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Training in the Workplace to Engage and Empower Your Employees * * * * * 4,442 Views

food safety fridays webinar employee engagement

Description: Engaged, enthusiastic and empowered employees are the very core of a company’s success in producing safe, quality food products. Employee engagement typically begins with that initial company orientation which is designed to introduce the new hire to company culture and rules. This encounter results in an enthusiastic, excited, and engaged worker ready to put forth best efforts as a new team member…or does it? An empowered employee exhibits clear understanding of workplace expectations and accepts the responsibility for meeting specific company standards of performance. Engaged and empowered employees serve as powerful vehicles to enhance productivity, safety, quality and thus, profitability. Valued employees are content employees; and satisfied, content employees are what drive business success. This one-hour webinar presents solutions for your workplace training which will foster and instill the 4 Es – Enthusiasm, Engagement, Empowerment leading to Effectiveness – in your employees.

Download the presentation slides and certificate of attendance in the files library: http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/files/file/196-training-in-the-workplace-to-engage-and-empower-your-employees