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Foot Bath Sanitizers

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Posted 05 December 2023 - 08:26 PM

I am the QM at a very small dietary supplement facility in the US. I want to start using floor mats to sanitize production personnel's shoes before entering the kitchen.


I've been looking into using a quat granule sanitizer to avoid using liquids. We aren't a dry production facility, and we mostly produce beverages. We do produce some dry products such as teas as well. 


I'm finding mixed information on if we should use a liquid rather than a granulated form, and if quat sanitizers are okay to use in certified organic facilities. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on which sanitizer to choose? 






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Posted 05 December 2023 - 09:11 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dry quat granules


A) the continue to work in the path when people step through the bits that come off footwear


B) you don't need a drain close by


C) no slippery floors


Cannot speak to organic but found this

Are Quats Allowed in Organic Food Processing?

Quaternary ammonia-based sanitizers, also known as quats, are allowed in organic food processing facilities. However, they can leave an antimicrobial residue behind, so producers must rinse treated surfaces with potable water. Certifying bodies may also require a procedure that confirms residue is removed before reintroducing organic food into the production area.



Some Sterilex #sanitation products contain quaternary ammonium compounds, commonly referred to as QACs or quats, which do not appear on the lists of approved chemical sanitizers for #organic certifying bodies. This often creates confusion among auditors and organic processors, however, products containing quat may be used in organic #production environments when use instructions are followed. Watch the video in our updated #insight to learn how quats can be used in most organic #foodprocessing facilities. https://bit.ly/3P8Bf55



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Posted 05 December 2023 - 09:21 PM

Also, make sure to have written procedure and some forms to verify the QUAT powder inspected/replaced and mat should be cleaned in certain frequency.

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Posted 05 December 2023 - 11:00 PM

Whatever QUAT solution you opt for, you will need to clear the substance with your organic certifier ahead of time anyway. I would reach out to them for approval before purchasing it, and bring them in on how you intend to use it in your facility.

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