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Outside In: Mapping Food Processing’s Pest Hot Spots - - - - - 860 Views

pes control pest management IPM Orkin

Description: While no two facilities are exactly alike, what they have in common is that most remain in production 24 hours. And while this “rotating door” may help with efficiency in the workplace, it also allows pests continuous opportunities to invade. As you can imagine, the earlier you can spot a pest problem, the quicker it can be resolved, before it turns into a major issue that could prove costly.

Join entomologist and Orkin Technical Services Manager Chelle Hartzer as she brings her expertise to your facility with a free webinar to discuss Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics. Utilizing IPM can help protect your facility from pests by helping you spot problems at every stop along your facility’s process.

During this hour-long webinar, you’ll learn about:

• What attracts pests throughout food processing facilities
• Identifying pest entry points and interior and exterior hot spots
• IPM tactics to help identify and manage conducive conditions
• Protocols to put in place for effective pest management

Download the Presentation Slides and Certificate of Attendance in the Files Library: