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Rodents 101: A Food Processor’s Crash Course on Rodents - - - - - 358 Views

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Description: Facility managers know how crucial pest control is for their food safety standards and regulations. Rodents specifically are always searching for food sources and can pose a major threat to every food facility, from storage to manufacturing and packaging, all the way to the consumer.

Did you know 50 rats in a food facility can demolish 23 pounds of food per week? A potential threat to your bottom line, your reputation and your audits, rodents can leave a lot on the line – which is why you can’t afford to leave rodents off your radar. Join Orkin Entomologist, Benjamin Hottel, PhD, BCE, for a free, educational webinar where you will learn about the types of rodents, how rodent control works in your industries, the proactive measures you can take to help prevent them, and how to respond to a rodent introduction if it does happen.

Key Learnings:

In this free, educational webinar, you will learn:

• The different types of rodents and the threats they can pose to your facility
• How rodent control works for food industries
• Proactive steps you can take to help reduce and prevent rodents in your facility
• What to do if you find rodents in your facility

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