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Assessing suppliers through routine and non-routine audits

Live Webinar

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Posted 29 August 2016 - 10:56 AM

Assessing suppliers through routine and non-routine audits


Taking place:


Friday, September 02, 2016 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time

This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start



Vladimir Surčinski, Project Manager, Quality Austria Center


Webinar Overview:


Most companies have produced guidelines and specific codes of practice which detail the management control system that they expect to find in their suppliers of branded goods. They also define the conditions of the structure and equipment that is necessary to comply with legal requirements and ensure product safety consistently. Auditing is simply a check according to defined criteria to ensure that the supplier is complying with codes and guidelines. Audit is usually designed to provide the company with a due diligence defence.This webinar will show you simple steps how to assess your supplier through two types of audits – routine one and non-routine. 


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>

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#2 Simon


    IFSQN...it's My Life

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  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 02 September 2016 - 03:57 PM

Unedited chat logs from today's webinar:


Cindy - Hi from Tipp City, OH

Wayne Wang - Hi from Taiwan

Wayne Wang - Finally it starts

Cindy - Thanks for putting on these webinars.

Niesha - Hi everyone. Niesha from Jamaica

chaudhry imran - Marhaba from KSA

Erwin - hello from the Netherlands

Mark - Hello from Kansas!

Chillida - Hi from Spain

Donna - Hi from Charleston, SC

Dennis - Hello from Illinois USA

Wayne Wang - Where is Tipp City

Eliska - Hi from Prague

Mohamed Haja - hi to all

Alina - Hello, me from Siberia, Russia

Joanne Sandford - Hi, from Toronto, Canada

Natalia  - Hello from Russia

maribel - nice evening from the philippines

Sunil - Sunil from Idia

Wendy - San Francisco Bay Area

Karim - Hi, Karim from Uganda

Imran - Uhi

prachi jain - Hello from Canada

Rick - Rick NC

Pat - Hi from Regina, Sk Canada

Luisenrique - Hello from Puerto Rico

jem - hi from Indonesia

Imran - Hi everyone

Mahmoud Hassan - Hello from Sudan

Lilian Akpe - Hello from Katy, TX

Nathalie Pano - Hello from Sweden

Macadian Weir  - Good morning Macadian from Jamaica

Jerry - Good Morning  one fro Kentucky USA

Sabina - Hello from Tyler Texas

Sripriya - Good morning!

Naomi Twelftree - Hi everyone

Serra - Hi from Algeria

Alyssa - Good Friday morning from sunny New Mexico

joyce - Hi from Iowa

joan - Hi everybody

bob - hello from south jersey USA

Adebola ( Kemi ) - Hello from Maryland, USA

Carlo - Hello from Granarolo Italy

Maribel - Hi from Houston, TX


chaudhry imran - HI from Saudi Arabia

david - hello

Crystal - Hello from Massachusetts

Laila - Hello from Latvia

Imran - Hi everyone. From pakistan

Ragy - hello

Marina - Hello From Wisconsin

David Levy - Shalom Everybody from ISRAEL!!!

Jacqueline - Hello from Jamaica

Barrie - Hi from sunny Cornwall, UK!

jem - Hello from Bitung

Nouri - Nouri Hussain

Massa - hello from Québec Canada

Wayne - Good morning from NJ

ANNE-MARIE GAJAR - Hello fron Trinidad

jacob - hi gud evening..feom phils

rachaneewan - Hello from Bangkok

Nouri - Hello from Iraland

Alzbeta Korcekova - helllo from Bratislava, slovakia

Bob - Hello from Detroit, Mi

Rose Kwan - Hello from the Philippines

Alyssa - @ Barrie, is it really sunny in the UK?

Rose Kwan - Hello from the Philippines!

Sona Sharma - hi from India

RALIJERSON - Hello all, from Madagascar

jacob - from indonesia...selamat malam

enrique - Hi from Chicago : )

Todd - Hello from Minnesota

Jema - Hi from Lagos, Nigeria

Paula  - Good Morning!

jacob - gud evening everyone..

Brian - Greetings from southern Minnesota

TULAY COMERT - Hello from Turkey

ana - Hi I am experiencing problems with audio and image. Never like this before. I have reconnected to no avail.

Serra - The slide is burred

Jema - The audio is poor and echoing here

Julia - Good morning! Is it working for anyone! Very excited, Amanda is wonderful!

david - lost the feed

Jean Blaise  - Hi  evryone

Patricia - Hi everybody , greetings from Guatemala!

janice mabey - hi everyone

Muhammad Zeshan  - Good evening

jacob - jov,,ngsugod na

FAYAJ - Hello

Teresa - hello to everyone, from Portugal

Omar - Hi All,

jacob - nis,,ngsugod na

JANICE - had to sign back in- now I can see the slides!

gorti - Hello

Sunil - Visuals are hazy

Julia - Refreshing worked!

jacob - asa ka na jov

Leonard - Hello

ANNE-MARIE GAJAR - The slide is not clear at all.

ana - image blurred sound OK. Holding thumbs

rose - hello everyone from Manitoba, Canada

Jema - Audio is really poor and can be hardly heard

MLChillida - Screen is blurry

gorti - good morning

Sona Sharma - slides not clear

monette velasco - hello everyone

latif  - Good Afternoon, from Scunthorpe. UK

sandra Swatson - I hope I;m not too late

Ramil - Hi everyone. From Philippines!

Andre Kutassy - HI there

gorti - hello every one

Muhammad Zeshan  - Slides are not visible clearly

silvia  - Hi Silvia Michanie, from Argentina

latif  - no audio

Ramil - Those who are having bad connection. reconnect button down the slide

Fiona - Hi all. Apologies Im a little late. Fiona from Ireland

gorti - hello everyoe i am from Hyderabad India

Jane - Can you please do something about audio? Can't  hear clearly. It's  echoing badly

chithra - hello from dubal

Dennis - With FSMA theey encourage both internal and external

Jema - Having audio polems

Simon Timperley - audio is clear.  Are you wearing earbuds?

Todd - What happened to the audit after the question

jacob - ky naa naq dri

Naomi Twelftree - Audio fine didn't find u tube any better visually

Imran - Both

ana - Audio clear, images blurred

chithra - hi from dubai

Sona Sharma - Audio and visual both gud..

Jacques Marais - hi from mahe!s coligny

Ramil - jacob. nganu naa man ka dha

jem - yes internal auditor

Mohamed saied - Hello all

Simon Timperley - hello all, it's good to be back with Food Safety Fridays.

Dennis - Thank you Simon nice to see you

Vinh - Hi

latif  - slides are not clear

Ramil - wala nay bisaya diri?

Serra - Me too Simon

jacob - taga asa ka ramil

Ramil - taga visca

Gaurav - slides are not clear

sandra oliver - very blurry slides

samson - Baro Nigeria

Renata - Hi from Brazil

Ramil - taga asa ka jacob

Renata - Hi From Brazil

jennifer - hello all

Ramil - hi jeninifer

Theophilus Fon  - slides are not changing

Teresa - olá Renata, eu sou portuguesa

Mohamed saied - Hi jin

Ramil - ola teresa

Jessica - hi from iowa

gorti - slides are nnot clear

Julia - hi jessica im in iowa too! yay corn haha

Andre Kutassy - hi renata de onde do brasil

Lori - Hi from NJ!

samson - slides are not too clear

Dennis - Ill be in cherokee Iowa next week for a Audit

gorti - Not able to read the slides

Karim - simon can u do something about the slides ??

Simon Timperley - Good luck Dennis

Julia - I've audited in Cherokee!  :-)

Ramil - reconnect gorti

samson - slides are not too clear

MLChillida - By means of You Tube and currently audio is perfect

Dennis - Should we trade emails Julia ?

Julia - sure!

Simon Timperley - I can put you in touch by email rather than putting here

samson - please the slides are not clear.

Julia - perfect!

Dennis - Thank you Simon

Julia - Is anyone a memeber of any food supplier group?  I find it difficult to find guides for supplier auditing in food.

Lance - Hello from Las Vegas

Serra - You can see il on youtube

Vinh - Greetings from Vietnam

Jessica - julia where in iowa are you ...we should exchange emals

Julia - Jessica right outside of Des Moines.. That would be great. I'd like to connect with other supplier auditors.

Vinh - can we get slides after webinar?

Simon Timperley - Slides and recording issued to all registrants by email within 24 hours

Jane - Audio is now I'm. Thanks

Karim - julia am a member of a food supply company

Vinh - Thanks Simon

Julia - Karim what kind of company?

ana - Hi Simon: Slides clarity comes and goes

Simon Timperley - ana must be your connection

Karim - company supplying fresh, dry and frozen food stuffs

Alyssa - what are Vladimir's recommendations on completion of this when a co. has nearly 700 ingredients?

Cristian - Management not so much!

Jean Blaise  - It is now a trend by retailer  to conduct unannounced audits

Dennis - Quality is not an Act. It is a Habit......Aristotle

Julia - Our suppliers wouldnt agree to that because they dont want multiple customers showing up on the same day.

Muhammad Zeshan  - Yes

Marina - yes Dennis but many production folks don't live that, expecially smailler private owned companies

Herman Jacobs - hi

Simon Timperley - If Quality is not a habit there will always be unannounced audits. In fact that's why they are growing.

prachi jain - so true Simon, 100% agree to this

Gaurav - I agree with Simon

ana - Unannounced audits should be welcomed by everyone.

Simon Timperley - For quality alos read food safety

Marina - I agree but prodution does not always agree when money is involved

Crystal - Yes

Simon Timperley - That's the problme Marina, maybe a fail at an unannounced audit and loss of business may wake them up

Serra - or if there is a lack of trust between suppliers and producers

Dennis - Agreed

ana - Hi Guys food safety counts, not production feelings

Gaurav - These audits are primarily to assess the commintment from supplier against specification and trust.

Simon Timperley - It often takes a fail or an accident to affect necessary change

Rick - lost sound

Simon Timperley - Unfortunately

Marina - i have noticed the most resistance and proglem when it is a smaller private owner company that are growing.  I agree but then QA Manager seemed to always be left holding the bag even though they have brought up issues and they were not addressed.  I totally agree; its just a challange of QA;

ana - Yes, Simon, and then is too late

Marina - some places operations out ranks QA

Marina - YES to both ana and Simon

Dennis - QA managers need to bridge the gap between Management and production

prachi jain - i feel QA is the most disrespected department in s manufacturing company

sandra Swatson - Most companies only comply with standards when audits are approaching. After the audit they go back to the old ways

prachi jain - so true

Simon Timperley - What QA should do though is try to make LEAN food safety

Ramil - if we want to gain trust, why shoudn't we make the routine audits as frequent as possible.

Marina - Yes, we become salesman and motivation speakers.  I tend to get more done with that approach then the "you must do, because.."

Marina - Good point Simon

prachi jain - Than's  why Unannounced audits should become mandatory for all

Angie Echols - Quality needs to be a part of everyones job, not just the QA dept. This often requires change management throughout the company.

Wayne - But as a QA Manager, I have to keep them honest and hope that upper management agrees

Jessica - agree with angie

sandra Swatson - Quality should run through every department

jennifer - @ prachi jain i agree

lorraine leija - Ana - that kind of mentality is what encourages non-compliance. Both departments have to work together.

Angie Echols - Wayne, if you speak in dollars when it comes to quality, usually that will get managment's attention.

gorti - slides are  not readable

Wayne - Especially if dollars means lost business

jennifer - Good point Angie Echols. thats the only way the qaulity structure can be effective

Angie Echols - Or regulatory compliance issues.

Dennis - Simon, some great responses for a future Friday webinar

Robert - Try tying quality issues to Customer Satisfaction..i.e. Sales Revenue

ana - Hi Lorraine: We are talking when production tries to rule, not in normal circumstances

Simon Timperley - Yes Dennis agreed

Alyssa - While FSMA and annual audits of our own facilities require alot of work and arm twisting on some points, it is to QA's advantage to complete some items that prod. might be resistant to correcting

Simon Timperley - You should help them to help themselves, but not do it. IMO

prachi jain - what can production do when senior management is forcing them for numbers and giiving incentives for reaching the quota of the day or week?

Simon Timperley - If you can show same NC has been identified internally but not corrected...so be it

ana - Prachi: Management is the problem, and as their commitment is far from evident, the system will fail

Marina - but if QA  does everything that production refuses, in a way they are aiding poor culture and management won't change.  As QA I'm guilty as well of spending the nights at the plant ensuring what requirements I can are implemented

Simon Timperley - what happens when you go home marina?

Alyssa - My efforts are to spot things but let ops take csre of them.  Corrective and preventive actions investigations can be handed over.  PM's to maintenance...

ana - Hi Marina: It is soooo common. It does not help. It will lead to a failure sooner or later

Sabina - I use the tactic of finding the cost of not fixing a problem and take it to management and let them handle production

Jessica - simon can i get julia's contact info

Marina - YES, that's the problem, it doesn't build good culture

Julia - Yes, please pass along to Jessica Simon! Thanks!

Alana - What is the role of supplier GFSI certification (BRC, SQF, etc.)  within this structure?

Angie Echols - Sabrina - that would have been my suggestion as well. Management speaks in dollars.

prachi jain - so technically the first requirement of Senior Management commitment  fails when Senior Management decides these unachievable goals for the company in terms of dollar value

gorti - thanks Simon & Vailmidr

Marina - Audits should include interviews with management on foodsafety and quality controls..  I've worked places the ops manager didn't understand the CCPs!

Robert - How do you prrioritize what supplier to start with?

ana - Hi Prachi: not only unachievable goals, but production only goals

Julia - Robert, if you can do it, base it on risk of food safety/business.

Angie Echols - Robert - we do risk assessments on all of our suppliers. We start with the ones categorized as high risk.

Sabina - Yes $$$$ so find cost suggest fixes and leave them to be your muscle. it takes research to do costing since im not an accountant but if really helps

FAYAJ - Simple, sweet, nice presentation

Katie - Great presentation

ana - Hi Simon: Its scaryyyyyy!!!

Muhammad Zeshan  - Nice presentation

Staci - Does anyone currently use a self-populating matrix that is obtained by the answers to a questionnaire?

Marina - GOOD presentation.  This is my first.  will attend more. for sure

FAYAJ - Thanks Vladimir nd Simon

Staci - risk assessment matrix *

Katie - Changes in food safety does cost money as well as possible added personnel whether managment likes it or not

Gaurav - This is my first too.

Alyssa - I use a matrix to track required documentation

ANAS - Thanks Simon

sandra Swatson - we tend to pamper suplliers because we are afraid they may stop supplying making us ignore important problems

Sabina - I think unannounced audits are a help. IOsuggested that we may be up for an unannounced audit months before our  audit and got management talking

Gaurav - Thank you Vladimir

SK Gupta - Nice presentation

Muhammad Zeshan  - Thanks Simon

prachi jain - Thanks Simon, Vladimir and all the attendees for their inputs

Ramil - would like you to conduct a training like this for free. soon

Vinh - This is my first too, thank you so much to Simon and Vladimir

Teresa - thank you Vladimir and Simon it was very interesting

SK Gupta - Thanks a lot

Robert - Excellent presentation

nishan - Thanks Vladimir and Simon

Muhammad Zeshan  - Thanks Vladimir

Sripriya - Good presentation.

Julia - Staci I use a matrix that has a formula built in from answers from the supplier information and from what we know of potential exacerbation/prevention from our processes

Sabina - thanks Simon and Vladimir

chithra - thanks.. good presentation.

Ramil - fantastic

RALIJERSON - Thank you for this presentation, it can help us to improve our relationship with suppliers !

sandra Swatson - very true, QA's are made to believe they are problem fixers

Staci - What program did you use to build that, Julia? I made an extensive questionnaire in word, but I don't know how to get that to "talk" to any other program to build a matrix. Excel?

Julia - Excel but I havent figured out a way to hyperling. Basically all of my information is the foundation for a database that I hope to get built someday

Julia - It's very manual now.

Carlito - Built In Control for Quality and Food Safety

Julia - *hyperlink

TULAY COMERT - thank you for the presentation.

Katie - Thank you for the presentation

Julia - I made my questionnaire in excel, that can be sorted to industry, warehouse etc. then I copied that to word for the supplier to complete=manual.  I wonder how huge companies do this...

Staci - Ahhh gotcha. There has to be a way to get that to automate. Hmm. My questionnaire is all Yes/No/NA so it should be relatively easy to build a chart from the answers.

Sunil - QApeople need to have behavioral wisdom and appropriate skill in balanced communication

latif  - thank you

Francis - I welcome Vladimir response aboout conttinuous  improvement and ovwnerhsip

Julia - i think something built in access would work but idk how to do that.  I'm hoping for a database some day.

Alyssa - 700 ingredients but common suppliers so less suppliers

Staci - Yeah, the document that I have my suppliers fill out was made in word, but it's just a button they click to answer (yes/no/na). They can't modify any other part of the form.

Kathy  - Put Production Mangers on your internal audit team.  Let them fully understand the criteria requirements  that need to be met with your 3rd party audits.

Staci - Alyssa, we have 423 ingredients and bought from 89 suppliers last year. Consolidation is a huge project I've been spearheading this year. It's insane.

Julia - Yes, our doc control automated the form in adobe the same way.  I'd still like something to autopopulate.

Gaurav - assess supplier in to categories as high risk or low risk

Gaurav - this decision comes from assessment of historic complaints, non compliances, etc.

Dennis - Need to have a diverse Satety team throughout the company

Natalia  - Vladimir, how many time you need to create audit report normally (aproimatelly)?

Julia - Staci, I feel your pain.  Just maintaining the information is a full time job, not even including the auditing.

Alyssa - yes, those are NOT all different suppliers for sure as we are consolidating too but it is still a challenge to keep up with them all

Gaurav - then these supplier can be graded as how frequent these to be audited.

Marina - Tried that Kathy, if you twist their arem they participate and make comments like "we have never had a finding on that before"

Julia - im glad im not the only one in this boat!

Carlito - Can you share to us your Audit Checklist?

Kathy  - we have also made them sitt through pur audits as silent observers. It has been an eye opener that has made them buy in to quality needs

prachi jain - Vladimir, what about the overseas company's , we are produce handlers and have suppliers from all over the world, how do you audit all the farms. We rely on Global Gap etc

Alyssa - x 3rd yr for SQF

Gaurav - Audit checklist can be generated from starting open questions and then concluding close questions

Sunil - Thanks Vladimir and Simon

Nathalie Pano - Thank yu for the presentation

Barbara - we can't see the screen

Staci - What programs do people use for document management? IE: TraceGains, SafetyChain, etc.

sandra oliver - will this training be available after that date?

Julia - We use EtQ Reliance.

sandra oliver - I meant the 21st of september will it be available after that?

Julia - which is what SQF uses...

Staci - Can you tell me a little bit about how it works, Julia?

Staci - I'm familiar with Reliance (we are SQF certified as well) but I didn't know it can manage documents

Gaurav - Can this qualify us as professionally recognised auditors? Can this be helpful to work as freelancer?

Julia - It is a repository for documents as well as a work flow so we've built it to route to the appropriate personnel for each document type

Bladimir - How about a webinar of this topic  in spanish???

Julia - Yes it has many many different modules so it can link to CAPA, NOnconforming products, supplier approval

Julia - So far we love it, we continue to customize it

Staci - Interesting. Thank you :)

Julia - You're welcome!

Patricia - Thank you!

Julia - This was great! Thanks Simon And Vladimir!

Alyssa - Thank you all!

ana - Thank you Vladimir

gorti - good bye

rachaneewan - Thanks

Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 140 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos



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