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Seafood (salmon) vendor onboarding

salmon seafood onboarding food safety seafood haccp vendor onboarding

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Posted 29 December 2017 - 07:29 PM

Hi I am new to this and I work for a restaurant.


Currently, I receive salmon from a distributor who sources it from other vendors. For vendor onboarding, are there specific documents I should ask for in terms of food safety?


I have come up with a list:

-letter of guarantee

-3rd party audits

-allergen statement

-country of origin

-product specification

-HACCP plan

-recall and traceability


-certificate of analysis (? not sure if lab testing is necessary for salmon)

-documentation related to foreign object control

-any certification they may have


Am I missing anything from this list? Is it necessary to require such information from salmon vendors?


Thank you!

Madam A. D-tor

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Posted 30 December 2017 - 01:11 PM

Dear Saml2449,


I am curious: is your restaurant a restaurant chain or a single restaurant?

I have never know that restaurants also requests al these kind of information.

What is your procedure for other products? E.g. poultry.

Kind Regards,

Madam A. D-tor


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    United States

Posted 30 December 2017 - 08:05 PM

This is a chain restaurant.


We require all these documents for produce but we are looking to implement it for meat and seafood.

We are new to this, so we don't know if it is necessary for either meat or seafood. Should there be certain documents we ask for either vendors?


Thank you!


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Posted 31 December 2017 - 03:14 AM

Hi sami,


Not familiar with the term "vendor onboarding". i assume you mean the ultimate supplier.


Yr query is rather "open-ended"  :smile: I deduce you are effectively acting as a QA Manager for Purchased food raw materials.


I'm not in USA/restaurant business but i suppose the documentation which might be involved is -


(a) that which may be Local Regulatory required, if any. No idea on that one.

(b) that which may be required for any private FS Standard which you wish to be audited/certified to. I deduce this is currently zero.

(c) that which you personally consider apprpriate to a/your "QA function". Below mainly addresses this.


A generic answer to yr general query is that specific requirements may be risk related, ie it depends on the product's individual risk assessment.


A processor certified to a GFSI-recognised standard should have been "satisfactorily" audited to most of yr list with exception of first one which I understand is a (semi-meaningless) US tradition.


Some buyers use Questionnaires similar to yr list (typical HACCP System components)  in lieu of doing a direct audit. Typically for (considered) "Low Risk" items. However some Manufacturing facilities restirct such items to on-site customer viewing only.


IM(processor)EX (non-salmon) some buyers automatically require detailed internal COAs/agreed procedures for every lot supplied and some do not. It often depends on Company "Policy". And perhaps risk status as noted above.

Kind Regards,



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Posted 22 January 2018 - 11:37 PM

Hello saml2449, 


Charles mentioned Local Regulatory, there are no federal requirement for a restaurant to have the documents you mentioned, and as far as I understand, there are not any current regulatory requirements by any state athorities... maybe on a local municipality/county/city level perhaps. 


All of the documents you mentioned industry collect to mitigate risk (applied to Product/Food Safety, Suppler, Brand, Business). For example, in the area of seafood, I can imagine one would want to protect the Restaurant name/reputation; this would entail getting "sustainability" certs that a restaurant may advertise. If you seriously think your suppliers have food safety issues, the documents you mentioned are standard (and what Charles mentioned).


However, this is a cumbersome and time consuming job that would usually imply expertise in evaluating those documents. I would only say rather large companies can afford. If that is your case, you are pointed in the correct direction.



><((((º> Salmon of Doubt & NOAA HACCP lover of Bacon

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