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Outside In: Mapping Food Processing’s Pest Hot Spots

While no two facilities are exactly alike, what they have in common is that most remain in production 24 hours. And while this “rotating door” may help with efficiency in the workplace, it also allows pests continuous opportunities to invade. As you ca...

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How Rodents Are Threatening Your Food Safety Procedures

Twenty percent of the world’s food supply is believed to be contaminated by rodents. These pests carry many pathogens around facilities, and they can even transmit harmful diseases. Rodents are known to cause severe property damage with their strong ja...

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Preventing a Food Safety Crisis with Pest Management

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) mandates that facilities follow the Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls (HARPC) food safety system. Preventive controls are the core of HARPC, so understanding how these fit within your Inte...

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