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A review of the main requirements of the IFS Logistics Standard - - - - - 1,712 Views

food safety fridays webinar IFS Logistics 2.2 storage distribution

Description: IFS Logistic is certification scheme similar to IFS Food, but same is intended for companies that are dealing with the warehousing, storage, logistic, distribution and also wholesale. This webinar will help you understand what are the main requirements of certification scheme IFS Logistic, and how to decide is your company capable to be certified according to this scheme. You will learn specific requirements and similarities to GFSI and differences comparing to IFS Food. Also, this webinar is designed for the ones using logistic/warehousing services from suppliers, to understand what suppliers of this type of services should comply to, to be in line with high demands of food safety systems.

Download the Presentation Slides and Certificate of Attendance in the files library:

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