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Free Webinar: How Marley Spoon protects its produce with automatic monitoring

Posted by Simon, in Webinars & Training 01 July 2020 · 4,007 views

Free Webinar: How Marley Spoon protects its produce with automatic monitoring

Taking place:
Monday July 13, 2020 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM (UK Time Zone). 10 AM EST Start.


Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager, Marley Spoon
Harry Hamilton, Product Manager, SafetyCulture


Webinar Overview:
When you’re working with fresh produce, a few degrees can be the difference between thousands of meals, and thousands of dollars in waste. Marley Spoon, which delivers meal-kits in Europe, Australia knows this better than anyone.


Last year, Marley Spoon’s Sydney operation narrowly avoided a huge stock loss. One Saturday night, a cold room door wasn’t closed properly in one of its distribution centers. The cold room, holding over $100k worth of produce, started heating up. Despite the fact that no one was no one on site, Marley Spoon’s Head of Quality & Safety got a text message to let her know that the temperatures were headed outside of critical range. How did she know?


Thankfully, Marley Spoon had already invested in automated inspections with SafetyCulture Sensors, which triggered an alert. She sent someone to investigate, and had the problem resolved within the hour. Learn how Sofia set up sensors at iAuditor to achieve peace of mind that her stock would be protected no matter where she or her team was.


In this webinar, we’ll take you through how you can apply these learnings to your own business, to help keep your stock (and your customers) safe.


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