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Trying to find a food safe knife for opening bags

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 02:23 PM

I saw other threads around this topic but couldn't find one that actually addressed my question so I'm starting a new thread:


What kinds of knives are you using to open 50lb bags of sugar, flour, etc? I saw a comment about Martor in another thread, I tried them, but the body is made of aluminum and it leaves our mixers' gloves black over several uses. They use this gloved hand to touch our dough once the mix is done, and I can't have residue in the product. I tried another safety knife that is stainless http://www.safecutti...fety-knife.html , I liked this but you have to change the blade orientation for left handed or right handed, so people have been using it improperly and losing the blade, or spring very easily. 


I just don't know what other knife to use, I even tried a ring knife but the mixers are afraid of them because they don't retract. I need something that will not leave a residue on anyone's hands but is sturdy and doesn't fall apart easily. The requirements I look for in a knife are as follows. Am I expecting too much?


-stainless steel body, or metal detectable plastic (we have X-rays on the lines)

-solid blade so it can't break

-safety so it can't cut employees

-at least 3/4" exposed blade, otherwise people complain that it snags the bags 


I have found shorter bladed knives with metal detectable bodies but they complain about the blade length, we even cut the OLFA SK12 down a bit and adjust to expose more blade.


Thank you! 

Tracey Richardson

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 06:27 PM

One of these should work:


go to the self retracting one. We prefer A.


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Posted 01 March 2023 - 06:51 PM

@ Tracey We have challenges with this type but our Health and Safety team won't allow regular knives at all. How do you clean those retractable knives to prevent cross contamination of allergens or just product buildup in the grooves and blade area? 



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Posted 01 March 2023 - 07:16 PM

You may want to think about buying colour coded knives for allergen control  you can find that in a retractable format


Here's a whole host of MD knives



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