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Beyond Technical Competence: Enhancing your Career as a Food Safety Professional - - - - - 2,701 Views

food safety fridays webinar

Description: What makes a successful food safety professional? Many will say ‘technical competence’ as a minimum but what about other complimentary skills and personal attributes? The challenge for food safety professionals today is maintaining not only the technical competence from their initial studies, but to actively improve and enhance the ‘not-so-obvious’ skills and attributes over the span of their career.

Find out how to identify your current gaps, recognise the value of personal improvement and implement a career plan to help you become the ultimate food safety professional. The session will also provide tools and takeaways to help participants succeed regardless of their current role, or their food safety, quality or compliance responsibilities.

Download the presentation slides in the files library: https://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/332-beyond-technical-competence-enhancing-your-career-as-a-food-safety-professional