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The Ultimate Corrective Action!

Posted by Simon, in Food Safety 24 September 2010 · 3,793 views

Food Safety is important, that goes without saying, but is it a matter of life and death?

In a worst case scenario it can be for those who are made seriously ill after consuming contaminated food or drink, but what about those who cause illness and death with their products - what should be their punishment?

Well according to the newswires this week China will soon impose the death penalty for serious food safety breaches.

Death Penalty for Food Violators

What say you?

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It is sometimes difficult to determine where simple lack of knowledge ends and negligence begins and where negligence ends and wilful disregard for human life in pursuit of profit begins. Where the latter can be confirmed categorically for example in the case where they shovelled melamine into baby milk formula, killing babies, then I believe the ultimate corrective action should be handed out.
Personally I'm anti death penalty whatever the crime and in a country like China, you have to wonder whether the people being executed were solely responsible and others could have intervened or raised objections; after all, how many times have you reminded colleagues (even senior ones) about food safety (even though they already know)?

IMO a culture which is open to challenge and whistle blowing would be more safe than a culture of fear (as in China) and after all, irrespective of what your views are on the death penalty, the ultimate aim is not to have a repetition of this incident.

(Also look at the US to see how effective the dealth penalty is in preventing crime!)
I think the chinese are showing the world they are serious about enforcement and will go to the ultimate length to ensure the law is taken seriously. In some societies it would be suitable to impose a heavy fine or inprisonment. I guess its a cultural thing.