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How to analyse risks in the new ISO 22000:2018 - - - - - 1,977 Views

food safety fridays webinar iso 22000:2018 risk analysis

Description: The new version of ISO 22000 is active and we have time to transfer our food safety management systems to the new versions by June 2021. Those who started the transfer or implementation to the new version noted that there are now hazards (operational ones connected with the production) and that there are risks connected with the process in the company and overall business. With this one hour webinar we will present and clarify the demands of risks analysis in the new ISO 22000:2018 and show you how to use several tools to analyse risks in your company and business. One simple model we will also present how to connect risks with the financial aspects which would help you and top management to better understand risks levels and their influences on your business and company.

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