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Best Practices for Effectively Implementing an ATP Sanitation Verification System - - - - - 4,019 Views

food safety fridays webinar ATP Sanitation Verification

Description: Increasingly, the focus for food and beverage production facilities is on having a robust, formalized environmental monitoring program. One of the key components of any EMP is a structured ATP verification monitoring program. While the majority of food and beverage production facilities in the developed world utilize ATP sanitation monitoring systems, their employment is often unstructured and sub-optimal.

Neogen, in conjunction with industry experts, has developed a handbook titled, “Best practices for effectively implementing an ATP sanitation verification program”, that provides real-world guidance for facilities wishing to enhance their EMP through a more formalized and structured approach.

Topics covered will include:

- Validation Vs verification
- Cleaning to a validated standard
- Swabbing and establishing baselines
- RLU’s as an indication of cleanliness
- Migrating from validation to verification
- Using the results to improve cleaning
- Interpreting test results
- Complementary environmental testing

Download the presentation slides and Certificate of Attendance in the file library: http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/295-best-practices-for-effectively-implementing-an-atp-sanitation-verification-system/