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    Implementing a Food Safety Management System compliant with BRC

    Today, 06:32 PM

    File Name : Implementing a Food Safety Management System compliant with BRCFile Submitter : Simon File Submitted : 23 Jun 2017File Category : Food Safety Fridays Presentation... more
  • List of Allergens by Country

    Today, 03:55 PM

    Good Day, Am hoping someone can provide me with some guidance.  Part of SQF compliance is having a list of the countries you ship your product to and the allergens of... more
  • Canola versus rapeseed oil

    Today, 03:29 PM

    Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot of information regarding canola oil versus rapeseed oil.From what I understand canola oil derives from GMO rapeseed oil.It was don... more
  • Personal Hygiene - Uniforms - Summer

    Today, 12:30 PM

    Looking for best practices regarding Summer weight uniforms and wearing of short sleeve uniforms.  Currently used at our site, however, with move to BRC Packing 5, currentl... more
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    Recent changes in ISO 22000

    Today, 06:25 AM

    Hi Please tell me any recent changes in ISO 22000, after Jan-2017, like documents, CCP's, ORP's, PRP's, etc.  Thank youPremsagar.J  more
  • Hello

    Yesterday, 07:06 PM

    Hello, I've been using this site as a visitor for a while now and thought I should join. I work in a small start up that makes food packaging and I've been given the side job... more

Food Safety Fridays - Next Live Webinar

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Implementing a Food Safety Management System compliant with BRC Upcoming Webinar

Taking Place: Today, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Based on 25 years of working with BRC requirements, this webinar will provide guidance to current BRC requirements and how to develop a food safety and quality management system compliant with BRC standards. The webinar will be useful to organisations wishing to comply with the BRC Global Standard for Food Manufacturers. Ther... more

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