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Food Safety Auditor, Experienced Level (Remote)

Conduct food safety audits, inspections, and training according to AIB quality standards, and where applicable, standards put forth by other Standard owners.
Submitted by AIB International 10 Sep 2019   |   Viewed 4198 times   |   Closed for Applications
Job Information
Job Type
Full Time / Part Time / Flex Schedules Available
65,000 - 90,000 (varies by experience)
Job Location
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Closing Date for Applications
10 Oct 2019
Job Description

Job Title: Food Safety Auditor, Experienced Level (Remote)


Department: Operations, Americas


Supervisor: Regional Manager


Description of Job Function:
Conduct food safety audits, inspections, and training according to AIB quality standards, and where applicable, standards put forth by other Standard owners. Quality standards include technical skill, internal and external communication, professional demeanor, and established procedures. The majority of these activities will take place in a client’s facility or other off-site location; therefore, the food safety professional must be able to be away from home and travel extensively. To be successful in this job function the candidate needs to be flexible, dynamic, have problem solving skills, and be very organized.


Principal Responsibilities:
Participate in internal and external training to obtain skills required to perform the work.


Work in partnership with Client Services and your Regional Manager to establish an itinerary that maximizes efficiencies while meeting client needs. Personal commitments that impact availability shall be communicated in advance and require approval by the Regional Manager.


Make travel arrangements; travel independently and look for cost saving methods when arranging travel.


Conduct any required pre-event and post-event work, including but not limited to reviewing Pro-Mans, sending Audit Plans to clients, downloading documents, and reviewing Corrective Actions.


Conduct audits, inspections, or training according to AIB requirements and/ or external Standard owner requirements.


Maintain independence from audit or inspection clients. Report any potential concerns for conflict of interest to your Regional Manager.


It is extremely important that the candidate is able to submit accurate expense vouchers in a timely manner. Billable expense vouchers shall be turned in at the earliest possible time, which may be at the end of an event (audit, inspection, and training) or at the end of a pro-rated trip. Non-billable expense vouchers shall be turned in at the earliest possible time. Reimbursement for non-billable expenses that are more than 90 days old will not be made. Follow instructions for voucher submissions related to year-end close-out.


As requested, train other personnel, including participation in shadow and witness audits.


Submit complete, accurate, well-written reports for all audits and inspections. Comply with company policy regarding timeline for submission, depending on report type.


Additional Activities:
Maintain a favorable working relationship with your Regional Manager and all other company employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate that will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity and efficiency/effectiveness.


Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Comply with company established policies and procedures.


Principal Customers:
Food processors, food distributors and packaging facilities


Qualifications Required:
B.S. degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in science or related topic to food safety, plus 5-10 years of food plant experience in a responsible position related to food safety.


High school diploma, or equivalent, plus approximately 10 years food plant experience.


Administrative Skills-
Must possess excellent verbal communication skills, good writing abilities, correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Be able to organize travel itineraries, make travel arrangements and travel to inspection sites; be able to work independently of direct office supervision and file all reports, requests for information and expense vouchers in a timely manner; and be able to use a computer and associated software.


Physical Skills-
Must be physically able to safely ascend to heights, be able to bend, crawl and move safely and freely around machinery and building without assistance. Must have eyesight or corrected eyesight to safely work around and inspect equipment, identify insect pests and to prepare inspection notes and reports without assistance.


Other Requirements:
The food safety auditor must:


Must be willing to travel up to 90% of the time, including weekend travel.


Conduct himself/herself in a professional manner, including appearance and demeanor, at all times.


Maintain a valid and current driver's license, current automobile liability insurance and maintain a personal vehicle for business use.


Maintain fiscal responsibility that will enable the auditor to travel, work and be away from home on company business.


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status. Background check required

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10 Oct 2019

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