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TACCP Principles in Managing Food Safety * * * * * 5,217 Views

food safety fridays webinar TACCP Threat Analysis Critical Cont Food Defense

Description: In this webinar we will learn about the Threat Analysis and Critical Control Point (TACCP) system. Threat Analysis and Critical Control Point (TACCP) is a management system closely aligned to HACCP to simultaneously manage both unintentional (HACCP) and intentional contamination and economically motivated adulteration (TACCP). Successful TACCP implementation involves thinking like a potential attacker and examines vulnerability, likelihood, opportunities and an appreciation that intentional contamination requires human intervention. TACCP is about managing people as HACCP is about managing food safety hazards in the food chain.

Download the presentation slides and certificate of attendance in the files library: http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/216-taccp-principles-in-managing-food-safety


Once again Simon Thanks for great presentation on " TACCP prinicples in managing food. I will happy if you can share the ppt slides of same,




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