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Compressed Air Testing for Particles, Water, and Oil

This video walks you through the sampling process for AirCheck Kit K8573NB, step by step.

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Compressor Contamination and How It Occurs

Compressor contamination can occur for many different reasons. This video discusses compressor contamination and how it can occur. Manufacturers of food and much more will find many useful tips to avoiding contamination in this lesson.

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Compressed Air Testing for Microbiological Contaminants - ISO 8573-7

In this video we will walk you through each step for taking microbiological compressed air samples. Contact us to learn more! AirCheckLab.com

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How to meet the SQF requirement for Air Purity Testing

Compressed Air Testing for purity per SQF, ISO 8573 or your custom specifications is easy with AirCheck Kits and Samplers from Trace Analytics, LLC. Trace is A2LA Accredited Laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 requirements.

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