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Pitfalls of Accounting for Intentional Adulteration in Your Food Safety Plan - - - - - 3,835 Views

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Description: How do you document intentional adulteration mitigation strategies in your facility? FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act now requires that food facilities plan for intentional adulteration in a documented food defense plan. Although the requirements are similar to a food safety plan, there are distinct differences. Combining the food defense and food safety plans may create an opportunity to miss key elements in both. Learn the pitfalls of accounting for intentional adulteration in your facility’s food safety plan. We will discuss and compare industry best practices with regulatory requirements and make suggestions on how to prevent developed mitigation strategies from being compromised.

Download the presentation slides and Certificate of Attendance from the files library: http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/302-pitfalls-of-accounting-for-intentional-adulteration-in-your-food-safety-plan/

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