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Managing Food Safety: The Importance of Document Control * * * * * 23,254 Views

food safety live 2013

Description: Accurate, diligent document control should be at the heart of any food manufacturing company. It is the backbone of all traceability, withdrawal and recall exercises and incidents throughout the world, however the key attributes to getting the perfect system in any company can be particularly challenging. This session focuses on the importance of document control and traceability, what makes a good document control system and how you can look to improve your system to make it more efficient and robust.
Simon Dawson, Lecturer & Advisor, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Found this presentation very informative as i struggle to implement this section successfully in our Food Safety System.

Very informative and in-depth with the details required for a good document control system. Although most of what I learned doesn't apply to our organization as farmers, it did help with the general idea and purpose.

Awesome. can i get this in a readable format?

There is the PDf PowerPoint, but the only place it is available is in the files library


Note access to the files library is restricted, see message at the top.

Thanks for this video. We've been struggling on implementing this for BRC. 

Wonderful presentation. The detailed and practical examples were helpful.

Thank you

Excellent presentation! Very helpful

It´s not available anymore :(