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How audit integrity and certification underpins global food safety * * * * * 5,081 Views

food safety live 2013

Description: Food safety is not a competitive issue; it is in the interests of stakeholders across the global food supply chain to work together to ensure that consumers are confident that food is safe to eat and has been produced in a sustainable manner. The globalisation of supply chains and the need for transparency and traceability has triggered changes in the way in which food safety is approached. Over the last decade there has been a collaborative approach across the major stakeholders resulting in best practice being highlighted and shared, mediocrity being more easily identified and excellence more readily rewarded. In this session, LRQA's Cor Groenveld, will demonstrate how a management systems-based approach to food safety, combining harmonised global standards and consistent, robust assessment underpinned with the highest level of auditing, is leading to increased consumer confidence in the global food supply chain.
Cor Groenveld, Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services, LRQA.

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