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Description: The concern with Food Safety Culture is growing in many organizations, even those with their Food Safety System already certified. Many efforts have been engaged for the development of Safety Culture, but there are theoretical gaps in these efforts, which reflect on the quality of programs developed and, consequently, on the results achieved.

This webinar aims to present basic concepts about organizational culture and, more specifically, about Food Safety Culture, showing the theoretical model of DNV GL. In this model, we understand culture as aggregation of beliefs, practices and perceptions of an organization, which can be evaluated from seven attributes previously defined and understood in a continuum of existing levels of culture.

The identification of each attributes and the stage of culture which this organization is established, it is essential to the definition of a program that seeks to develop the Food Safety Culture.

Download the presentation slides and Certificate of Attendance from the files library: http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/304-food-safety-culture-development/


Thank you for having this webinar. We are currently developing a Food Safety Culture for our Supply Chain starting from the field level & I would able to use this as a training tool for the group.




That's fantastic HT, thank you for the feedback.



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