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New look for the IFSQN forums

Posted by Simon, in Website Updates 28 June 2013 · 3,550 views

You will notice the forums have a new look; hopefully it doesn’t cause you any issues navigating around and finding what you need.


It’s been a long time coming and is the first step of a larger project to integrate all of the website and forums into one seamless community.


Please feel free to provide feedback on the design.


There are bound to be some bugs, so if you experience any problems or spot anything strange please do let me know, ideally stating:


- the problem (screenshot would be useful)
- your device e.g. pc, Ipad, phone etc.
- screen resolution (if possible)
- your internet browser



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I'm not sure if it's due to my 3 year-old laptop being attached to the server at work, but the new look pages take a long time to load up, so each time I click on a link to a forum question, it's seems like an age before I can navigate around.
I'm attempting to attach a couple of screenshots to show details of my system, but not sure how to at the moment!

Hi Barrie, Thanks for the feedback.  I’ve just realised you cannot attach a screenshot to a blog post comment. You can send it to me in a personal message.  Can you confirm is it happening all of the time you have visited the site since the new design or is it intermittent?  We have been experience some outages and slowdowns since we moved to a new server, which is being investigated.