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food safety fridays webinar EMP environmental monitoring

Description: Although we enjoy one of the safest food supplies in the world, foodborne illness remains common in the United States where foodborne illness outbreaks affect millions and kill thousands of people. These outbreaks also undermine consumer confidence in affected products, result in large recalls, and diminish market demand. A substantial number of foodborne illness outbreaks result from poor hygiene practices. Microorganisms can survive in food processing and handling environments. They are generally introduced into the food environment through raw materials, pests, air, water, and employees. During this webinar find out ways that we can identify these hazards and stop them in their tracks.

Download the presentation slides and Certificate of Attendance in the files library: http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/292-environmental-monitoring

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Thank you for this video it's really interresting, I have a little question, why do why test indicators in zone one instead of testing the bacteria themself ?


what's your email ID again?