BRC v7 for the Ingredients and the Product Flow, we have added it to our HA documentation.

Flora: Is it possible not to have a CCP in TACCP?

Tadeo: i hope you will avail slides

Tayo: Where wouild TACCP fall under, foood safety or what?

lahcen: raquel can you send them to me on lahcenelbadaoui@yahoo.ca

ashlam: I am Ashlam Nohur  Thanks for  Training

waqas: please also send me the presentation slides so i can help them in future

Quincy: slides will be available after the webinar along with your certificate

Tracie barracks-white: Can any tool be used for the FSSC 22000 crtification

Narongchai: TACCP for Food Defence

Tracie barracks-white: P

ashlam: what is T is Stand for

Tracie barracks-white: P

Aliyu: thanks a lot

lahcen: christi i used also the TACCP methodology to comlp with the requirement of BRC version 7

Olamide: Hi everyone.. Just tuned in..Olamide frm Nigeria

Brenda: The slides will be up 24 hours after this presentation

Raquel Vaz: I will send you later


lahcen: thank you Raquel Vaz,

ashlam: Is TACCP  will 100% guarantee food  safe for consumption

McMillan: Thanks alot

Aliyu: Do you need a separate TACCP team from HACCP team?

Narongchai: if you are certified to BRC7, the VA should be applicable for 5.4.2 (Food Fraud)

Marikit: lahcen, slides  will be e-mailed by Simon after the webinar.

Julie: I agree that team members would be different for HACCP/TACCP. Our teams are different but some members sit on both

Adeniyi: Will the size of the organisation not determine the level and extent of TACCP

lahcen: Marikit, i never received the slides, only the link to watch the webinar,

Ashley: thank you for your answers

Narongchai: If you are certified to BRC7, TACCP should be applicable for 4.2 (Site Security)

IRENE: thank you for the training!

Herbert: Will someone need to be certified like in HACCP?

Fjkstrbf: There's HACCP, VACCP, and TACCP... will there also be SAPPC?

Christi: lahcen - We added Fraud and Vulnerability to go though with each ingredient and each process step along with Chemical, Bio and Phy. using the rating system.

Evan: Is that how you got your surname Ruth? LOL

Tayo: SACCP? what will that mean?

Tabatha: http://www.food.gov....ction-guide.pdf

Fjkstrbf: Hmmmm.... maybe... Security?

maria lynn yee francisco: bountiful thank you  for interesting TACCP input.for simon and ruth.

Tayo: SAPPC?

McMillan: Can this system be able to be incorporated with FSSC 22000:2013

Tabatha: The link is to the guidance from UK

Quincy: good food management system  is like a 3 legged stool of Haccp taccp and vaccp, 3 legs makes a strong stool, take away 1 leg can have problems

Marikit: Thank you Ruth and Simon.

lahcen: how can i put my name on the certificate of attendance

Vivianne: Thank you Tabatha

Raquel Vaz: Many thanks Simon and Ruth

Marikit: Thank you Tabatha.

Nicole Berzins: Thanks Ruth have a great weekend!

Brenda: Thank you

Vivianne: Thanks for the presentation!

Tayo: Do you mean TACCP Uk guidance?

Norman Tarbell: thanks

Ashley: Thank you very much Ruth and Simon

Jodi Hurnacki: Thank you Ruth and Simon

Brian: Thanks Simon

lahcen: hw

Claudia: Thank you

Benedito Vieira: tks

Janice Mabey: thanks Simon!

Julie: Thanks Ruth and Simon. Very useful

Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 140 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos



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