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Trending Root Cause Analysis for Continual Improvement

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Posted 29 July 2016 - 07:09 PM

Trending Root Cause Analysis for Continual Improvement


Taking place:


Friday, August 19, 2016 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time

This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start



Ruth Bell, Senior Consultant, AF Associates


Webinar Overview:


As part of the continual improvement of a system, root cause analysis is an essential tool. As part of this it is necessary to understand how well any root cause analysis conducted is performing, however, many cannot answer this question for a variety of reasons. This could be due to variability in RCA approach, variability in the definition of success or inability to correlate results from completed RCA’s. This webinar reinforces the importance of root cause analysis as a technique to prevent recurring non-conformances and introduces the concept of trending results to confirm that RCA’s conducted and completed have had a positive impact on the businesses bottom line. 


Presentation Slides >>


Webinar Recording >>

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    IFSQN...it's My Life

  • IFSQN Admin
  • 12,809 posts
  • 1363 thanks

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 19 August 2016 - 05:46 PM

Unedited chat logs from today's webinar:


Thanh Thi :  hello i from vietnam

Loni  : Good Morning from Ohio!

Niesha : Good morning all from Jamaica

Patricia : Good morning from Guatemala

David : morning from Montreal

Daniela : Hello from Ireland

david : hello from england

Paul : Greetings and feleicitations from East Lansing, Michigan

Alejandro Bustamante : Hi from Collombia

Thiruvarangan : Hi every1

jaka Rey : Jaka

Roxana : hello from Romania

Leah : Good afternoon from Ireland

Amanda : Good Morning from Oklahoma

abdellah : Good afternoon from Casablanca

Pablo : Hi, from Venezuela

chaudhry imran : good afternoon from KSA

Ken Thomson : good afternoon from Ireland

Anna-Karin : Helo from Sweden

Nishad  : Good Afternoon from Dubai

Natalia  : Helo from Russia

Luis Aresta : hi from Portugal

Keith : Morning from Florida!

Sripriya : Good Morning from NY

Jacqueline : Good morning from Jamaica

silvia  : Silvia Michanie from Argentina

Arinda : Hi from South Africa

Elizabeth : Hello from Canada

Kim PD : Hi from Nova Scotia Canada

reynaldo : hello from the Philippines

Simon Timperley : Please hold on the speaker is having audio issues.

Nadir : Hi good night

Blossom : Hi from Canada

Clinton Parchment  : Hi everyone: Clinton- Jaamaica

Benjie RL : good evening all from Indonesia...

RAMESH : Hi from mauritius

Allison : Good morning from Pennsylvania

Rajesh : Hello from Toronto, Canada

Macadian Weir  : Hi from Jamaica

edward : Hello from Qatar

Estelle Zimmerman : Good Morning from Milwaukie, Oregon/USA

Michael : Good morning from Jamaica


Mark : hi everyone

Mario : Hello everyone from Monterrey Mexico

Sandra : Good morning from Jamaica

Thomas : Hello from Kenya

Anjala : Hi from Canada

Jose : good morning from Chicago

Fran : Hi from Canada

Mark : Hello from Kansas

Rachel : Hello from Scotland

Aisha : Hi from Trinidad & Tobago

Beata : Good morning from chicago!

Eric : Hello - Mineral Wells, WV, USA

Tamieka Sewell : Good morning from Jamaica

Alessandra : Hi from Italy!!

Tim : Hi from Minnesota


Chillida : MChillida Hello from BCNA Spain

Daniel : Hi house

NINFA BUCKNER : Good morning!

Christopher : Hello from Wisconsin - GO PACKERS

Kelly : Good Morning from Yakima, WA

chaudhry imran : Hi from KSA

Sheila : Good Morning from NY, USA

Mariana : Good morning from Santa Cruz California

Sammuel : Hello from Philippines!

Francisco  : Hi From Mexico

Mahmoud Hassan : Good afternoon from Sudan

Ken Thomson : Hello from PestTrend in Ireland


lorraine leija : Good morning from Exeter, CA

Daniel : catching up from Lagos, Nigeria

chaudhry imran : its 5 PM here

Tadas : hello from UK

Emmanuel : Emmanuel

Robyn : Good morning from Dublin ontario!

NINFA BUCKNER : Hi! from Chicago Illinois.

Loni  : Are we running late

Agnieszka : Hello from Poland

Yehia : Hi everybody, Yehia from Cairo

Signe : Hi from Denmark

Niesha : The presenter is having audio issues, that's what Simon said earlier

Mike : Good Morning for Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Simon Timperley : 2 minutes folks

chaudhry imran : admin as well preparing for sit tight

Arul kumaran : Hi from Arul

Michelle : Hello

Luisenrique : Hello from Puerto Rico

Natalia  : Hello, Pablo

Pablo : Hi, Natalia

Ken Thomson : Can always depend on technology !!

janice mabey : Hi from Canada

Larry : Larry here from NSP Owasso, OK

Jema : Hi f, Nigeriarom Lagos

Sue Howlett : Hello from Reading!

Michelle : Good evening folks from phils

Sue : Hi from Wisconsin

Lola : Hello

KAREN : Hi from Little Rock, AR

Jennifer : Good morning from Idaho

super-tresmarias : nice evening from the philippines

Jema : Hello everyone! This is Jema from Lagos Nigeria

ALEXANDRA : Hi from incolnshire England


April  : Good morning... North Carolina

Donnell Safforld : Hello from New York

Batten : Hi there from Cape Town

Aliyu : Hello, greetings from abuja, Nigeria

Tadas : why is it showing presenter hasnt started broadcasting yet

Joanne Sandford : Good morning from Toronto, Canada

super-tresmarias : no video here

Tadas : can everybody see and hear anything?

super-tresmarias : no audio as well

Jacinthe : Good morning from Quebec

Jennifer : Hi :D

April  : Goood monring.... North Carolina

Estelle Zimmerman : no video here

Sue : Nothing yet

Alyssa : good morning from sunny New Mexico.  I see no video either

Priyanka  : morning!!

Lori : Good morning from NJ - USA

Christopher : No video and no audio

Jacqueline : No audio or video

reynaldo : hello from the philippines

erica : Hallo everyone from Zimbabwe

Alina : Helllo  everybody from Siberia, Russia

chaudhry imran : 267 attendees

Robert : No video or sound

Simon Timperley : Having problems folks, bear with us

Arul kumaran : Is it started I sidnot  get the update

Cindy : Hello from Tipp City, Ohio

super-tresmarias : ok simon

Bev : Thanks Simon!

maria lynn yee francisco : Hi everyone, maria lynn yee francisco, philippines here.

chaudhry imran : ok simon...take ur time

Jacqueline : Thanks Simon

Michelle : Good Morning from Minnesota USA

Keith : This happened last time???

lorraine leija : Thank you for the update Simon.

Rika Kemp : Good; now I am not late

reynaldo : hello from the philippines

super-tresmarias : hi maria lynn yee... wer are u in the phils?

Bladimir : Hola estimados

maria lynn yee francisco : I cant see any neither hear any sound.

Takudzwa Kufa : Hello everyone from Surrey UK

sandra : Hi from Tappan, New Nork

Michael : Thanks for the update Simon

chaudhry imran : marhaba

Adwowa : Good morning all

Bruce : Just as well our cars are not controlled by computers - but wait, that is happening now!

maria lynn yee francisco : Negro

Alina : Hello from Siberia, Russia

Bhaskar Mandal : Hi from Nigeria

chaudhry imran : hi alina

Narongchai : Start yet?

Jules : hello from Jules

Loni  : I think it hasnt started yet

maria lynn yee francisco : Negros, sorry

super-tresmarias : not yet too

maria lynn yee francisco : My video is not working how about your?

Nicole Berzins : so are we still on?

super-tresmarias : ok ... from davao here

Nicole Berzins : Hello from lovely Denver

Mercedes : i'm having problems with video, too

Bruce : 10 minutes in _ you are going to have to make a call Simon

Alyssa : Simon posted: having problems folks, bear with us

Tadas : by the looks of it there wont be webinar today

Arul kumaran : Hi guys is it started

Edith : Bello, hete Edith from Uruguay

Mercedes : Hello from Costa Rica

Simon Timperley : Doing our best.  If we do not get the presenter hooked up shortly I will have to postpone.

Afton : Good morning from Maine!!

David : what is the root-cause of the issue?

maria lynn yee francisco : super- tresmarias, where are you from?

chaudhry imran : maria not yet started

Simon Timperley : nice one david

super-tresmarias : @maria lynn... davao

Mercedes : Oh, i see

Fran : Haha David

FAYAJ : Hello from India

Alessandra : no problem simon

Jane : Hi! Good afternoon from Lagos, Nigeria

Thanh Thi : no video, too

Bruce : we might be all able to help after we hear the presentation

Robert : Worth waiting for

Alyssa : great humor David. I can tell you are in food safety.  :)

maria lynn yee francisco : Hi simon, something is is not right, cant see you.

Chillida : Will wait your news Simon don't worry

Nicole Berzins : please don't have to cancel

maria : what time is starting

Filiz : Hı from  Turkey,  i'm in Thé middle of the sea right now amd waiting for the webinar

Christopher : Root Cause:  the WebinarJam is jammed

reynaldo : hello super and maria lynn from manila

super-tresmarias : hi reynaldo..

maria lynn yee francisco : hi reynaldo

Christopher : Aliyu:  we need to do fishbone chart

Milton DELGADO : Br

Aliyu : @Christopher: Why is it Jammed?

Jane : No video and sound yet

Mark : Delayed....

Arul kumaran : Hi is it ok now

Heather : Good morning from NY!

Mark : Delayed...

Carlito : Lito from Cebu, Philippines

maria lynn yee francisco : wow, happy fiesta super seems youre celeb., big event there.

Mark : So... A Quality Manager walks into a bar.....

chaudhry imran : 60 sec

Aliyu : Christopher: ok, got it, lets brain storm

Sachin Kumar : hi is it okk

super-tresmarias : agree maria

sara : Good Morning from Seattle

Mark : and says "OUCH!!!"

maria lynn yee francisco : Is it delayed, whats happening?

Alyssa : here we go!

Alejandro Bustamante : eyah!

sherri chatham : Aloha from Hawaii!!!

super-tresmarias : yes

Alejandro Bustamante : yeah

Alejandro Bustamante : sound and video on

Mark : Woohoo!

super-tresmarias : thanks simon

Marcelo : Hola

Atil : Hello from Turkey

Estelle Zimmerman : Awesome!

Luis Aresta : welcome

Aliyu : ahgh!looks like we are lucky

Joseph  : howdy

David Levy : Shalom Everybody from ISRAEL !!!

Sachin Kumar : welcome every one

janice mabey : im not seeing anything

Sonia : Hello from Barbados

janice mabey : can anyone see anything?

Amanda : yes

Sachin Kumar : no

Mark : Hi Janice.  It is working fine for me

Elizabeth : yes


Fran : Yes

sandra : yes it's showing great

Pam : Hello from Dallas

Nicole Berzins : Hi Katherine ;)

JANICE : hi again

Estelle Zimmerman : audio, yes video went blank

Igor : hi from prague

Luisenrique : I just see that it is going to start in 60 seconds

Katherine : Hi Nicole!

Luisenrique : But I can't hear anything

Mark : It has started

Bruce : can you tap dance simon?

Sue : yes it started with both video and audio.  try to reconnect

Nicole Berzins : Yes

min : yes

Amanda : yes

Luis Aresta : yes

Adwowa : yes

Alejandro Bustamante : yeah I see

Elizabeth : had started already

Estelle Zimmerman : yes

Aliyu : yes

Aisha : yes

carol : yes

Bev : Yes

Tadas : yes

Loni  : yes

Mark : Yes can see it

Michael : Yes we can

Sue Howlett : yes

Larry Sanders : Yes

Sripriya : yes

Mercedes : Yes

ger meade : yes

Jannet : yes

Christopher : yes but expand

chaudhry imran : its a bit blurr

Estelle Zimmerman : yes

Fran : yes

Patricia : Blurry

mike : yes

Paul : Yes

Natalia  : yes

Thanh Thi : Yes

ALEXANDRA : yes ican see

MARK : Mark Uganda- Yes

April  : yes

Sonia : yes

Signe : yes

Roxana : no video and audio

Mike : Looks good here

lahcen : hi from montreal

Luis Aresta : audio ok but no slides

Leah : no slides

Fran : Roxana try hitting the reconnect?

Alyssa : simon, it went back to the logo

Niesha : Simon can we have the youtube site?

Luis Aresta : just the logo

Adwowa : Slide has not changed

Nicole Berzins : do you have the youtibe site

Ken Thomson : lost slide view in ireland

sandra : no slides

April  : No slides

Thanh Thi : now, Just a logo

abdellah : no slide!

david : JUST LOGO

ALEXANDRA : just the logo no slides

Thanh Thi : no slices

Bruce : no slides

Patricia : No slides

Mark : no slides

Alejandro Bustamante : NO SLIDES TIM

Lola : I can't see any slides!!

Esther : Slides are not moving

Niesha : Thanks Chaudhry

Jules : no slides showing, just the logo

Mark : stuck on the IFSQN logo

Michael : need slides Simon

Daniel : I cant see the slides....waz up?

chaudhry imran : u welcom

Jacinthe : NO SLIDE

Signe : slides dont show

Nicole Berzins : still the logo on the youtube site

Ula : Good morning from Jamaica

Alejandro Bustamante : NO SLIDES

Takudzwa Kufa : No screens

Roxana : what can I do to see the presentation?

Niesha : No one can see it Roxana

Niesha : only logo

Mary : same

Andre Kutassy : Good Morning From BRAZIL!!!

Alejandro Bustamante : SLIDES ON!

Alejandro Bustamante : THANKS!

David : 5 Whys

Fran : Yes, using the 5 why's

Benjie RL : Why why analysis and Ishikawa diagram

Cathy Tavernier : 5 whys

KAREN : 5 whys

Natalia  : 5Whys

ger meade : yes ..fish bone , 5 why?

Kim PD : 5 Why's; Fishbone

wladir : 5 whys

Mark : 5 whys. Fishbone

Mary : 5 why and 4 box

Kathy  : We use the 5 Why approach

Amanda : 5 whys

Elizabeth : 5 whys

Jules : 5 whys

Esther : 5W

Rajesh : 5 whys

Atil : 5 W, 1 W, Ishikawa diagram

Patricia : 5 Whys

Sue Howlett : Why x 5

Andre Kutassy : 5 why´s Ishikawa

Giulia : 5 whys,

Loni  : Fishbone, 5 Why and Employee Interview


Sheila : 5 why

Signe : s5 whyound is fine but

abdellah : 5whys

April  : 5 whys and fish bone

Heidi : 5 whys  Fishbone

Vanda : 5 Why's

Giulia : Ishikawa

Luis Aresta : 5 whys

Judy : 5 whys

Nahid : 5 why's fishbone

Laura : 5 Why's

Jacinthe : 5 WHYS

Signe : fishbone

Rita María : 5W's

James : 5 whys

Michael : mostly 5 whys and fishbone

April  : 5 whys

maria : 5 ys

Sripriya : Fishbone, 5 Whys

Donnell Safforld : 5 why and fishbone

Alejandro Bustamante : 5 WHYS

mike : 5 whys

Thiruvarangan : 5 whys?

david : ERROR

Bhaskar Mandal : Fish bone and 5 whys

Soo Wong : fish bone analysis

Takudzwa Kufa : is it is it nt

Leke : 5 whys

Theophilus Fon  : 5 y`s and ishikawa

Rita María : Fishbone

Alejandro Bustamante : ISHIKAWA

Yogesh Pandey : 5 Whys & Ishikawa

Jacqueline : Mostly 5 whys

Mark : Pareto sometimes

Keith : 5 whys / fish bone?

Mike : 5-why's

Natalia  : also alternatively fishbon - more visualised  for employee

ALEXANDRA : 5 whys

Alina : 5 why,s

Arul kumaran : Fish bone 5 ys

jem : fishbone

Karen : 5 whys

Sachin Kumar : 5 W

maria lynn yee francisco : No slide, just logo

Thanh Thi : 5 whys

super-tresmarias : there is already, maria lynn

Carlito : yes

maria lynn yee francisco : theres no POLL

Man : RCA  is also good to improve our people safety

Daniela : 5 Why and Fishbone

Alejandro Bustamante : NO AUDIO

reynaldo : try to go to the you ifsqn tube @maria

chaudhry imran : alejndro unmute ur volume bar

Amanda : Has the Webinar started?  I'm getting no sound or audio.

Daniela : has it started - still on standby for me?

Roxana : I cannot see or hear

chaudhry imran : roxana check on youtube

Heather : fmea

Elizabeth : has started already

Sammuel : Wwbla

Alejandro Bustamante : AUDIO JUST CAME BACK

Carlito : FMEA, Ishikawa

Christopher : try clicking on RECONNECT at bottom of your screen

reynaldo : try to reconnect or go to you tube ifsqn link

Luisenrique : I am good now

Carlito : Tree Analysis

Manahil : hi

Fran : DId Simon say these slides would be available after presentation?

Tadas : yes Fran, youll get an email with link later

Fran : Thanks, Tadas


Niesha : go to the youtube site Nadir and adjust the Quality setting, might help

Carmen : Nadir.  Try reconnect

Simon Timperley : FSL16 10x presentations in one day.  free: http://www.ifsqn.com...afety-live-2016

Muhammad Zeshan  : Good evening

Afton : blurry slides?

chaudhry imran : ty niesha

Nadir : 5 WHYS

ANNE-MARIE GAJAR : Good day. The slides are not too clear.

RAMESH : slides not clear

super-tresmarias : yeah its already blurred just now

Muhammad Zeshan  : Blurry slides

Signe : no slides


chaudhry imran : go to the youtube site  and adjust the Quality setting, might help

Jules : no slides again

Clinton Parchment  : slides disappear

Simon Timperley : Where Your Hairnet? IFSQN Photo Competition...$1,000 first prize  http://www.ifsqn.com...et-competition/  Entry deadline August 31

sandra : no slides

JANICE : yep, no slides

super-tresmarias : no slides already

Vickie : no slides

Jose : no slides

Luis Aresta : no slides

Thanh Thi : no slices

ALEXANDRA : slides gone

Mark : :o( no slides

sara : no slides

Jeff : slide back briefly now gone again

Alejandro Bustamante : NO SLIDES TIM :(

Pam : what happened to slides?

Ahmed Waqar : No slides

super-tresmarias : there is

super-tresmarias : just now

helen : Simon, the slide is gone

James : can we see that slide again system physical

sandra : there are no slides

Blossom : no slides

Kim PD : Lost slides. Tried to reconnect using reconnect button still no slides

Adwowa : Slides arent showing

super-tresmarias : oh no more again

Elizabeth : slides are coming back and quickly are gone!!

silvia  : sorry but no slides

Carmen : no slides

Vickie : :-( no slides

Charlotte : same here

Luisenrique : the slides are not moving

Muhammad Zeshan  : Slides are not visible

Karen : Can no longer view presentation slide

Amanda : reconnect didnt help

Mario : no slides nor webinar or yutube page

Luis Aresta : nothing


Leke : No slides

super-tresmarias : nothing here too

ger meade : i can

Sue : yes

JANICE : can see them now

Fran : yes

sara : I can see them

Vickie : Thanks

Adwowa : Yes, we can see again

super-tresmarias : none here

ANNE-MARIE GAJAR : Same issue here....no movement of slides. Thanks

Signe : yes

Pam : got slides now

Kim PD : They are back.  Thanks

Clinton Parchment  : good again

Dennis : thanks

Jose : can see them now

Bev : Better!

Mariana : Thanks I can see them

Carmen : ok now

Luisenrique : I can see them now

Alejandro Bustamante : SLIDES BACK AGAIN! :D

Elizabeth : thanks

Arul kumaran : No slides

Jacqueline : Much better thanks

mike : thk you

Luisenrique : Thank you very much

Alejandro Bustamante : RECONNECT

Leke : Back. Thanks

Jules : thank you

Alejandro Bustamante : ARUL RECONNECT

Manish : Hello manish from manish

Mario : slides only on youtube page

Manish : Sorry manish from nepal

MLChillida : Yes I have slides now

RAMESH : slides not clear

Patricia : No sound

Karen : had to reconnect

Alyssa : I found the SQF required annual review of our Preventive & Corrective action list re-inforces the corrections

Fran : No

KAREN : Not enough issues to warrant

Afton : yes

Sussy : yes

James : We trend them quarterly

Signe : we do this sevrel days a week

Lola : no

Muhammad Zeshan  : No

Loni  : Im only one person lol! I cant do it all

Heather : no

Carmen : no

Mario : yes weekly analysis

Takudzwa Kufa : We trend before root cause analysis at analysis

Natalia  : trend them at list in a frame of Annual Management Review  

Laura : No

Thomas : I dindt get anything at all


Arul kumaran : Yes

maria lynn yee francisco : slides are disappearing

Heather : yes

Chris  : technology can help trends and allows better categorization and definition of problems

Karen : we do trending as part as annual HACCP reassessment

Leke : Slides gone again

Jules : slides have gone again

Vickie : no slides

James : aaaa slides gone again

Carmen : no slides again

Luisenrique : I lost image again

Carmen : ok now

Mark : slides are back

Sammuel : Yes, part of 5W+1H

Sue : ugh  youtube gone

sarah : Have no image

James : they're back

Sue : yeah

Sussy : excel is great for trending analysis

Bouchta : Slides are good

Robert : Good information for monthly management review

Olumide : i d o not have image, i have reconected twice

Niesha : youtube Olumide

Niesha : adjust the Quality settings on youtube if its blurry, usually works

Talysha Arteaga : Yes

Daniel : soft copy can it be available after this training?

Daniel : really informative, need to have the slides...

Carol : Slides and presentation are always sent out after the training presentation.

maria lynn yee francisco : i diidnt have chance to vote, didnt appeared.


Signe : we do allready

Fran : Yes, trending maybe yearly

chaudhry imran : yes

Nadir : YES

Jacqueline : yes

Jason : Are there any reporting/trending examples/formats that can be provided?

Monica : It would be nice to know if a software system is available vs excel

Robert : Excellent presentation. Will share with our team.

Ula : yes

Luis Aresta : tnk you

Sussy : any trending software would be expensive. excel does it great

Sripriya : Good presentation! Thank you!

Benjie RL : Change is coming!DU30

TRUMP : No, because I already do.  ;)

Nicole Berzins : what is the ideal trending frequency for a new start up business

Theophilus Fon  : RCA can be applied in all departments in the organisation, quality assurance, occupational health and safety, sales etc problems exist every where  and to solve them you need RCA.

Sussy : RCA?

Daniela : Thank you. Examples would be helpful for us who are still at the beginning of the journey ;o)

Bev : Agree Theophilus! 

chaudhry imran : RCA=root cause analysis

Sue Howlett : Thanks very much Ruth!

Theophilus Fon  : Excel is a very good tool for trending

Igor : thanks

abdellah : thks

Luisenrique : Could we get the slides?

Bouchta : Good presentation but no illustration

Jacqueline : Thanks despite the he technical challenges it was very informative

Mario : Thank you for share your knowledge

FAYAJ : Thanks for nice presentation Ruth

Joven : Thanks!Cheerios!

edward : Do u really need to have a root cause analysis team

Michael : Should we use RCA in developing our risk assessment or risk register?

Jason : Do have some typical reporting formats?

Alyssa :  it seems, in my experience, however that QA is the one that more often initiates Preventative and Corrective actions

Joven : Edward a multidisciplinary team would be helpful and advantage in determining the root cause

Alyssa : and thus trending

Sammuel : Shouldnt we avoid Brainstorming as much and focus on gathering facts to obtain real root cause?

edward : Do u need an RCA team. We use the sectione heads to do the RCA for deficiencies idetntified in their areas

Aliyu : Should the RCA team be a standing one or set up after each specific problems

MLChillida : Good presentation. Thanks Ruth

Muhammad Zeshan  : Thanks for nice presentation Ruth

Leke : Thanks for the presentation. Learned a lot from it.

Kim PD : Excellent presentation, Ruth.  Thank-you.  Even with the technical challenges.  Very informative.

James : are you to follow the 5 whys for each identified possible/probable cause of a problem? - several different why trails stemming from the problem?

Dionne Mills : important to emphasis it doesnt stop with RCA.

Carmen : Thanks a lot

Arul kumaran : Is it correct to start with fish bone and 5 y then

Aliyu : Thanks a lot simon and Ruth

Natalia  : typical reporting formats are awailable in internet as a variant if have not professional consulting 

Elaine Smith : Thank you Ruth & Simon

James : Ruth the picture behind you is crooked

Patricia : Thank you!

Daniela : Thanks for the presentation. Learned a lot

Michael : Very informative. Thanks Ruth

Sammuel : Shouldnt we avoid Brainstorming as much and focus on gathering facts to obtain real root cause?

Cindy : Thank you Simon and Ruth, great presentation!

Toky Olivier RAZANAKOTONARIVO : thank you so much for the presentation

FAYAJ : Thank you Simon

Ryan : Many thanks for this presentation. It was clear and reminded experienced people of RCA issues that need closer attention.

Amanda : how do i get the food defense info

Bhaskar Mandal : Thank you Simon and Ruth, great presentation

Alyssa : Thank you both.  :)

Natalia  : Thank you very much

Loni  : Thank You

MARK : Thank you Simon and Ruth. Well appreciated.

Amanda : Thank you very much so much help

Sonia : Thank you guys, really enjoyed the session. Very information

James : Thank you so much

Vickie : Thanks You

Bev : Thank you Ruth and Simon! 

Elizabeth : thanks

Jennifer : Thank you Ruth and Simon. Great webinar.

Koh Meng Guan : thanks!

ZAHIR : Thank you

Joven : certificate not yet available

JANICE : thansk!

David Levy : Thanks!!

JANICE : oops thanks

super-tresmarias : thanks a lot simon and ruth

Fran : Thanks

Nicole Berzins : Thank you very much Simon

Jacinthe : Thank you

reynaldo : thanks

maria lynn yee francisco : Simon and Ruth, thanks a lot.

Vickie : Can not download the certificate

Kelly : certificate says it isn't yet available

Daniela : it's not downloading?

Heather : thank you simon

Alyssa : only in food safety.... lol

Vickie : Certificate not downloading

vivian : Great presentation. thanks

Amanda : When i go to certificate it says that its not available

Luisenrique : I can not download the certificate

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